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  1. Who can truly predict what will succeed? “CutThroat Island” bombed
  2. Does Country Bear refer to the type of music they play or simply where they’re from?
  3. Beary funny episode ! Five stars !!
  4. TomPretty

    Episode 212.5 - Minisode 212.5

    Isn’t ‘Swept Away’ supposed to be the worst of the bunch?
  5. Yeah at first I thought she meant wings for flying but now I think it could be chicken wings?
  6. I am surprised the gang never brought up the handsy science teacher .... OR the fact that this movie clearly ripped off Carrie, The Exorcist, and even a little Christine. Five Stars
  7. TomPretty

    Episode 211.5 - Minisode 211.5

    I was able to watch it on YouTube
  8. I would highly recommend watching the YouTube video “everything wrong with snowman”
  9. TomPretty

    Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

    I promise you will love and despise this great terrible movie!
  10. TomPretty

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    Yes! Then we must beseech the gang to see it!
  11. TomPretty

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    Yes The Haunting is terrible but not quite as fun-terrible as 13 Ghosts?
  12. TomPretty

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    It also stars Shannon Elizabeth and Matthew Lilliard ... A Must Watch !
  13. TomPretty

    Episode 209.5 - Minisode 209.5

    The remake of “13 Ghosts” with Tony Shalhoub is the greatest terrible horror movie ever.
  14. Wouldn’t the police simply ask neighbors if they had seen anything unusual? And someone might say “ Come to think of it there was a 45-year-old man outside making a snowman at 2 o’clock in the morning.”
  15. That may have been a reference to the cutup dead body from years ago.... ? Also, I read some criticism of this live broadcast, but I found no more shouting than most of the live HDTGM pocasts.