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  1. Marlboro Cigarettes Presents:
  2. I swear if you pitch "Hagrid and The Horrible Homos" as a name one more time you're out of the band.
  3. Sir, we can't induct you to the hall of fame until you remove your butt from the salad bar.
  4. I'm here to eat ass and suck dick... and I'm all outta ass.
  5. A rising tide floods all coasts.
  6. Say three Our Fathers, ten Hail Marys and one Who's Your Daddy.
  7. Atrocities are just God's way of telling us He thinks it's funny when we die.
  8. Shippin 'Casts and Breakin' for Planes: The Uncensored Story of The Podcast That Changed The Game
  9. Don't blame me, I voted for the guy who sells me hentai.
  10. I'll have the carbonara. Last time I ordered the rigatoni Andrew Garfield won an award.
  11. A ditz is just a hot idiot.
  12. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for your PayPal password today.
  13. I slandered Tom Sizemore and all I got was this lousy cease and desist letter.
  14. You can root and you can toot, but if you don't play flute you can kiss my glute.
  15. If Putin's been tootin', don't feed him gluten. He has Celiac disease.