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  1. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    So - with the quote above blaming the studios aside - it is confusing to me how absent John Belushi/Jake is in this film (Not literally I know he's actually dead ya jerks, I mean in spirit). Why? Why pretend like this isn't a devastating thing... why pretend like he can just be replaced? They don't even show his photo! Elwood pulls out a worn photo of Cab Calloway from his breast pocket, but not Jake, his beloved brother and musical partner? Also when Skynet runs a computer check on Elwood we see his sunglass clad mugshot... and then when he runs a check on Jake we conveniently do not see the screen... and that's just about where his mentions end. Did they think it would be more respectful this way? Because I find it cold and strange. John Belushi is the Elvis of SNL. He is their crown jewel and their biggest legend. I have been an enormous fan of SNL as far back as I can remember and I am quick to absorb any media about it... like books and documentaries (TOTAL ASIDE: James Franco's "Saturday Night" documentary is REALLY interesting.) Anyhoo... in any kind of SNL retrospective Belushi is treated like a mythical creature... so pure and beloved, the comedian who could and should have been a rockstar... his only downfall being hardcore substance abuse. And the people who made this movie KNEW him, as well as anyone could and they didn't try to really honor him in almost anyway. We don't even get to hear Frank Oz's explanation of Jake's death and consolation of Elwood... we don't even get to see Elwood grieve. I'm not saying they need to go full Paul Walker or anything. Even something as little as stock footage of him performing at the end ala Selena/Man on the Moon/Walk the line? It had been 17 years since his actual death and it just seems an appropriate and respectful amount of time had passed for them to make a "statement" on the death of Belushi. Also - please tell me if I'm missing allusions to him in the movie that I didn't catch.
  2. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    I think they touched on this in the podcast a little, but YES this should have been Jake's kid OR he should have been Jake reincarnated. It would have at least explained why the kid was even there... but the actual explanation is such a bummer. Scribbles was in the movie because the movie execs wanted BB2000 to be a PG kid friendly movie (Cuz nothing says kids like The Blues Brothers) Here's the intereview I found this afternooon which is very insightful to what the hell happened in this movie. https://www.avclub.c...ndis-1798208456 Here's the part that's pertinent to our discussion:
  3. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/2881230-balcony-monster I think it’s new!
  4. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    I will try to elaborate on this later (I’m at work) but the fact that this movie was NOT a 2 hour love letter to Belushi is completely beyond me. He is barely talked about, and at NO point do they even show his likeness. Was this a permission issue?
  5. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192.5 - Minisode 192.5

    I wish! I have been to BAM before and it is such a cool theatre! It will be a fun place to see the podcast.
  6. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192.5 - Minisode 192.5

    Oooh Me too! Here's the last played songs on my pretty controlled mp3 list (I can't tell if I've skipped them, sorry) Pain - The War on Drugs Wait By The River - Lord Huron Burnin' Sky - Bad Company I Only Lie When I Love You - Royal Blood Israel's Son - Silverchair Bad Blood - Bastille Amerika - Young the Giant The Gold - Manchester Orchestra How Much I Feel - Ambrosia
  7. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192.5 - Minisode 192.5

    June and Paul are on What’s The T with Rupaul and Michelle Visage this week. Rupaul mispronounces June’s name 3 times in the first 5 minutes.
  8. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192.5 - Minisode 192.5

    Congrats grudlian. I had a good feeling about that comment. I gotta say- I’m actually pretty stoked about Blues Brothers 2000 because JONNY LANG! I may just watch the minute and a half that he’s on screen. Worth it.
  9. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    ^Me when I see people making font observations.
  10. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    It's funny that both Showgirls and this movie portray exotic dancers as having heavily choreographed and teched dance routines. Although I am sure this kind of thing must exist somewhere, most strip clubs just have women who do slow seductive moving , walking, and acrobatics (like you mentioned EV). A person doing an entire routine would seem out of place. While on the other hand there are Burlesque shows and clubs, which are a little bit closer to what what is portrayed in this movie. A lot of times Burlesque is tongue in cheek or funny, but usually has a whole choreographed number. Women in Burlesque clubs would look ridiculous if they just slowly grinded. This movie sort of marries the 2 styles. What the girls of the Eager Beaver do is closer to something like The Thunder from Down Under.
  11. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    So I am NO expert, but I did have a close friend who was a stripper while we were in college and can impart SOME of the knowledge I got from her. I also read Diablo Cody's book - which is not just stripping but is also sex work... and it's a pretty great book. Again - all second hand knowledge. The Eager Beaver is a strange club in that it does seem to run much more like a Burlesque show than a strip club... seeing that, as Gigitastic pointed out, Demi is never working the floor. That is THE ESSENCE of how you make any money at a club. The scenes where the dancers are just chilling back stage before they go on is not really how it works. You can certainly take breaks but if you want money you have to be wheeling and dealing the crowd. You need to be introducing yourself to customers and asking people if they want private dances and special services. Dancers, like many industries, absolutely rely on regular and returning customers. If you are a dancer, your bills are PAID if you have a guy who returns to see you over and over. My friend had at least one regular who showered her with gifts and money. She always said he was a businessman who did not have time for a girlfriend and preferred to just spend his time and money on strippers. He would get to know her by returning night after night... and also he got to see her naked regularly which apparently was enough for him. POINT IS - she didn't make very much money on the center stage dances.
  12. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 191.5 - Minisode 191.5

    I googled him anyways... and to that I say: Thank you Cam Bert!
  13. I'm planning on being here for it! I've seen Crank 2 but I'm having a June moment about it.
  14. PeeWeesSnakes

    Episode 191.5 - Minisode 191.5

    I think he does some trimming these days, but I gotta give it up for our commander-in-chief...
  15. PeeWeesSnakes


    I would be surprised if anyone watched this... I have, but I am a little like Amy about Titanic. It's just this story (The history itself, not just the film) I find endlessly fascinating. Anyways... it's kind of cold and forensic, but still pretty harrowing.