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  1. Copy pasta, creepy pasta, mommy pasta, daddy pasta
  2. Hello nasty my old friend, I've come to Paul's Boutique again
  3. Councilmen, let the record show this steer stomped my solar panel and THEN took a shit on it
  4. I kick it root down, I'll take a poop now
  5. As a wise man once said: "All I want to do is hoodrat shit with my friends"
  6. Shampoodler stuck his doodler in Colfax McLiverneck's MondoMudbutt
  7. That's my souvenir, you basic bitch!
  8. Once the skin is plucked free, be sure to reserve your imported tube grease for that credit check!
  9. So I says to Maybel, "Fuck your tinnitus, we've gotta make it to Reno by sundown!"
  10. Ectoplasm? I hardly know him!
  11. that last earthquake knocked my copy of The Fountainhead onto my crotch. It was a nine-point-oh on the dick-hurt scale
  12. Pogo_the_hobo

    Bright (2017)

    A Netflix original absolute mess. I don't even know how to describe this. Can anyone help?
  13. foreskin? more like moreskin!
  14. Why do droids scream in Star Wars? Who engineered them to feel pain? Today we answer the uncomfortable questions everyone is asking.
  15. Don't be fooled by his idiotic demeanor, Dr. Demento is a wanted felon posing as a doctor when, in fact, he only has a Master's