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  1. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    Sorry guys- something went way wrong. I’ll be right back.
  2. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    I'm never early to anything ever in meatspace, but here's the room already. https://www.rabb.it/s/8balco https://www.rabb.it/s/8balco
  3. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    I can do 88 minutes. I just started up Starz and I think we are good to go as long as Rabbit isn't being a jerk. 9 EST?
  4. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    So Grudlian is hosting Trespass? I'm totally cool with whatever... I'm just down for some classic fun.
  5. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics 88 Minutes (6/7)

    Hey guys... I’ve been gone for awhile but I’m trying to make a comeback... I do have stars and am willing to host. We are still using Rabbit? Yes?
  6. I realized at some point that MC Gainey is kind of the Country Bear’s Chewbacca.
  7. PollyDarton

    Musical Mondays Week 55 Rockula

    I guess in the beginning I thought that Ralph's reflection was a part of the curse of Mona. Like he split into 2 people, Ralph the dork and Ralph the smooth guy in the mirror and he was going to break the curse by saving Mona and losing his virginity... but that's not what was happening it all? I was mostly annoyed that mirror Ralph wasn't always dressed like Dorky Ralph - vampire lore or not THAT. MAKES. NO. SENSE. I mentioned this to AlmostAGhost and Grudlian, but I wished the Pirate curse part was fleshed out more... like once Thomas Dolby was designated to be the Pirate with the hambone that he slowly becomes a pirate. Like first he starts hitting his Rrrrrs really hard, then gets a parrot, then loses a leg and so on and so forth until BAM full pirate.
  8. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics Gigli

    Hey guys - I'm bumping this. Sorry I've not been around... holidays... blah blah... major blur... where does the time go? Regardless, I'm up for whichever day.
  9. PollyDarton

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    Those years were the birth of facebook... and birth and death of myspace. People were still using AIM, but not like it's heyday in the late 90s/early Naughties. This movie, like a lot of HDTGM, felt like it was written by people who only witnessed people using the internet once but didn't have any first hand experience themselves. The talking while typing is so dorky and unnatural.
  10. PollyDarton

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    I have a beef with the whole Grace backstory. If Grace, as a young girl, witnessed Ro and her mother burying a body in the back yard... is this really the person she chooses to antagonize for her whole life? The person willing to be, at least, an accessory to murder? For all Grace knows, Ro was the killer, yet Grace slithers around her like Biff from BTTF (Ro is George McFly.) It seems like a normal person would stay as far away from the "murder family" as possible for pretty much their whole life... or at least act a little scared of them... but, no, Grace openly taunts Ro with BARELY veiled innuendo.
  11. PollyDarton

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    It's so confusing... she just happened to think that trublu was some random person IMing her the first moment she's online. They text for hours (there's a clock time fade) and we learn later that it is Miles, but Miles had another IM username. But WHY? What point does any of that serve? My thing was how they treated IMing as a sexual act... like just the simple act of IMing was some sort of foreplay in and of itself. She had barely spoken to Adex before he says "Are you turned on?"... Turned on? From WHUT?
  12. PollyDarton

    Musical Mondays Week 49 Meet Me in St. Louis

    Hey guys... I've been meaning to tell you that this discussion inspired me a few weeks ago and I won the top spot in this contest because of it. http://www.cracked.com/pictofacts-1132-the-surprisingly-weird-aftermaths-20-famous-events/ So Thanks y'all! You're the best
  13. PollyDarton

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    She made the Family Stone and I love that movie to my soul. Fight me.
  14. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics Vol 14 Skyline

    Those are cheerios and it won't torch your tongue or anything, but it is spicy. Also - There are nuts, anyone who can't have nuts let me know.
  15. PollyDarton

    HDTGM Classics Vol 14 Skyline

    Fun as always guys... and... I'm just sayin'