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  1. bleatport

    Fresh Bongo Water Plugs Theme

    Oh wow, the samples from this latest best of episode would have been perfect for this. If only I had waited a day.
  2. Heynongman, Here's a Fresh Bongo Water Plugs Theme for your amusement, featuring Joe Bongo and Scott's inexplicable Jamaican accent: https://soundcloud.com/dawnthafawn/fresh-bongo-water-plugs-theme
  3. Ungulates flatuate; absquatulate, and if they modulate you can hear it oscillate!
  4. Heynongman, Long time fan, first time poster. Here is a submission for the Plugs theme. All audio in this theme are samples of Scott Aukerman. Comedy Beat!Box! https://soundcloud.com/dawnthafawn/001-comedy-beatbox https://soundcloud.com/dawnthafawn/001-comedy-beatbox