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Hash browns? Me too!

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  1. Jerkin' ain't workin', that's why my balls are hurtin'
  2. Anyone who falls asleep around my dominatrix is snoozin for a bruisin!
  3. I think Jay Z was crazy to call Beyonce his fiancee. But what do I know, I just want to rock a feller.
  4. I haven't seen so much shuttlecock since the time my faithless wife took up a gig driving the bus for the local single men's badminton team
  5. Hash browns? Me too!

    Hot dog, is that ketchup?

    Hot dog, is that ketchup?
  6. Whose dick do I have to suck to get a piece of ass around here?
  7. Holy guacamole, this pesto is the best, yo!