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  1. I was but a wee lad when I ate fish sticks for the first time. The tar-tar sauce tasted simply divine.
  2. Feed me hot pockets and call me a liar, ‘cause it looks like my cargo pants just caught on fire.
  3. Bingo Boy

    Commando (1985)

    I love Commando, its such a fun action movie. There are so many crazy moments in this to discuss. Arnold jumps out of A PLANE taking off and doesn't get hurt. He mows down what seems like hundreds of guards in the climatic battle without a scratch. And Bennett...we need to talk about Bennett. Shout out to Power Station for the epic end credits song: SOMEWHERE. SOMEHOW. SOMEONE.
  4. I got my Canadian tuxedo mixed up with my birthday suit and everyone saw my jeanie weenie.
  5. Never tangle with a guy in a Kangol because it’s probably Samuel L. Jackson.
  6. In lieu of a plea regarding these arson charges, I’d like to play this Billy Joel song your honor.
  7. They call me Rum Tum Tugger, because I’ve been kicked out of Cats three times for drunkenly masturbating.
  8. I ate sushi with Jim Belushi and Steve Doocy reported the sclusie.
  9. Well tickle my titties til my pants are shitties.
  10. Comic Sanz comma Horatio.
  11. I have it on good authority that cake boss was not a fan of house of pies.
  12. Captain Planet is the complete package. He cares about the environment and he’s packin’ a big blue dong.
  13. Stop and frisk it til you butter my biscuit.
  14. I saw my grandpa’s penis by mistake and it was pure poppycock.