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  1. Im going back catching up on episodes I have missed Like Tip Toes. Did this movie upset June so much she walked out? Or did she just have to go off because of filming commitments? Also I loved the sleepwalkers epsiode. I couldnt stop laughing at June getting upset over Mother cat creature sleeping with Son Cat creature.
  2. Trip Maverick

    Stone Cold (1991)

    I saw this on Rifftrax. Its insane and worth watching for Lance Henriksen whos having a blast as the villain.
  3. Trip Maverick

    Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

    Yeah this movie was insane. It wasnt even scary just stupid. I always thought Tony Shalhoub was a good actor but his character is really unlikable.
  4. Trip Maverick

    Holmes and Watson (2018)

    I Heard a rumour they tried to sell this to Netflix. Netflix laughed at them told them no thanks.
  5. Trip Maverick

    Fire with Fire (2012)

    Looper so 2012 yeah. I think he gets paid for like 3 days work and they slap his face on the DVD cover.
  6. Trip Maverick

    Replicas (2019)

    Keanu Reeves in bad movie? Say it isnt so?
  7. Trip Maverick

    Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

    Haha Violate the Prime Directive for Advance Plastic surgery.
  8. Trip Maverick

    Cellular (2004)

    Writer did well he got this and Phone Booth made. Imagine if it was made now? He'd have to contend with snap chat and instagram draining the battery.
  9. Trip Maverick

    Commando (1985)

    Arnie is carrying a whole Tree on his shoulder at start of Movie. Thats how awesome this movie is. My Favourite line is after he breaks the guys neck on the plane. He tells the air steward "Don't disturb my friend hes Dead tired."
  10. Trip Maverick

    The Predator (2018)

    Yeah the introduction scene to Olivia Munn's Character is quite quick, Im guessing thats what was cut down.
  11. Trip Maverick

    The Predator (2018)

    Oh. My. God. This Movie cos 88 Million to make and is the biggest joke of a film. Shane Black is a talented writer and director so I dont know what happened here. There was reportedly studio forced reshoots and the final act had to be redone. They should have redone the whole film its that bad. You will laugh at how bananas this film is.
  12. Trip Maverick

    Jacobs Ladder Remake

    Havent seen the movie in years but one of the few movies to ever scare ths shit out of me. Im usually against remakes but I can see why they doing this.
  13. Trip Maverick

    Jacobs Ladder Remake

    Jesus Christ Monkey Balls https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3016748/?ref_=nv_sr_2
  14. Trip Maverick

    Theme Month: Jan. 2019 - Westerns

    Havent seen Unforgiven or Dances with Wolves in a while.
  15. Listening to this now. I cant stop Laughing. People on train think Im having a breakdown.