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  1. I wish I could tell you. I've always been the kind of person who just leaves people do to as they wish with their lives. But one of the biggest things that winds me up more than anything are kids being dressed like adults, especially girls, because I always think that's way worse, because I know what some people are like. It just makes me want to grab the parents by the scruff of the neck and berate them in public and just say "What the fuck doing you think you're doing with this kid?!"
  2. I saw one that had the words "Future Porn Star" written across the front.
  3. Do you know the best way to survive this movie? You have to convince yourself that this is a prequel to The Last Boy Scout.
  4. Smigg.

    Final Score (2018)

    It's closer to Die Hard, there are even nods to it throughout the movie. One non-spoiler aspect being the villain calling his henchmen, and actually saying "So don't waste time talking to me", an EXACT Hans Gruber quote. I'm amazed they got away with adding so many Die Hard references.
  5. After bringing the world "The Hurricane Heist", British movie channel Sky Cinema brings us their latest movie, FINAL SCORE! Starring Dave Bautista as a retired special forces fighter, he visits his deceased friend's family in London, with a couple of tickets to take his daughter to watch West Ham in a crucial European match, but a much more deadly game is happening off the pitch. Guys, this movie is fucking nuts. Absolutely perfect for HDTGM, we saw how crazy the Hurricane Heist was, this is on that level. You have to see it.
  6. Smigg.

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    Now, I am going to ask an important question. The question is... what in the living fuck is Jason Statham doing here?!
  7. Smigg.

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    If "The Meg" was going to feature Meg Ryan, the only possible way this could go is if it was a dramatic retelling of the infamous Michael Parkinson interview, if you've never seen that, you should check it out, it's one of the most awkward things I have ever seen on TV. That being said, a movie could work quite nicely, with Jason Statham as an elderly Yorkshireman, trying to get a conversation out of a CGI shark, and getting more and more pissed off as time went on. It would be the new Frost/Nixon. However, it would not be the first time Meg Ryan and Jason Statham appeared on screen together, in fact, here in this 1995 music video for The Beautiful South's cover of "Dream A Little Dream", which was on the soundtrack for Meg Ryan's movie "French Kiss". Jason Statham appears as an extra.
  8. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    That's why I've all but given up on television news, because the exact same story is told in completely opposite ways depending on the channel you watch, and it's getting worse.
  9. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    Jones didn't say anything, because it didn't fit the agenda. I do remember a segment on The Daily Show, when John Oliver did pretty much the only thing I ever enjoyed him doing, when he was watching a match on Raw where the commentators were talking about Coulter aligning with Cesaro, and they said something along the lines of "Well, I thought Coulter didn't want foreign people coming into the country, but now he's okay with it when they're doing his bidding like Cesaro?!" and Oliver is sat there stunned saying "What is this thing that's being said on television?! Why is professional wrestling having the most nuanced and reasonable debate about immigration?!"
  10. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    Funny you bring up nWo, because I remember Alex Jones losing his shit about them. He basically said "THEY'RE DOING THIS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!! They make a group, call them the New World Order, and they put Hulk Hogan in it to make everybody like them! They want you to like the idea of a New World Order! It's happening folks, it's happening, and they're showing you exactly how they're gonna do it!" One little caveat that Alex didn't understand... they were the bad guys. It was also around the time when they introduced Zeb Coulter as Jack Swagger's Tea Party Lunatic manager. "They're making the Americans the bad guys, they're making the American guy look stupid, and have the Mexican beat him, it's to make people look at America like we're the dopes, and to embrace globalism!" One little caveat that Alex didn't understand... Swagger, despite being the villain, was supposed to be dominant, but the idiot got caught in a DWI and a car full of weed 2 weeks before WrestleMania, and they just wrote him off. Swagger and Coulter later became good guys when there were "Russian" villains. But, it was hilarious, how the WWF made up the nWo for people to like the idea of a one world government, when the WWF didn't have anything to do with it.
  11. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    I wish the contents of that can just emptied out into her face. The stupid old bat.
  12. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    If anything, it helps when you have to deal with moralistic busy bodies saying "They're worshipping the devil! Those are devil horns! And when you look and the positions of the fingers, you see it right there, it's 6... 6... 6.... this is clearly the devil's music!"
  13. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    Don't worry about it, dump away
  14. Smigg.

    Episode 195.5 - Minisode 195.5

    Oddly enough, I went into it in the main thread. Ronnie James Dio claims that he brought it to metal, because of his grandmother using it. It's prevelent in Italian culture, and he thought it looked cool. James Hetfield think's it's Spiderman.