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  1. The one thing that confused me was what exactly tipped off Ricky Martin Sr. that the cops were now suddenly after him and his family? Given that he had the tape in a safety deposit box, the recording had to have happened days before. The fact that he calls to warn his wife suggests he now knows there is an imminent threat, but it’s never made clear how he knows that. And thinking about that call he makes to his wife, why exactly is he calling the house? Shouldn’t she already be at school teaching her science biology class by the time he calls her?
  2. DrGuts1003

    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    Was coming here to say the same thing. Seeing them made an already amazing show that much more forking great.
  3. Did anyone else find it odd that MJH blindfolds Dimps to start the drive when he’s unconscious from falling on the ice, but the moment she realizes he’s awake, she takes the blindfold off?
  4. I had a feeling this was shot in Canada as the sign at the general store said “No personal ‘cheques’”. But I don’t think this film is meant to take place in New York. When Dimps’ girlfriend goes to the police station, there is a sign indicating it is the Madison, Wisconsin police station. Speaking of the girlfriend, her efforts to find Dimps didn’t make much sense either. There seemed to be no sense of urgency on her part. There appears to be several hours that pass in between the time Dimps calls her and when she goes to the police station. Then the scenes where her and the cops interrogate the Indian diner guy and the waitress friend don’t yield much information, yet somehow they were able to find the exact cabin where he was. Even if the waitress friend knew the general area where MJH’s was going, there is no indication she knows what the exact address of the place is. Did the cops go barging in, guns ablazing to every single cabin near the lake until they found the right one?
  5. DrGuts1003

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    At the beginning of the film, Ro has that exchange with the metal detector officer where she says her laptop is her ‘security blanket’ and the officer says something like ‘lucky security blanket’ in reply. Is the implication there that he feels the laptop is lucky because it gets to be in Halle Berry’s lap on a regular basis? Or did he mean something else? Also, you establish at the beginning of the film that Ro’s laptop has the ability to record and transmit people’s conversations. In the 600 endings that they wrote for this movie, why couldn’t they come up with one that had that technology come back into play in the end? How about this...instead of having the end reveal be the random neighbor witnessing Ro murder Miles, why not have the reveal be that Ro’s boss at the newspaper has heard the whole murder and confession through Ro’s laptop? You could even make it that he has been investigating Ro this whole time for her father’s murder and turfed her story on the gay politician to get her out of the office for a while.
  6. DrGuts1003

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    OK, can we talk about Grace some more...first off, she is linked to a lot of guys in this movie. There’s Chuck, her boyfriend that she’s “been having problems with” (who lives in Philadelphia), there’s Cameron (aka CSI guy), we saw pictures of her with Miles on his computer, and then there’s Harrison Hill. Although, given that we know Miles posed as ‘adex’ for Ro, do we know for sure that Grace was actually talking to Harrison Hill or was she getting catfished from Miles? We also learn that Grace was pregnant. Do we want to speculate who the father is? Seems like this might require Maury Povich’s assistance. Given this film’s penchant for twists, I’m sure they would find a way to make Ro the father of the baby too. Also it was established early on that Ro and Grace were seemingly good friends and that it was CSI guy cheating on Ro with Grace that fractured the relationship. So was Grace blackmailing Ro her entire life or was that a recent development? Also wouldn’t Grace stealing Ro’s man be a better motive for killing her than the tacked on abusive murdered father storyline? Lastly, how exactly does Grace track down Ro at the beginning of the movie? She lives in Philadelphia and hasn’t seen Grace in a long time, but just happens to find her celebrating at a random bar in NYC one evening?
  7. DrGuts1003

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    Is it common for people in New York City apartments to leave a spare key for their apartment right outside their door? I found it odd and unsafe that both Ro and Miles had a key to their place easily accessible for anyone in the building to find.
  8. DrGuts1003

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    She thought he was 'adex' - as in advertising executive.
  9. DrGuts1003

