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  1. Ol’ Dirty Bastard always lived in the shadow of his rival, Young Clean Gentleman.
  2. Life is a precious and fleeting gift, so that’s why I’m watching all these Sister, Sister reruns.
  3. I have an eco-friendly living arrangement, and by that I mean I live in my Prius.
  4. I don’t normally do this, but there’s just something about you that completely compelled me to walk over here and talk to you. Also, do you have the bathroom code for this Chipotle?
  5. When it comes to social media booty calls, carpe DMs.
  6. Bingo Boy

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    Had a blast going to this show in Brooklyn, my first HDTGM live experience. Wouldn't it make way more sense to have Vanessa Hudgens' character HATE the beastly guy in the beginning when he was a handsome jerk, only to fall in love with him while he's Mr. Beastly? That way there is some progression for both characters by the end. Instead she's just in love with him the whole time, even when he was an asshole. The big dramatic reveal ending from her perspective: Oh, this random beastly guy I've fallen in love with is actually the guy i was already in love with in the first place? Cool.
  7. Bingo Boy

    Babes in Toyland (1986)

    This would be a great episode around Christmas time. Whenever i visited my grandma as a kid, she only owned 2 VHS tapes. One of them was this movie. I have seen this a shockingly high number of times.
  8. Bingo Boy

    Fateful Findings (2013)

    A Fateful Findings episode would be fun as hell. The only slight obstacle is that I doubt there are any sincere 5 star reviews for the Second Opinions segment.
  9. I flick my ciggies at the piggies ‘cause I’m a bad whittle boy.
  10. What is this foul stench betwixt thine cheeks? Didst thou not wash there a fortnight ago, nay one week?
  11. The Wolf of Wall Street was a bad sequel. Nobody even turned into a werewolf and played basketball like in the first one.
  12. Your insurance only covers our cheapest cancer screening. Do you happen to know if your hand is bigger than your face?
  13. Bingo Boy

    The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

    I genuinely love this movie. Its a great mix of awesome/wacky that would make for a fantastic episode, especially if they manage to do it in time for Halloween.
  14. I can call you Gordon Shumway, and Gordon when you call me you can call me ALF.