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    Kananga Balloon Inquiry

    Double Ol' Matts, In the Kananga Balloon debate the question of "what is contained within the shark gun bullet" has unfairly been dismissed as "probably Helium". I don't believe this to be the case for a couple reasons: 1. When Kananga asks Bond point-blank what the gadget is he replies, "A shark gun, naturally, with compressed air pellets." 2. At this revelation Kananga tests the weapon on the couch Whisper is sitting on. The couch inflates quickly but never floats off the ground. It continues to inflate until the weakest point gives way and the couch bursts. This leads me to believe that there is in fact no Helium in the bullet but instead just compressed air that is rapidly released. Now let's recall the scene with this information. Bond and Kananga wrestle in the water. Bond recalls the single shark gun bullet hidden in his breast pocket. Bond pulls the bullet from his pocket and forces Kananga to swallow it while dunking him hardcore. The bullet is activated, releasing a vast amount of compressed air into Kananga's digestive system. The pressure builds inside his body, forcing his stomach to expand much the same as the couch earlier or a "human balloon" if you will. With Kananga's mouth pursed shut the air is forced to find the next weakest point in his digestive track to escape. Judging by his trajectory and the simultaneous sound effect of a rapidly deflating balloon one can assume the second weakest point in Kananga's digestive track was his Dame Judi Dumper. The bloated villain ass-blasts his way to the craggy ceiling of the lair where his body is punctured by stalactites causing him to explode. This leads to my question, do you think the sound effect of the deflating balloon was intended to be a figurative representation of a balloon traveling rapidly, much the same as the slide whistle in the corkscrew car stunt, or do you think the foley artist Zane D. Bruce when confronted with the challenge of finding a realistic match for deflating human balloon butt-cheeks had a moment of clarity? Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!