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    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    Just like Jason, I own this on VHS as well and watched it all the time when I was younger, lol. However, until this last time I watched it, I never realized all the connections to 80's action movies this has (mainly Predator). Carl was in Predator w/Arnie, but 2 of the others on the team (Mac, Billy) are in this as well. Also, the guy who Arnie kills on the plane in Commando is in this as well. Also, there's a scene where they hit a guy onto a spike and impale him--that happened in Commando as well. Also, multiple people from Die Hard are in this as well (short Asian guy, blond guy who manned the front desk). Long story short, this movie is all about the ACTION (and keeping it in the family). Lastly, on a side note, is Vanity now the Queen of HDTGM? She's been in three of the movies (Action, Last Dragon, Stargrove John Stamos movie)
  2. this movie is straight cringe lol. Those strip scenes w/the guys just passionately kissing everyone. That would never happen in any club. This movie is wild as hell for 1983
  3. wow. This guy is riding a recumbent bike in 1983. Truly ahead of his time--living in 2018 back then.
  4. iamSGA

    Episode 198.5 - Minisode 198.5

    oh snap. the main lady from Pure Country is in this--George Strait's mgr, Lula
  5. iamSGA

    Episode 198.5 - Minisode 198.5

    Ok guys, I know I'm horribly late (esp since i listened to the ep already), but I'm finally watching Beastly right now. OMG, this is too wild. Some things I don't remember hearing during the ep: 1. Mary Kate Olsen 2. Guy from Six Feet Under is in it--never registered when they kept saying Peter Krause (I kept thinking of Martin Kove for some reason) 3. he's not scaled at all--just weird ass tree henna everywhere.
  6. I forgot how creepy the intro to this movie was. This is straight insane. Also, the guy who played Casey Jones in TMNT is in this--prob riding that wave (since this was made in 1990).
  7. Listened to ep yesterday. watching movie right now. Is Scribbles the kid? What other movie was he in where he was named Scribbles? I haven't heard anyone called that yet. Also, this shit is horrible lol
  8. iamSGA

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    It didn't really feel like she was hating on the other girls; Her thoughts were motivated by what the judge would think. On Jordan, no matter who you are, if someone asks you to cameo for a second and you'll get at least 20K+, you say yes. This may kind of be about stripping, but it's a legit hollywood movie. Secure the bag.
  9. iamSGA

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    Well, she was recently a Navy Seal, so they had to tone it down. You can't have a Seal just 180 hardcore like that. *thinking from a screenwriter's perspective
  10. iamSGA

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    Some guys just like to go down to the Courthouse and get that FOIA request, amirite? He's definitely a corporate man...with his due diligence and all
  11. iamSGA

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    I think it really depends on the city. Vegas, prob yeah. ATL....DJ Esco runs that shit
  12. iamSGA

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    oh shiiiiiitt T-1000 broke his arm hanging out with Donald Trump!! I love catching all the old refs that have new relevance today Also, this movie is not good lol. 13 y/o me prob loved it, but def not now, lol
  13. iamSGA

    Episode 185 - Adore

    How I imagine the sign-on pitch went for Robin and Naomi: Director: "Thanks for coming in today Robin and Naomi." Robin: "thanks" Naomi: "yes, thanks for bringing us in...we're def excited to hear what you have for us" Director: "Ok, well, I'll jump right into it. What would you say to shooting on the Australian coast for two months and making out/having sex with 21 y/o studs? *Robin and Naomi stare at each other with smirkish, hidden grins* Robin/Naomi: "yes....yes, we can definitely do that"
  14. wow! Erika Jayne in the flesh on Bitch Sesh.