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  1. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 68 Dance With Me

    Most ballroom dancing I've seen is like other creative/sport competitions like figure skating where the dancers go out one by one and receive a score from the judges. This felt more like the high school dance-off a la Grease. That said, I think this movie was perfection! I don't see why anyone would have any nits to pick
  2. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    I'm so glad they're doing Serenity. I'm convinced MM was stoned and drunk out of his mind through the entire shooting. It was such a blatant excuse for a vacation. But Anne Hathaway kills it! She knows exactly what movie she's in.
  3. WatchOutForSnakes

    How quickly do tickets normally sell out?

    Huzzah DC!! I missed you last time, but not again!
  4. WatchOutForSnakes

    Midnight Cowboy

    Precisely! I felt like there were hints at commentary on homosexuality, TV influences, masculinity, and the rat race, but none of it landed. There wasn't enough meat on anything to really make the point.
  5. WatchOutForSnakes

    Midnight Cowboy

    I had a very strong reaction to Midnight Cowboy. I watched it blind, meaning I had no idea what it was about or any of it's history. While I definitely didn't get that these two guys were supposed to be idealized (I guess the way some people seem to have interpreted Travis Bickle), I had no idea why I should care about them. I found the flashbacks to Joe Buck's experiences in Texas to be entirely confusing and muddled. After hearing them discuss the book and how dark his time was in Texas, I could have understood his character and maybe developed a little sympathy for his ... eccentricities? To me, they seemed to be two guys willfully bumming around NYC (oh, that era NYC!!) deluded into thinking they can sell Joe's body for sex while neither of them has any clue how to interact with women. I see the intent of the director, but I think the vision failed for me. Also, I mean... John Voight and Dustin Hoffman. I can't get past who either of them turned out to be.
  6. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 215 - The Country Bears (w/ Kulap Vilaysack)

    Obviously Beary and the Bears are "bears", right? Clearly this movie is a gay acceptance allegory. Happy Pride Month Everyone!
  7. Oh, FFS. Leslye Headland didn't actually think the movie was homophobic with the rainbow to hell.
  8. WatchOutForSnakes

    John Wick 3

    100% I was so glad there was more of him in this one. He's such a delight!
  9. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 66 The Fighting Temptations

    Didn't he do that in jerry Maguire? I am again puzzled by his bad dancing afterward!
  10. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 66 The Fighting Temptations

    I was wondering this same thing. I was kind of in and out during my watch, but when Cuba said the name of the choir was inspired by Beyonce? Huh? And my random, unformed thoughts (to go along with the movie's theme) - I also thought they were going to play more on the whole jazz vs choir, and the parallel with Beyonce. - Why advertising? Aside from it being a major movie trope profession, why not make him an actual music producer, maybe a failed one. And the choir, and Beyonce are his ticket back? - Was Cuba pretending to be a bad dancer? On stage at the competition he seemed to be doing such terrible moving about, but in the end credits scene he does some breakdancing, and gives some hint that he's actually a good dancer. But if I never see him dancing like he danced on that stage again, it will be too soon. - 40 minutes is too long to wait for Beyonce's introduction.
  11. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 213 - Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)

    Imma take @taylorannephoto's side here. I have been slow to pitch in on how I feel about contributing to rapists/abusers. It's perfectly fine to draw the line that says, "I don't want to contribute one dime" to people who abuse women. Sure, there are levels of awfulness, and there are tons of people involved in the production of any single movie who could be awful; but its an order of magnitude worse when the awful person is the lead actor, director, producer, etc. When the main person or people responsible for the film are still in the industry and still making money, and still getting residuals, no mater how minimal, your money is still going into their coffers. Tayloranne wasn't saying that you should live by her standards, or anyone else's standards, but own the fact that your money is still contributing. And when these movies are covered by podcasts like HDTGM, if all the listeners, even if the money isn't much, it still evidences an audience exists that is okay with contributing and watching these people's work. No, we can't rid the arts of sexist assholes who actively and systematically abuse women. But we can make a statement that it is not okay. And we can do that by avoiding the art that triggers us. When it comes to past works, it's clearly a very personal determination of what your moral compass tells you. (I personally, watched Shanghai Surprise, because it was free on Vudu, but I couldn't see Sean Penn without my mind constantly thinking of his history with Madonna, specifically.) Going forward, we can, and should, hold people to a higher standard and refuse to see movies when the people responsible for them are awful, horrible, terrible people. The whole problem up to the #metoo movement, has been that everyone has looked the other way. We aren't anymore. I really appreciate your opinion and contributions @taylorannephoto. I wish this place didn't feel triggering for you. I think most regular contributors here are open minded and on your/our side. But I see how some of it turned specifically toward you, and I think unnecessarily so. You never make it personal, fuck those who make it personal against you. I hope you stay.
  12. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 213 - Minisode 213

    One suggestion for mini eps is to include the year of the film for those that are harder to find, or if there are a lot of versions. Looks like next week's is the 1983 version.
  13. WatchOutForSnakes

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    I agree. I'm not sure I've watched the whole thing from start to finish, so I'm watching that tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be able to completely divorce it from the book. And, aside from maybe being a faithful adaptation of a novel, I'm not sue it belongs on the AFI 100. But maybe at the time it was more revolutionary, and it's certainly earned its place in pop culture. It always pops up as one of the top legal films, and Atticus Finch always pops up as one of the most inspiring fictional lawyers, but I'm not sure I agree. Personally, I'd rather see My Cousin Vinny on the list.
  14. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 213 - Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)

    A google image search of "Chinese war propaganda posters" (I highly recommend this search) yields a bunch of posters that are similar to that. But that completely looks like Link.