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  1. 41 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    I’d say it’s an 80’s family movie. There’s a lot in it that wouldn’t get by today (e.g. smoking), but was common for the time. I don’t feel like it’s a movie made with an adults-only mindset. There’s sexuality, but no actual sex. But then you could say the same thing about Betty Boop. A lot of the things that we might consider problematic today were present in those old cartoons already.

    Cool World is WFRR for adults.

    Nawwwww... there's some DARK SHIT in WFRR. The Dip and the shoe? Holy Shit.

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  2. This is her shittiest movie (and that's saying something.) Who cares if her fans wouldn't accept it as being bad... it doesn't even have cult status.
    In the vein of Glitter and Burlesque. She's ridiculous (yet gorgeous) but the movie is a big cartoony fiasco.

  3. I would like to second this one. Jason, June, and Paul could have a field day with it.

    This was recently added to Amazon Prime. I saw this as a kid a bunch of times and of course never realized how shitty it is until a rewatch this week. It's chock full of famous people and has so many ridiculous and cliched scenes. Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage's performances are wild and really cringe inducing. It has held no cultural significance and has been pretty much lost to the annals of time... and it's easy to see why.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Cam Bert said:

    There is a deep dark secret hidden in this movie, and that Shelby is an alcoholic. The evidence is staring us in the face. Fact! When he's missing in the morning his boss assumes he's hungover in bed. Fact! When Kay asks what's wrong Mike says he's AWOL again. He has a history of going missing. Fact! He's He's desperate for overtime pay. He's a man that needs money by why does he need money so bad. Fact! Among his personal effects given to Mike are a stack of pawn tickets. Why is he pawning so much stuff? Again his need for money. Why does he need money so bad? Because he's slowly drinking himself to death. Frequently hungover and missing, hard up on cash, this is all evidence to his drunken benders. Let's face the fact, why would Shelby go at night to look at the fence? He didn't clock in he was doing and wasn't doing it for overtime pay so why was he there? Because he's drunk on the job! He realized that he couldn't remember if he correctly fixed the problem or not so he went back to try to hide his possible botched drunk work. In classic horror fashion the drunk or druggie has to be killed. Poor, Shelby.

    This might explain why when his girlfriend brings Mike his belongings (because she's kicking him out of her place - he does not have his own place to live) she brings a SINGLE dufflebag that really didn't seem that full.

    Only one counter argument:


    Them sweet abs.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Elektra Boogaloo said:

    Am I the only one ho thinks SPACE JAM was culturally relevant? I am on board with the dismissal of AVATAR. I don’t know if the remake will capture this, but there as this moment in the 90s where kids wore shirts and such Loony Tunes characters with baggy pants and backward caps. I think it started as parody, and then WB embraced it. Which is why it’s about basketball and the soundtrack is all rap and R&B. (I was very sad to delete the soundtrack from my iPod because of the R Kelly connection.) 

    I don’t think it is the Looney Tunes that people really watch for? Like that is fine for kids, but older people like the music and the basketball?



    It's weird. WB cartoons - Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc have always been a big part of my pop culture life. I loved them as a kid and couldn't wait to watch the Bugs Bunny Tweety Show on Saturday mornings (before wrestling,) but for some reason Space Jam was never my thing... I think that may be due to the fact that I was about 15 when it came out and was too cool for that mess. 🙄 I am aware how much it has always meant to people around my age and younger though and who could forget all the "Taz- mania" of the mid 90s.


    As for Avatar, fuck Avatar. I walked out of that movie instantly forgetting about 75% of it. Dances With Wolves with Giant blue people, dragon tails and weird fireflies? Idk It's funny how little cultural impact it has had. 

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  6. I'm a kid of the 80s and I saw Jaws 3D when I was fairly young (on TV) but the movie I saw way more was The Muppets Take Manhatten and it only occurred to me this evening that since Manhatten came out in 1984, this scene is totally a homage to Jaws 3D.


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  7. 5 hours ago, Blast Hardcheese said:

    Besides narrating their escapades in the most ASMR-ish hushed voices they could muster, why were the two bumbling diver-thieves breaking into Sea World? And why was I rooting for the shark to kill these guys?

    Speaking of these guys, this is dumb as hell, but I totally thought that the skeleton Kay and Mike come across was one of the coral bandits.


