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  1. The well-known phrase comes from the fact that the owner of the famous Cleveland Manure Distribution owned a steamboat on which he carried a chest full of his companies finest for interested patrons to sample
  2. It's a verb that means to rapidly eat an entire corncob. Used in a sentence: Jane loves grilled corn and will "earwolf" 4 or 5 on her own.
  3. If a train traveling at 50 mph from station A squared plus B squared is equal, that they are endowed by their creator, who is blessed forever. Amen
  4. Jazz or Blues please. I don't believe in the Soul
  5. Warning: Fall risk ahead. The peach you are eating contains a pit.
  6. Little boy, blue cum, blow your horn. My 3 favorite search terms
  7. Testies/Nuts, I don't really care what they are called, doc. Just test these nuts. I've got a bad flare up on my ballsack
  8. I just flew in from skiing the Andes, and 'dese nostrils are tired
  9. Facts about Tea- ET: phone home, Mr T: pitty the Fool, Ice T: a true playa, AT&T: You can set up automatic payments, Empty: my bank account, M&T: overdraft fee is 38.50
  10. Throw a goose feather at me and I'll yell "get down," throw a duck feather at me and I'll yell, "This is too obvious"
  11. Need a vacation? Hop in your Chevy, Chase your cares away, and hit the road with a slapstick