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  1. CaptainAmazing

    Die Another Day (2002)

    I remember this one was “the one my friends got to see before I could, but assured me beforehand that I could come with them when they went to see it again. There was no second viewing.” Was kinda relieved to learn that it was a complete piece of shit and that they weren’t just avoiding me.
  2. CaptainAmazing

    Signings and photo ops after the shows?

    Lots of musicians do exactly this.
  3. CaptainAmazing

    Swordfish (2001)

    I feel like “I grew up loving this movie and now realize it’s garbage” describes half the movies they’ve done.
  4. CaptainAmazing

    Any Thoughts on the 200th Episode?

    (Looks at podcast page) Huh, we’re already up to #195. Hopefully it’s not too late to plan something for #200. The live shows are done so far in advance that the hosts always have to ask when the episode they just did is airing when deciding what to plug. Since the hosts schedules are so busy, then the obvious go-tos would be the relatively easy things: A movie the fans have wanted for a long time, and a good guest. I say they should do Manos: The Hands of Fate and have on someone from MST3K, preferably Patton Oswalt. If it is too late to do something, then there’s always the 250th episode, a quarter of 1,000, in about two years.
  5. CaptainAmazing

    Your Updated AFI List

    Just browsed through my whole collection for ideas. Inception and Birdman are my only answers that fit the “post-2007” requirement. The other one that struck me was Back to the Future. For removal, I’ll probably makes some enemies for this, but I’d remove Chinatown and 2001 (although i’ll confess to only having seen the latter on the small screen, something I hope to change one day) for being overrated and Sixth Sense for not belonging on the list at all.
  6. CaptainAmazing


    Apologizes if someone already said this, but 5 pages of comments is more than I’m willing to go through right now: I believe the whole dispute about their being enough room for both of them on the plank was settled with “there was enough room, but it wasn’t buoyant enough.” Someone told me that Jack even tried to climb on board as well, but that it started to sink, so he got off of it.
  7. CaptainAmazing

    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    I’m a bit surprised that theu didn’t talk about the poster for this movie, which had been posted on the HDTGMinfo page. Two things really stuck out at me: 1. It was really wrinkled, like the movie was such a flop that the poster never got any type of second printing or digitization, and the only poster they could get a photo of was one in really bad shape. 2. Georgio isn’t even looking at the nurse on it, just kind of singing off into the distance while she puts her arms around him. It’s like someone poorly Photoshopped two separate photos of them together, except that it’s a drawing and predates Photoshop.
  8. CaptainAmazing

    Episode 10 — Mac & Me

    We’re about to hit the 30th anniversary of this movie, and recently it’s been confirmed that the kid actually gets shot on camera and dies from it in a deleted scene that was left in in the Japanese version: Link
  9. CaptainAmazing

    How Did this Get Graphed?: The HDTGM Infographic Project

    The obvious next thing to graph would be their Rotten Tomatoes scores. There’s a whole thread of almost nothing but that.
  10. CaptainAmazing

    Brenda Starr (1992)

    The plot also sounds pretty bonkers, which helps a lot.
  11. CaptainAmazing

    Swordfish (2001)

    Any idea what happened to “The Cat in the Hat?” probably a better pick IMHO. I remember seeing this one on DVD when it was newish and I was like 14. My family rented it as one of out first DVDs and my mom made my dad turn it off during the blowjob scene, so I don’t think I got to fully appreciate how goofy that scene was. Saw it again a year or two later and kinda liked it, but I feel like the only other thing I remeber besides Berry’s sweater pups is the ending.
  12. CaptainAmazing

    Cool World (1992)

    In another thread I did a list of the kind of movies that REALLY work for this podcast. This one is the kind that was meant to be a major blockbuster because it was a bad ripoff of a way more successful film. See also: Mac & Me, Beautiful Creatures.
  13. CaptainAmazing

    Cherry 2000 (1987)

    Sounds insane enough to deserve a bump. I remember seeing this on a used DVD rack and thinking it even sounded bonkers from the description on the box.
  14. CaptainAmazing

    Yes, Giorgio (1982)

    I saw the poster for it on the list of upcoming shows, and I can’t get past how they’re not even almost looking into each others’ eyes on that poster. She’s staring at his chin, and he’s either looking at her nose or off into the distance somewhere. It’s like someone just cut together two separate photos of them and the artist drew that as-is without realizing they were supposed to change it. Also, I like how the site seems to have found the only photo of the only remaining poster of it, a wrinkled-up relic from ithe movie’s original run in 1982. Tells you how much love that movie got afterwards. And that’s not even getting into the question of “How much of the movie does the opera singer star not have a voice for?” Conventional writing structure would say “Only at the very beginning and end.” If so, oof!
  15. CaptainAmazing

    Starcrash (1979)

    Saw the new MST3K episode of this, and it was absolutely cookoo-bananas, and a great episode in general. Definitely needs to be done by the podcast.