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  1. said then, just a hopeful, and maybe a little bit naive, Presidential candidate Big Liquidy Shit Bucket to a filled stadium at the Shamoo exhibit at Seaworld where he trained the great dosile and quite lovable whale to develop a taste for human flesh against the learned teachings of his master, whale trainer Customautos who had recently been eaten by the whale in question at the behest of Big Liquidy Shit Bucket no less.
  2. --------: *This Modigliani is exactly what it looks like. It depicts a normal working class man eating and 12 inch Italian sausage with two meatballs.
  3. ()- - - - - - - - - - - *Lot #1: 'Man Drinking Piss'. Let's start the bidding at 5 million spacebucks. Well well, we have 5 million from President Big Liquidy Shit Bucket, any other bidders?, no?, ok going once, no one else?, OK going twice, and... SOLD to President Big Liquidy Shit Bucket! Congratulations!!
  4. )(:------- *Lot #2: This is the rough depiction of a patient man in an ordinary scene of his life.
  5. muscles made by science no less. These muscles are so strong they can make men who are on the fence about hanging out with only dudes for long stretches of time make up their minds really quick...
  6. * * * * * * *() *This Rembrant depicts a fine lass pissing in sub zero weather in a very happy gentleman's mouth. We will start the bidding at 4million pounds of liquidy shit in buckets. Dodo I hear 5 million? OK 5 to the woman in white gloves, Dodo I hear 6 million? OK 6 million to the man in the assess chaps. Dodo i, my god!! the Queen!! 30 million pounds of liquidy shit in a bucket Sold!! to the queen wearing a black fishnet top a blond wig high heels and black silk panties riding a very thick, very hairy man...
  7. - - - - - - - - -)(:------()------:()( *I'm not sure what is going on here.