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  1. The Podfather here to make you an offer you CAN refuse but shouldn’t—rip-roarin’ comedy!
  2. Comedy comin’ at you faster than shit through a goose!
  3. Euripides’ Shorts

    Doghot! Up what’s?

    Doghot! Up what’s?
  4. Ain’t no party like a perpetual motion party, ‘cause a perpetual motion party…well, you know.
  5. Hell hath no fury like a loud-ass horn.
  6. If this “hokey pokey” is so important to you, Cecil, put your OWN damn hands in!
  7. Euripides’ Shorts

    This just in: the tip!

    This just in: the tip!
  8. If you’re down to clown, you’re in the right place.
  9. A good riddle is like an exorcist boxer: it beats the hell outta me!
  10. You say potato… Round here we call ‘em dirt peaches.
  11. Peanut butter?! I hardly know ‘er!
  12. Is that a hand-sewn lockstitch seam in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
  13. Leaf blower?! I hardly know ‘er!
  14. Euripides’ Shorts

    Hazelnut? I hardly know ‘er!

    Hazelnut? I hardly know ‘er!