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  1. Hey Besser. You should call it Sing A Longform Experiment.
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    Best of 2017 - Vote Now!

    These were on my list that I've compiled during my i4h binge. Just finished the whole backlog in 277 days. 283 (2:50 - 7:23) Audience Suggestion - “Fireworks” - A coffee shop uses confusing measurements (7:29 - 15:55) Audience Suggestion - “Haircut” - Selling a celebrity’s literal shit on eBay 284 (46:44 - 1:03:04) What the Fuck Is Going On? - Amherst mascot removal - Sports fans get more excited about the team name than the team 290 (18:04 - 31:30) Question from Listener - “What stupid thing about yourself did you try to hide from your significant other?” - Getting your boyfriend to admit he owns a shitty car is important to a relationship’s success 291 (44:41 - 1:08:23) What the Fuck Is Going On - Hollywood sign traffic complaints - Having locals help you take the craziest selfie with the Hollywood sign 305 (39:15 - 48:46) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Chuck E. Cheese’s got rid of the animatronics - Kids plan their birthday parties with extremely basic requests 306 (39:00 - 46:00) - Man on the Street Interview - “What is your proudest accomplishment” - Army veterans war memories all focus on the ills of marriage 314 (10:20-21:50) Question from Twitter- “What is the first book you remember reading more than once?” - A surveillance program investigating Catcher in the Rye fans. (21:55-33:49) Twitter Suggestion- “Are those girls roller-skates you’re wearing? “- A man wearing a pink scarf is confused for a gay man.