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  1. CaptainAmazing

    Avengers: Endgame *SPOILERS*

    I feel like there is a really simple explanation as to how Tony got the stones from a gauntlet that he designed and built himself. I’m kind of annoyed that they didn’t bother to tell us what it was.
  2. CaptainAmazing

    Ax 'Em (1992)

    Suddenly remembered this "gem" from this must-read write-up of it on I-Mockery. Took me a minute to find it because it's actually spelled "Ax." Other highlights not mentioned in this forum yet: -Intro slates have Awkward incorrect Capitalization usually not seen Outside of Twitter. -The title screen is a generic lower-third graphic with the title in "quotation marks." -Gun sound effect waaayyy out of sync with the shotgun going off. -A short scene is actually played twice. No, not in any way on purpose. -The timecode is actually on the screen for one shot. There might be some availability issues for this one. Amazon has exactly three copies, and the sites that claimed to be streaming it looked like trojans. One even set off my broswer's alerts. This one does raise the question of "is there a movie too low-budget for this podcast?" This one feels like the dumbest kid at your high school made it and just didn't care at some points.
  3. CaptainAmazing

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    Oh, and there's a 3 Ninjas Wikia, because of course there is.
  4. CaptainAmazing

    3 Ninjas (1992)

    I remember LOVING this movie as a kid, but there are a LOT of terrible movies that this show does that fit that description for a lot of people. For me, some of the best movies on the shows are ones that I've seen without specially watching them for the podcast. I also remember, having seen it several times elsewhere, renting/watching it with my parents, who said that we could buy a copy if they liked it. They did not. I was shocked. Trying to remember bad stuff about the movie itself... The fact that Snyder and Mori were friends once many years prior is treated as some dark secret from Mori's past. Mori may have called it the worst mistake he ever made, but the line might seriously be "the only mistake I ever made." I think this is the movie where, to show that they were staying up late playing video games, they're seen playing Super Mario Brothers with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. But they're getting awfully excited about the very beginning of Level 1-1 on a game that requires you to start over pretty often. As I recall, the eyes of a ninja mask on their wall then flashed a warning and they knew their mom was coming and jumped into bed, pretending to be asleep. I wanna know where the kids got the high-tech motion detecting equipment for that and drilled holes into the wall to install it without their parents noticing. Their dad works for the FBI and didn't notice? Also, this is definitely the movie where the really violent parody of the song "On Top of Old Smoky" originated, which was a running favorite at my school for years.
  5. CaptainAmazing

    HDTGM Factoids

    I’m getting an error, at least on mobile.
  6. It’s been pulled from the Apple Podcast archives already? Is that normal?
  7. CaptainAmazing

    Evolution (2001)

    And now you have “The Secret” to add to that list.
  8. CaptainAmazing

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    But their referring more than once to the as-yet-unaired Swordfish episode during that one made me a little crazy.
  9. CaptainAmazing

    Supergirl (1984)

    Nathan Rabin did this one on his column, and it sounds far worse than I (or he) expected: https://www.nathanrabin.com/happy-place/2019/3/13/my-world-of-flops-case-file-115my-year-of-flops-ii-12-supergirl
  10. Came here to say that I looked it up, and Charlotte’s African ancestry is basically a rumor, as you can read here. While on Wikipedia, I looked up the other thing that I was dying to know, and the answer is yes, she is the Charlotte that the city in North Carolina is named for.
  11. CaptainAmazing

    Your Updated AFI List

    I ran into this article on Wired about how ridiculously well The Social Network has aged, possibly more so than anyone could have predicted, and remembered this thread.
  12. CaptainAmazing

    Request: Cover the Sight & Sound 50 Next?

    Hmm, are there any well-recognized lists that aren’t limited to being from one country? Or is the BFI list not done in the AFI’s “Any movie even arguably from our country” standard?
  13. CaptainAmazing

    Sex and the City 2 (2010)

    (Spoiler for a terrible movie) Someone, I wanna say The Editing Room, said that the ending to this movie was basically “Wow, American and Middle Eastern women aren’t so different after all! They’re both shallow and materialistic!”
  14. CaptainAmazing

    Waterworld (1995)

    Apparently there’s going to be a new DVD version of it coming out that’s a full 40 minutes longer: https://www.slashfilm.com/waterworld-blu-ray/?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  15. CaptainAmazing

    Waterworld (1995)

    I just want to say that several Universal Studios theme parks still do a live “Waterworld set” show, and apparently it’s quite good. Thing is, as i’ve said elsewhere on this forum, the in-park ads for it on the loudspeakers advertise it as being from “the hit movie” as if everyone didn’t know it wasn’t a notorious flop. Guess they’re in deep denial or something.