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  1. Actions speak louder than birds. Speak up, little bird!
  2. Looks like I caught another trap in my trap trap.
  3. If you put on your tunic, I'll sing you a tune, Nick.
  4. Vampires don't care for clam-fryers, but they'll meet you at the clambake if you don't bring your stake.
  5. I got these succulent gams by eating buckets of yams.
  6. It was the best of dimes, it was the worst of crimes. I stole ten cents.
  7. This is a haiku, You can check the syllables, Thank you very much.
  8. It was the blessed of times, it was the cursed of times.
  9. I done tore my britches. Good thing britches get stitches.
  10. It's not you, it's Flea. It's not two, it's three. Why is Flea still the third wheel in this relationship?
  11. Nobody calls me the space cowboy, nobody calls me the gangster of love, I must need better friends.
  12. If you give a man a fish, he might drop it because it's slippery, but the 5 second rule still applies.
  13. You too could be a tropical storm if you just work hard, follow your dreams, and sustain winds of at least 39 miles per hour.
  14. Here at the BDSM Credit Union, we're bankin' for a spankin'.
  15. She was a real bookworm, and she was also a real earthworm.