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  1. WatchOutForSnakes

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Bert the Turtle would not approve.
  2. WatchOutForSnakes

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I had to google the "nuke the fridge" clip since I've never seen Crystal Skull. The thing that stuck out to me the most about that was what any good student of Punky Brewster Very Special Episodes knows" you should never ever hide in that type of fridge because you can't let yourself out and you'll suffocate to death. Full episode here: https://www.nbc.com/punky-brewster/video/cherie-lifesaver/3648399
  3. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 50 The Girl Can’t Help It

    That Fergie song is painful to listen to and the sample is jarringly misplaced.
  4. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 50 The Girl Can’t Help It

    I think it's fair to say TGCHI includes a rebuke to rock and roll in Fats's character. I'll agree that it takes (maybe unintended?) an ambiguous stance to rock and roll. But I think it's ultimately celebrating it as a new and exciting sound and including so many musical acts in 90 minutes. Fats critiques how, in his opinion, the rock musicians can't sing and don't need natural talent as long as they can create something new that people haven't heard before, and maybe the tunes are considered rebuked by Jerri's unwillingness to be part of the music industry. I''m still just not sold that it's main aim was to parody all rock and roll. It parodies Jail House Rock with the Rock in a Rock Yard song, but the filmmakers go out of their way to include and promote the actual stars in the show. Query - is there something to be said about the protagonists all being white, and critiquing/appropriating a burgeoning Black style of music? Or am I looking too much into 50's fluff?
  5. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 50 The Girl Can’t Help It

    I think the Wiki page is just incorrect. It doesn't seem to cite any sources for that assertion. I can't imagine getting all those acts in one movie that turns out to be an attempt to mock them and their entire style of music? ETA: Here is TCM's take - http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/76287/The-Girl-Can-t-Help-It/articles.html "Filmed by 20th Century-Fox, The Girl Can't Help It was a musical comedy, written by producer/director Frank Tashlin (who had directed Warner Bros. cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) and Herbert Baker, based on the 1955 novelDo Re Mi by director Garson Kanin. Also in the cast were Tom Ewell, Henry Jones, Edmond O'Brien, Juanita Moore, Barry Gordon, Abby Lincoln, and Julie London. To appeal to teenagers, the filmmakers threw in several rock-n-roll stars like Eddie Cochran, Fats Domino, Gene Vincent, The Platters, and Little Richard (who sang the title song, written by London's husband, Bobby Troup). The plot, which is squeezed in-between seventeen musical numbers in only ninety-three minutes, revolves around mobster boyfriend "Fats" Murdock's (O'Brien) desire to make his girlfriend Jerri Jordan (Mansfield) a famous singer. The problem is, Jerri's voice is so bad, it shatters light bulbs. That doesn't stop Fats, who hires press agent Tom Miller (Ewell) to promote her. Miller made his ex-girlfriend Julie London (playing herself and singing Cry Me a River ) a star and he doesn't get involved with his clients. Miller manages to get Jerri work, but learns that she doesn't want to be a star; she just wants to be a wife and mother (another theme of the 1950s, the era of the "baby boom"). "
  6. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 50 The Girl Can’t Help It

    So there was that line from Fats that rock musicians weren't talented singers, they were just offering something new. Thus, Jerri could be a star as long as she had a new sound. But I don't buy that that was the movie's thesis. If it were mocking rock music, it seemed to fail if it inspired the Beatles?
  7. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 50 The Girl Can’t Help It

    I think it's that the girl can't help not wanting to be a star. She wants to fall in love, get married, cook, and make babies. I buy it because Jayne really sells that her character genuinely wants to do all of that, and she fakes being a bad singer to try to get out of it. Tom says to Fats that he wants to quit because he can't make a star out of someone who doesn't want it. Jerri has the looks, the charisma, and (secretly?) the talent, so she has what it takes to be a star, but her heart isn't in it. Also, you could argue that she can't help that she doesn't love Fats, and falls for Tom instead. I think it's more than just that she can't help being a bombshell. On another note, why would a gangster want to hire a down-and-out failing agent to help Jerri make it? If Tom is so great that he can make Jerri a star, why is he not rolling in business? It would make more sense to me if Tom was super busy and didn't need the money, but that Fats was offering him something so big, Tom would put all his other business on hold just for Jerri.
  8. WatchOutForSnakes


