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  1. Speaking of Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, has anyone seen the new MST3K on Netflix? They did The Loves of Hercules starring both of them, and it's one of the more enjoyable episodes of the run.
  2. Hell yeah, the Pink Palace! It's about 10 minutes away from where I lived in Memphis ... I used to jog by it. [pictured: not Jayne Mansfield's house]
  3. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    In all seriousness, he's dead right about the 50 Shades movies ... the shadows covering him up look spray painted on. Meanwhile, no one could possibly look less interested in being naked for 600 minutes of that franchise than Dakota Johnson, and she's a trooper about it the whole way through. Kevin Bacon as Christian Grey would've been 1000% more watchable. So ... I live in an big condo complex. Does it count as "the home" when I go to the community recycling bins or run out to grab something out of the car? Do I have to wear shoes to go to community pool? I await your ruling.
  4. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Jesus Christ, there will never a better reason to love you guys than the fact that this stupid movie sent you to goddamn JSTOR to get academic articles about male strip clubs ... Grad School Trip salutes you all. I think I might be in
  5. OK ... I only had two goals for my pick this time around: I wanted to pick something that 1. I have never seen (I’m losing steam on the homestretch of my DLM challenge), and 2. is free somewhere on the internet. First, although this film is not hailed as a triumph of musical cinema, its legacy upon the world is enduring. I remember this film from my History of Rock 'n' Roll class. It stars and features music from the likes of Little Richard, Fats Domino, The Platters, Eddie Cochran and others. When this movie premiered in Great Britain in 1956, it marked one of the first mainstream introductions of early rock ’n’ roll music to the British public. As such, many future rock legends who were part of the British Invasion of the 1960s cite this film as a major moment of inspiration on their ensuing careers. John Lennon and Paul McCartney, for example, tell stories of how they first bonded as musicians by playing their favorite tracks from the movie for each other. Then, in 1960, they formed the Beatles and the world was never the same. Secondly, the star of the flick, Jayne Mansfield, is an underrated musical talent. This film plays up the idea that she is an “all looks, no talent” bombshell bimbo, but Mansfield only got started in movies after a fairly successful stint in Broadway musicals. She’s trained at both the piano and violin. Furthermore, she has become a sort of punk music icon. There are bands named after her and a several volumes of songs that reference her life and death. I give you: You can watch the whole thing here on YouTube.
  6. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Maybe it's supposed to be like, "Whoa, man, I can't believe we're actually in heaven!" Like a euphoric disbelief or an amazing mind-blowing circumstance. Hey man ... it's Florida.
  7. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    As a straight male, I've long advocated for more dick in movies. It just always takes me out of it to see the lengths a movie will go to keep men's junk covered up while putting women's bodies on full display ... legs, shadows, cleverly placed foreground objects, L-shaped bedsheets, etc. So I applaud this movie for its schlongitude, although I think if you had the balls (ahem) to put a dick in your movie, you should also have the balls to have the genitals align during the sex scenes ... LAW is up near his belly button. Also, as a white male, I love being barefoot. I thought it was just because it is more comfortable to be out of shoes ... I didn't know it was a racial predisposition. My daughter also loves it ... she asks to take her shoes and socks off first thing when we get home. I hate to think I've trained her to be a stereotype. EDIT: This is my 500th post! I think this is the perfect way to celebrate. The human body is beautiful, people. Shed your hangups!
  8. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    From that haircut, if I didn't know Lesley Ann Warren was in this, I'd think it was Jamie Lee Curtis. Maybe they didn't know who there were going to get, which is why she's facing away? I'd believe it if they said that the whole creative process of this movie started with promo poster concept art and a musical guarantee from Bryan Adams. Also, speaking of the hotel, I've never been to a hotel where the closed-circuit security TVs were in full view of the lobby. It's a hotel, not Walmart.
  9. The_Triple_Lindy

    Musical Mondays Week 49 Meet Me in St. Louis

    Deleted scene/alternate ending: Alonzo (entering work the next day): Hey boss, I've decided that I'm not going to move to New York. Boss: WHAT?! You were supposed to leave this morning! Why the hell not? Alonzo: Well, my wife and several daughters weren't too keen on the idea, and one of my girls had a tantrum and decapitated a bunch of snowmen, so I thought ... Boss: Your wife and daughters?! This is 1903 America ... we don't care what women think! Alonzo: Sir, if we moved to New York, there's no telling how much passive-aggressive corned beef shaving I'll have to endure in whatever awful 6-bedroom tenement we wind up in. Boss: You're fired.
  10. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    What got to me about this moment that it is basically suggesting that a man can be an utter turd to his wife and churlish to the world in general, but as long as he has one moment to the contrary, all should be forgiven. "Oh, see? His not such a bad guy -- he's doing guerrilla karaoke to entertain his kids! It doesn't matter that he uses his wife's high salary as a cudgel whenever he's feeling called out."
  11. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    It feels personal with my kid sometimes, though.
  12. I've been so busy lately that I've barely had time to keep up with HDTGM, let alone Musical Mondays, but I'll tag in for this even though it's waaaaaay too early for the holidays. My wife [Borat voice] loves this movie but I've never seen it. She'll be floored when I tell her I want to watch it.
  13. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

  14. The_Triple_Lindy

    Episode 198 - Look Who’s Talking Too: LIVE!

    If Jason asked, "May I hold that baby?" I might let him. But instead, he says, "Give me that baby," and that sentence has never been uttered with wholesome intentions.