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  1. With all the talk about make up, I think they understate what a badass Vanessa Kirby is. They should've called this movie Fast and Fury Road.
  2. Solid theories. I agree that it sounded like Ryan Reynolds at times. And I also agree that Gina Carano is awesome. My guess is that it will be Hobbs' daughter's mama, filling in the "?" in her family tree. Give me Letitia Wright or Taraji P. I'd even take Vivica Fox or Pam Grier.
  3. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219.5

    Might've been Quebec ... it definitely had the cheese curds. I was on the road with a group, of which one of the members is from Montreal, and her husband, who's from Florida, was getting a real kick out of describing it every chance he got until we finally had to get some. I also got to know Tim Horton's pretty well, as well as that falafel place that we always found in the highway rest centers. You Canadians really know how to road trip. I don't ever have baguette in the house. But I'd totally dip that shit ... maybe a vinaigrette, or Tsao's sauce.
  4. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219.5

    Where I live, there are a TON of late night greasy-spoon places, and those that serve a mushroom swiss burger with fries are all tied for my favorite late-night takeout drunk food. At home, I think my favorite drunk-snack is to just roll up pieces of bread and dip them in random condiments. I try hard not to judge Canadian food on sight, or even on description. I tried poutine for the first time two years ago because my friends were raving about it and I was in Ontario. It's fine but it doesn't read well. The smell won me over enough to try it, I think. Do you think balls of crumpled up wheat bread dipped in honey mustard or sriracha would play up there? If so, I've got a proposition for you ... Thanks Winning the nothing-prize for the most contentious episode ever with a throw-away comment like that might make one hesitant to celebrate a meaningless victory, but ... Although, assist goes to gigitastic, since it was a reply to their post, so ... I like basketball, I love Looney Tunes, and I'm okay with Mike, and I was never compelled to see it.
  5. The_Triple_Lindy