    They have the same hat. I just couldn't figure out how the shark picked the bones clean.

    On my rewatch I caught Mike saying the skeleton was a part of the pirate ship attraction, but since they never came across the bodies of our dudes at any point in the movie I like to pretend that Mike just thought that was a fake skeleton.


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  8. Correction: Someone asked if all the scenes take place in Sea World and there was at least one that was not (maybe two if we consider that the bar is probably not in Sea World)

    There is an early scene where we see Mike, Kay, and Sean in their kitchen. This scene is hilarious to me for a few reasons.

    1. The rad 80s wallpaper.

    2. The serious product placement (Wheaties, Tropicana, Dunkin Donuts)

    3. Kay walks in the kitchen yawning and states "Some guys can sleep in in the morning. Some of us have to be at work early." as she passes Mike and Sean already having breakfast... so who exactly is sleeping in? Clearly Kay is the last one up and no one is "sleeping in." Way to shame people for no fucking reason, Kay.



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  9. 3 hours ago, theworstbuddhist said:

    Fun episode, but honestly the part I enjoyed the most was the discussion at the end about Jason's fanny pack. It was nice to hear just the three of them in studio joking around.

    Not to hate on any of the guest stars, but I am always so excited to get a just June, Paul, and Jason ep. They have such amazing chemistry.


    3 hours ago, theworstbuddhist said:

    Does this family have some kind of superpower that enables them to attract great white sharks? And IF SO:

    He's like the Jessica Fletcher of Sharks.

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  10. The way they served up the step-dad to be killed was particularly hilarious to me.
    Here they were, alone on a boat...He had been beat up all to hell, was drunk as shit, was being a complete belligerent asshole, talked direct shit about Dill's kid, and there was even a line somewhere about the only police being out of town.  The only thing that would have made it better was for him to have gotten accidentally covered in chum while counting a huge wad of cash and spouting off about having no parents or siblings.

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  11. 1 hour ago, the baa detective said:

    One can argue that the kid didn't write the "dialogues," didn't decide what his virtual dad, femme fatal mom, and evil step said and did on the island. He merely programmed the AIs, designed their personality, and had them react to each other in a simulation of the real world.  

    The problem with this argument is that I'm not sure if the director is capable of doing this as it is apparent he knows very little about how video games/ simulation work. I mean, there is no way a kid, genius or not, armed with only a pc and all the current technology has to offer, can create a sentient AI and a virtual replica of the reality that is real enough to fool a sentient being into believing it's real. Dwarf Fortress is the most complex indie game I can think of, and it takes 2 people and it's still not finished. 

    I dunno, for narrative purposes I am willing to suspend disbelief that the characters within the game buy their world as real, and to express that to the audience (and to not give away the twist) the world has to seem real.
    This actually touches on something I was thinking about this movie and that it lacks a stylization. How interesting would it have been that when the twist were to be revealed that the world got more and more video game like... Less detailed, the same NPCs walking down the street, more obvious souless behavior... even some pixelization?

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  12. 4 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    This is great but it makes me wonder about the nature of the game.

    Did the kid always mean for Matthew McConaughey to kill his step dad in the game? Because it seems like the game started as just hanging with his dad and fishing. If the rules changed to kill his step dad, having an anagram name for Bad Killer makes no sense. That would mean the anagram is just for the audience and it's a complete coincidence on the part of the kid.

    They explain this that is close to the name of one of his favorite teachers? First McConaughey says this and then the news broadcasts quotes a teacher with a name that is a riff on Baker Dill.

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  13. Addressing  Baker Dill being sentient:

    He does seemingly start to become sentient when he pulls the knife on the 2 drunk guys in the beginning. That's the beginning of things starting to go awry. I assume that when Baker pulled the knife, this could also be the moment that the kid got the knife in meatspace?

    We as the audience know something is off because that's when the salesman first misses Baker, he's very confused as to why Baker isn't there at the coast. He should have been there according to the strict predictability of video game timing. Something changed.

    I guess you could assume this is when the kid started to code the game into the new game: killing the stepdad. ?

    Before this time, it was just Baker being the player in the fishing game.

    I don't think Baker has the literal spirit of the kid's father, but I do think this is the "eaten the forbidden fruit" moment.

    Whether he has free will is unclear and doubtful, but I do think he became sentient.

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