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  1. GrahamS.

    Michael Bay Fight Club Theory

    Or are YOU the anonymoos Michael Bay who’s been stalking him and are trying to play mind games?
  2. GrahamS.

    Rampage (2018)

    Here’s the trailer. You get to see The Rock do some sign language here! ”GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  3. GrahamS.

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    Ok, thank you! That’s very helpful to know.
  4. GrahamS.

    HDTGM movie defenders

    I think that RT scores inflate critics’ scores to be higher than the reviews themselves reflect if you read them (a 2 1/2 star review is shown as a “positive” review when it really just means that the film is ok). I think Metacritic often lowers the scores the critics give (for a three-star review from a paper, for example, Metacritic lists the film as getting 75%). While that’s mathematically correct, once again it doesn’t truly reflect the opinion given. If I’m on the fence about seeing a film, I check both, but they’re both flawed In different ways. I kinda miss the days when I’d just check the local paper—maybe Rolling Stone or EW for fun—and see the movie based on (or despite of) their opinions. If I’d listened to them, I never would have seen Point Break (1991). I’m cheating a little because I was only 16 at the time (not 20) but I remember every review I saw back then said it was dumb and gave it the equivalent of two stars. It was/is absolutely ludicrous, but that’s what makes it great! other films that I like that critics/the public seem to hate: Hot Rod Wet Hot American Summer Observe and Report. People REALLY seem to hate this one, and I admit it goes too far sometimes, but I thought it was ballsy , dark, unique and funny.
  5. GrahamS.

    Rampage (2018)

    I don’t think this film has been posted yet, which I found surprising. But I could be wrong. i’ll keep it short: You get to see The Rock play a primatologist who works with a gorilla who eventually mutates. Many Animals mutate. rampage ensues. The Rock uses sign language to communicate with animals. ‘Nuff said. There’s a good haiku in there somewhere.
  6. GrahamS.

    Phantasm (1979)

    Also, Phantasm and ALL of its sequels are in a Joe Bob Briggs marathon that’s streaming on Shudder.
  7. GrahamS.

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    Thanks! Quick question: I heard there’s a suicide in it (or at least one). Is it graphic or campy and over the top? The preview looks totally bonkers but I just want to have an idea of what I’m about to subject myself to. if my question leads to a spoiler answer, I don’t care. Spoil away!
  8. GrahamS.

    Tourist Trap (1979)

    It’s actually streaming on the Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In series on Shudder, which is a great series. He also did a deep dive into Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II and the entire Phantasm series. Even if the movie he selects is not your cup of tea, Joe Bob Briggs is awesome.
  9. GrahamS.

    Guilty as Sin (1993)

    The more I think about it, the more I LOVE THIS FILM. It truly gives you want from the premise and is willing to get surprisingly nasty. I still think Larry Cohen would have been a better director (who made such B classics as It’s Alive, Q: The Winged Serpent, and The Stuff) but Sidney Lumet does direct the shit out of the DeMornay/Johnson cat-and-mouse scenes and seems to be having more fun when things DO get ugly. I’ll see your observations, muttnik, and raise you these ones: —Stephen Lang looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons come to life with a mustache. Or if not Sideshow, you have to at least admit that he looks cartoonish. —I loved Jack Warden in this. (*spoiler here*) I just wished his character had taken advantage of the ETERNITY he had to escape. —The climax is bonkers. It Just rolls up on you and is like WHAM! The end. I choose to be more optimistic but you’re probably right. But I believe in movie magic! I will probably watch this another time or two before it leaves HBO. Alright, I’ll be real: I’d watch it again tonight! For those who haven’t watched it yet, I would advise against watching the preview if you want to be surprised (even though I posted the YouTube Link). The upside is that it boils down all the movie’s craziness to two minutes, the downside is that it has spoilers. I would recommend watching the scene from the movie (which comes around the 40-minute mark) I posted instead. You can also see Stephen Lang in his full mustache Sideshow Bob-esque glory in that clip, so that’s a bonus!
  10. GrahamS.

    Hide and Seek (2005)

    Cool. Couldn’t be sure from the trailer. Just curious... have either of you watched Fateful Findings yet?
  11. GrahamS.

    Hide and Seek (2005)

    Or Nicolas Cage!
  12. GrahamS.

    Hide and Seek (2005)

    I agree Color of Night was SUPER exploitative, but it was so campy (right from Its opening suicide) that it bore no resemblance to reality whatsoever (it felt like the filmmakers didn't have any idea how therapy worked and didn’t bother to research it at all). I can’t speak to this film—other than the section I saw and the trailer—but the vibe of this one seemed to be a muted “we’re making a serious work of art.” I’m sure that could result in some belly laughs, but the scene where young Dakota Fanning stares at her mother’s bloody, dead body bugged me. I’ve also never really liked movies where children are murderers (there are a few exceptions —like the bonkers remake of Pet Semetary...hmm, that one might be a possibility...), but that’s just me. To sum up, campy exploitation I’m OK with, dull exploitation I’m not. If this film descends into camp, I might be persuaded to give it another shot. If Robert DeNiro’s character were played by Al Pacino at full volume, I’d definitely watch it.
  13. GrahamS.

    Hide and Seek (2005)

    Thanks! That’s helpful.
  14. GrahamS.

    Hide and Seek (2005)

    I tried watching this and got turned off by the grisly suicide at the opening. It just seemed like it was going to be exploitative and bad-bad rather than fun bad. Does it improve as it goes on (relatively speaking)?
  15. GrahamS.

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    I work in the public school system, so it would be frowned upon, to say the least. Also, as a public servant, while I am not overly conservative on how I spend my money (I did see Hobbs & Shaw in 4DX, after all, which cost almost $25), I just don’t want to use my hard-earned money to support Fateful Findings, which I never would have watched ever, if HDTGM wasn’t coming to Seattle (which, again, I am very excited about). My love of bad movies has limits. i also don’t want to get into the ethical debate of Pornhub because that’s just a massively complex issue, as theworstbuddhist pointed out in his previous post. I will say though, as a Seattle native who has friends who work at Amazon (and as someone who realizes that cities are meant to change)...fuck Amazon and fuck Jeff Bezos for what he’s done to this city. Do I think change is bad? No. Do I think people who work for Amazon are bad? Of course not. Do I think Amazon’s change is bad for Seattle? Yes. Congrats to New York for keeping them out. Sorry for my soapbox rant. Have a good day, all!