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    Loved this episode and felt they did a really good job of pointing out so many of the bonkers things in this film, so I'm not sure how much more I have to add... I did want some clarification Miles and his IOL accounts. First of all, it's established to the audience that he can somehow hack in and act as the 'adex' account. Knowing that makes the scene where Halle Berry needs the picture of Victoria very confusing. I thought Halle was talking to Miles as 'adex' in which case he could have given her a picture of anybody and it wouldn't matter. But if it was Bruce talking to her, wouldn't he have found it odd that "Victoria" chooses her ID badge photo as the sexy photo of herself to send him? Then there's Miles' 'trublue' account. If he could get Halle to talk sexy to him as 'adex' why did he need that other account? And from Halle's perspective, does she think 'trublue' is just some random stranger? If so, she starts flirting, bordering on cybering, with him very quickly. Also, I do not recall any of them mentioning the fact that Halle Berry's neighbor seemingly witnessed her killing Miles. Are they trying to set up some sort of sequel where Halle now has to murder him? Or was that their lame attempt to create some sort of 'somebody's always watching' theme? In which case, why is the title of this movie not eye-related?
  10. DrGuts1003

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    My day has been made...had two of my corrections and omissions discussed by Paul on this episode. I look forward to contributing more in the future. Love the show and love this site!
  11. I don’t know if a movie rated PG-13 can really be considered a kids movie. And even if she did do an acceptable job of parenting after they crashed, there is no excusing her completely ignoring her kids on the airport runway.
  12. Are these Hoopster Heroes what you were recalling? Also, while I knew the term ‘destroyed’ is used when referring to putting a dog down, is it appropriate to use it in front of a small child?
  13. I’m disappointed Conan didn’t share any stories from the time he hung out with David Gallagher (aka Mikey) at the offices of Teen Beat magazine. You can watch it here. Mikey shows up at 5:18 in the video.
  14. Wow, absolutely loved the fact that they had Conan on as a guest. I feel they did a good job of hitting all of the awful/weird things of this film, although I do wish they would have taken a deeper dive into some of them. Here are just a few of the lingering questions I had after watching this... - I know it's been clear that the rules for who talks and who understands who do not make sense, but one other example of that that was not mentioned is the fact that Rocks has a conversation with his mom. In these films human babies cannot communicate with their parents, but apparently puppies have the ability to communicate with their parents. It also seems odd that the film introduces Rocks' parents at the beginning of the film and then completely forget about them. Wouldn't have been interesting to hear Rocks' mother's thoughts on the fact that her owners have just put her babies in a box on the side of the street for anyone to take one? - The sports allegiances in this film are odd. They live in NY, but Julie is a fan of Charles Barkley who played for Phoenix at the time. Travolta makes the comment that at least she's not a "Dallas fan". Now Dallas was a horrible team in '93, but you would think he would hate the idea of her being a Celtics or Nets fan instead. Then there is the whole "Bash brothers" routine that he does with Mikey which is something that was created by Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco when they played for Oakland. These just don't seem to be the actions of someone who lives in New York. - I am glad they called out the fact that Kirstie Alley seemingly has accepted that she and the kids are going to die in the taxi when it crashes in the forest, but I also wanted them to comment on what her plan was after they initially crashed. She tells the kids that she going out to "look for pine cones". Why? If it was a lie to shield her kids from the grim reality, it's a terrible lie that doesn't make sense. And if she was being serious, what were pine cones going to do? Did she plan on using them as a side dish with her clam souffle? - One of the plotlines of the film is that Mikey has become disillusioned about Christmas after seeing the mall Santa is not the real Santa. His parents then do a terrible job (no surprise) of trying to deal with this. First, they do that horrible Chipmunks routine (how long did they take rehearsing that?) that probably would have turned me completely off of Christmas. Then they give in and get him a dog. But wouldn't it have been better to get him the dog for Christmas and say Santa got it for him? The forest ranger does more to re-ignite Mikey's Christmas spirit by playing the sleigh bells on the radio. - Did anyone else notice Kirstie Alley's father is reading the tax form booklet like a magazine when they are all together for Christmas Eve? Man that family really loves accounting!
  15. DrGuts1003

    Episode 201.5 - Minisode 201.5

    Just finished watching Look Who’s Talking Now. All I can say is - woof. Can’t wait to hear what the hosts have to say this one.