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  1. Privacy laws would be really intense if showerheads were sentient.
  2. The biggest disappointment of John Hughes life is that he never got to make THE LUNCH CLUB.
  3. I find that sometimes I trail off...
  4. I’m so lit, I’m on fire, for the love of god can someone please get the fire extinguisher?
  5. My jokes are so tasteless, I’m glad I have no taste buds.
  6. An apple a day keeps the Ghost of Steve Jobs away.
  7. Take me out to the ball game, take me on like Ah Ha did in 1985.
  8. SuppleNupple420

    Scoo-bid-y-Bop, Jazz!

    Scoo-bid-y-Bop, Jazz!
  9. Your kid plays soccer, we get it, Karen.
  10. So does Big Bird eat fried chicken or is this a Goofy / Pluto scenario where we just don’t talk about it?
  11. Y’all, Karen is trying to have us start calling her Karina and I’m just so over it.
  12. Ugh, look out, everyone. Karen just got back from her lunch break.
  13. Good lord, Karen, can we not discuss my nip’s tips at work?
  14. Oh thank god, Karen finally left the office.
  15. Karen, you need to learn personal boundaries in the workplace.