    HDTGM Classics

    Actually, yes ... Together Tube and My Circle would work fine for our purposes, provided the movie is available for free or everyone has access to the source. The way it works is very similar to rabbit -- create a room, send out a link, invite others to join, you can chat with each other. The difference is that instead of streaming one room members content, you copy/paste a link into the window and it just plays that linked video for everyone in the room. I tried it with my wife using an Amazon Prime video and it worked, but I have no way of knowing if it would work for someone who doesn't also have Prime. I assume the same would be true with HBO, Hulu, etc ... that we'd all have to be members to the site in order to watch a video from it. Don't know if it's true ... I've got time this weekend to try it out with someone, if you want. I didn't try Synaptop because it requires an account.
  6. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Sorry, I should've clarified that this last comment didn't have anything to do with what you wrote. It was snark directed toward a repeated sentiment elsewhere throughout the boards.
  7. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Three things: 1. I was under the impression that Team Sanity's position is that Fred is a real, independent entity, not just that the movie sucks. 2. Since you brought poetry into this ... true literary criticism holds that an author's intentions for the work is irrelevant (that's called the Intentional Fallacy). Ergo, if 95% of the work is delivering the author's intention, but the remaining 5% undermines that reading, then the work is flawed. I don't think anyone is suggesting that the work isn't flawed, but for critics, judging how near or far a work comes to achieving "organic unity" is the whole point, not to assess the enjoyability. Perhaps the distinction between the teams is that Team Sanity is taking a critical approach while Team Fred is just taking a personal response where being overly critical is a detriment? Personally, I can be incredibly critical of things I totally enjoy. I just didn't enjoy Drop Dead Fred nearly as much as I've enjoyed coming to this board and mixing it up with everyone. 3. People who experience something as a child can enjoy and defend their enjoyment as adults, but it would be remiss not to point out that the same thing can be said about cults. Is it time for tuxedo football yet?
  8. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Most practical jokes are cruel. But either Fred is being cruel to Lizzie because he's a dick, or Lizzie dissociated in order to be cruel to herself because she's severely mentally unwell.
  9. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Interesting enough about the alternate ending. Everything you say is 100% accurate, but it doesn't discount that the movie goes out of its way to show other imaginary friends like Fred. Lizzie cannot see them -- this is a moment where we are completely in Fred's perspective. And in order for Fred to have a perspective, he must exist. Cogito ergo sum. Again, this movie is trying to have its cake and eat it, too. I think everything you describe is what someone, somewhere wanted this movie to be, but then someone else decided to make it a kids' movie and the mental health allegory got ruined. Nevertheless, this is the final product that Hollywood presented us with, and it's ... it's just a mess. The letter scene is a pivotal moment in this debate, because the interpretations of both sides to fit their arguments may equally be valid. If Fred is real, he wrote the letter and tricked Lizzie. If Fred is Lizzie, then Lizzie wrote the letter and sealed it in an envelope, opened and read it at a later time, responded to it as though she didn't write it, gets excited by it and shows it to others, then rushes over to meet the person who she tricked herself into thinking wrote it, and was heartbroken when he wasn't there because the person who wrote the letter was really herself. Now, I'm not saying the second option isn't valid. But the work it takes to rationalize this is considerable. This is the behavior of someone who is completely untethered. She's not the kind of character to build a kids' movie around.
  10. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Who here needs a pallet cleanser, eh? Better Fred Rhyme -- Drop Dead or Right Said. GO.
  11. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    It was the chaos and also the humiliation that gave me anxiety. The fact that so much of the humor was based on Lizzie being put into embarrassing or humiliating situations by the daemon limey monkey god. For me, it's why I don't like The Office. All the humor is Michael Scott debasing himself with cringe-worthy lack of self-awareness. Actually, I think DDF and The Office are a shared universe, where all of Michael Scott's bad behavior is being caused by his own Drop Dead Fred.
  12. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Fully Team Fuck This Movie. It's tearing us apart!!!!
  13. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    I think one problem we've run into here is that the *teams* (teams are stupid, btw ... in this board and in most IRL cases) have become cemented by what the cast have said. Specifically, Team Sanity has become the de facto mom apologists just because Paul and Casey defended her, which is dumb. Fred is real, and the mom sucks ... more than one thing can be true. Buuuuuuuut ... I'm going to go out on a limb and defend Polly, the mom. Not to say she's great -- she sucks as a person, generally -- but she is also presented to us as a more complex figure that anyone here gives her credit. She's snobby, materialistic, and generally unpleasant. But then, she has a child who, regardless of Fred's real/figment status, is bringing down large amounts of emotional turmoil and property damage. And let's not forget that, when Fred suggests that they cut the mother's head off, Lizzie is ALL FOR IT. This is, for my money, 100 degrees of magnitude worse if Fred is a figment because that means it's really all just Lizzie wrecking her life and calling for her mom's murder. Plus, if Fred isn't real, it must be Lizzie shouting "Yeah, cut mom's head off" while Polly is in the next fucking room. This is a nightmare scenario for any parent, and if you're already prone to being shitty, then it is really easy to let yourself say something awful to your child, purely out of frustration. Parents are human. My own child has had stints of sleepless nights and bad behavior, and as much as I love my child, there are a few times where I've said to myself, "This kid is ruining my fucking life right now." Selfish? Perhaps, but human. And my child is, generally speaking, the absolute jackpot of kids, so if an angel can bring a generally even-tempered person to curse their existence, imagine what a maniac child like Lizzie could do to a generally contemptible person like her mom. What is really killing me about the Team Fred folks is that, since Team Fred posits that all of Fred's behavior is really Lizzie's, they seem to accept that Lizzie behaves like a complete asshole the entire film, because she's acting this way due to the trauma that she's endured, while being generally unforgiving of anyone else. Assholes like Polly aren't created out of thin air -- she's expressing her own past trauma in her own way. We just don't forgive her for it because her trauma isn't being expressed by a sexy British avatar. That ending, where she tells Lizzie that she'll be lonely if Lizzie leaves -- that's some emotional, heartbreaking stuff if you're willing to see it from a parent's point of view. It doesn't excuse her behavior, but it mitigates her awfulness ever-so slightly, IMHO. ***At this very moment, my child is throwing a tantrum because we're trying to get out the door to go on vacation, and my frustration with her is growing because she's not letting me type a silly post. If she were breaking windows or sinking my house, I might let my tongue run away with me, too. This is the most true statement made on the board so far. The father sees the mother treating Lizzie badly and, rather than removing Lizzie from the situation, he just leaves so that he doesn't have to witness it? Bullshit. If you want to blame anyone for adult Lizzie's regression into childishness, blame the dad.
  14. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    YES! Actually, Livingston gets a "Story by" credit, whereas the writers were Carlos Davis and Tony Fingleton. And it blows me away that June would go to bat so hard for a movie that tries to represent the coming-of-age of a young girl which was written by two hack men, one of whom is known more for being a swimmer, and the other who never did anything else of note (EDIT: Aside from Hurricane Heist, I guess). I tried to find out more about Livingston and came up with bupkis. She's written a few other short stories, all having some supernatural elements to them, but never made another splash as big as this. I would just hate to think that she had a real bildungsroman that got crapped on by this movie.