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  1. As a matter of fact, I do have a retirement plan. I just need to sit back and let my Big Dogs t-shirts appreciate in value.
  2. The Beatles would’ve been more famous if it weren’t for that careless typo in their name on every album cover. Hire a proofreader ya ding dongs!
  3. I’m trying to get on Brent Spiner’s phone plan so I’ll have unlimited Data.
  4. You say potato, I say it incorrectly.
  5. I want my baby back baby back baby back...so what if I left my baby at Chili’s that ONE time.
  6. Whaddaya say I put my Mighty Max in your Polly Pocket?
  7. Follow me to the genital jamboree. Admission is free if you come before 3.
  8. The Rock would definitely beat Scissorhands. Johnny Depp doesn’t even know how to wrestle.
  9. Throw on your Snuggie and slip on some Huggies. It’s gonna be that kind of party.
  10. Sharlto Copley strives to be a winner, because he knows he’s always just one “L” away from being named Shart-o.
  11. If you buy this Tesla I’ll throw in a free bottle of cologne. It’s called Elon’s musk and it smells terrible.
  12. When Ray Romano is sad he watches a blu-ray.
  13. Stop beating around the bush. Frankly its disgusting and the neighbors are starting to watch.
  14. The movie Twister was nothing like its source material. Where was the mat with all the colored dots?
  15. Are you going to Scarborough fair? It’s the biggest Morning Joe festival of the year.