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  1. By King Shat of Turd Island; Dictated but not read. And also not dictated. Or even fully formed, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to proofread it. Sin-serially, King of Shitty Turds (seriously don’t read this entire part below the title. They make me do this, and it ruins the whole aesthetic of a uniform, organized, profanity-filled string of nonsense words thought up by a bunch of obsessed lunatics in the hopes of hearing our secret man crush reading on a podcast.) just kidding But seriously, just read the fucking title please.
  2. By: King Shat of Turd Island, dictated not red (this is not part of the thing, this is a whole other thing, made necessary by what I would call a firable oversight in the design of this website. Whoever’s responsible should pay with their job.)