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    I make music, I'm a sailor with the USN living abroad.
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  1. Deets Plug Theme Just happy to be nominated. Link is above this line.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/laustenfound/suburban-plugs-theme https://soundcloud.com/laustenfound/suburban-plugs-theme Thank you Mr. A.
  3. Inspired by Red Flag Day, Mildly, this is ‘Out of Time’. Thanks a bunch! -Lausten Found
  4. https://soundcloud.c...ime-plugs-theme Dig it, spigot. -Lausten Found
  5. https://soundcloud.c...ban-plugs-theme This is a wonderful allude to the great band, The Descendents. While incorporating Scott Aukerman as Milo Aukerman-the early and current lead singer of the Descendents. Dig It.
  6. This is a New Wave plugs theme for you guys, Mr. A. https://soundcloud.c...eam-plugs-theme Grazie Mille, Lausten Found
  7. Can a DJ, DJ their own wedding? https://soundcloud.c...avy-plugs-theme Search Lausten Found on all streaming services!
  8. LaustenFound

    Deets Plug Theme

    Fixed Download Link!
  9. LaustenFound

    Deets Plug Theme

    https://soundcloud.c...eets-plug-theme This one's for you boys & girls, A little acoustic blues. Ciao Ragazzi! -Lausten Found
  10. LaustenFound

    Plugs Shoegaze Theme

    Thanks guys! What a thrill to hear your song played through the device I hold everyday! More on the way?
  11. I've been meaning to make a plugs theme for years.. We'll see how this goes, Mr. Auk and the boys.