    That close up of Janet Leigh's eye, and the pull back to her lifeless body is my favorite shot of the film. It's so dark. You feel her death.
  9. She is sheer perfection!
  10. WatchOutForSnakes

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I buy the argument that Marion was in young adulthood during her relationship with Indy, and I never saw him nor do I see him as a pedophile, but someone who took advantage of a young girl. As they are in the movie, their age difference isn't a big deal, but I do think there can be a problem with a guy in his mid-late 20's and a girl of 18 or 19. Though, sure, at the time, that would have been totally normal. Why it was "wrong" as Marion claims, is a gray area. This is not a hill I'm willing to die on I also didn't meant to imply that Marion wasn't still a complete kick-ass woman even in a dress, just that it was an unnecessary over-sexualization of her that miffed me. We also didn't need to watch her change into it. I wish Amy would have talked more about the problematic means by which Spielberg found to have Marion wear the dress, and his need to use it at all. All my girly-ness loved the dress growing up, but as an adult, it feels forced and out of place. That all said, I have been wrestling with whether I think Raiders belongs on the AFI list, and I've decided it does. .It's beautiful, beautifully acted, exciting, and undeniably iconic. Despite my main two quibbles with the film, my main disappointment with the episode really comes down to wishing Paul and Amy would have also spent more time discussing the achievements of the movie and what makes it so iconic. That's not to say they didn't mention some of the best scenes like the face melting and head exploding, but I wish they'd gone a little deeper. Maybe, like psycho, this has been talked over to death? But I didn't even know there was a shot-for-shot remake. I wish they'd at least gotten into why so many people love the film enough to try to do that with this of all Spielberg films. Like I said, just some missed opportunities in their discussion.
  11. WatchOutForSnakes

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Fair points, and I don't mean to be 100% down on the episode, and I do love the movie as a whole. I just felt like they glossed over too much, and didn't take a look at the film much outside of nostalgia. Raiders seemed to just get a much more superficial treatment than a lot of the other movies, including ET, in which they at least acknowledged they had a hard time viewing subjectively outside of how omnipresent it was during their childhoods (and mine).
  12. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I took Patsy's comment as sarcastic. Like, when LAW says her husband wouldn't approve, Patsy asks, "doesn't he know you drink?" [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] but that she was clearly referencing the strippers.
  13. WatchOutForSnakes

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I'm going to have to be a downer on this episode as well. Amy and Paul seemed to just gush over their fandom of the film through a nostalgic lens versus an actual criticism. I also loved, LOVED, the Indiana Jones movies growing up (though The Last Crusade was my favorite). But, there are some flaws that I really think, especially these days, Amy and Paul just glossed over: 1. Indy and Marion's backstory. Basically that their entire relationship is predicated on him taking advantage of her when she was underage. Amy and Paul just shrug that off as, "well, yeah, that's inappropriate, but he's so much sexier than Tom Selleck!" really bummed me out. Granted, it's given a total pass (even encouragement?) in the movie, and at the time, I think that deserves at least a little discussion, no? 2. Marion and the white dress. Amy mentions that Karen Allen questioned why her character had to wear that dress, and then Spielberg added that into the scene where she gets it as a gift. Her character was a hard-drinking, bar-owning, ass-kicking, pre-war pants-wearing bad ass. I, too, would have questioned that costume choice. Also, that she goes from being the bad ass to damsel in distress, and that Spielberg relies on the trope of violence against women as plot device (was that whole scene to get her in the dress?). I just don't like it. She could've been held captive and not had a rape-y guy force her into a dress. That was just unnecessary. Also, with the fandom rabbit hole they went down, Paul and Amy seemed to totally miss discussing what makes this an actual piece of cinema worthy of AFI other than that it was just "fun." They did mention the sunset, but as Bleary points out, the use of shadow and light, and the cinematography is beautiful. Not to mention the completely iconic opening action sequence. I would have loved to hear more of a discussion about that. Also the score. Also fighting the nazis. Just a lot of missed opportunities in this episode. I'm loathe to say it, but I'm disappointed.
  14. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I mentioned it in the Mini thread, but I'm convinced this is also Miss Scarlet's origin story.
  15. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    This entire conversation was really disconcerting! Patsy's going on and on about how her husband controls her and, if she speaks up, he'll get angry, and LAW is just all, have you worn that dress? wear this perfume? Why would he be upset if you tell him you love him? Such bad advice! Besides, LAW hardly has any moral authority to tell her sister how to communicate with her (clearly) abusive husband. Ugh!