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    Normally I wouldn't blame the performers BUT...

    Maybe you should not get so high for the entire week next time. jk, man. I don't know you. It just seems like something I'd do sans blaming the performers, though maybe I would because I've never been in your shoes. That must of really sucked when you found out. I got your seats but they cancelled because too many people had to be emailed. All of the performers were in cubicles emailing people about which Wednesday on what date. Despite the chanting they all just tiredly walked across the stage with their lunch boxes, pointed at their watches, shrugged, punched out and went home. Nobody said anything. The audience just got emails from the performers stating they were too tired from emailing everyone, which was kind of cool, but mostly it sucked.
  2. Little Tony

    But did you try the gooney goohoo?

    Michael Scott said, "Try my gooney goohoo." on some season, some very controversial episode of the Office some time ago and got slapped. It was a pretty funny episode. The details are forgotten and I don't watch tv anymore so I just remember little pieces of what it used to be when I did. Since then I've got into some yellow and red jarred curry stuff I get at the market from time to time. I put it in the pan with chicken and while it's heating like to repeat, "Try my gooney goohoo" over and over. Don't judge me. When nobody else is home I do what I want. It may be wrong but I call many things, "gooney goohoo" now and wish someone who knows food would make a popular new dish called "Gooney goohoo". They should also make it their personal crusade to take back the power from the words, "Gooney goohoo." so "Gooney goohoo" could be said without fear. I'd do it myself but am kind of busy this week.
  3. Little Tony

    Can a moderator move on topic posts?

    There are quite a few topics that are on topic in "Off Topic". Can a moderator please move them to their appropriate forums?
  4. Little Tony

    What segue could have saved Kramer?

    This is terrible and I honestly hope Michael Richards stopped beating himself up about his mishap back at the Laugh Factory. It's kind of sick but now and then with half a guilty grin and half a cringe I'll rewatch him going off then saying, "You see? This shocks you.", as if he needed to go there so he could take us to a much higher place somehow then trailing off with, "Those words.. those words..." but he never took us there. Why not? A bad segue. That's why. Sure, also something good on the other side would have helped a bit but he set himself up with a weak segue. Anyway, I could not stop myself from thinking.. or maybe wishing that there was a magic segue that would have turned it all around for him. Maybe a word like, "Razamataz! Ha cha cha cHAA!" Something that would have joyously brought that entire audience back. They'd all be on his side, loving him with tears in their eyes because despite whatever horror his previous rant brought into the room the amazing segue and next topic would bring it all together and make the seemingly career-ending slip suddenly make perfect sense. They'd all be nodding and smiling regardless of race or gender identity and saying, "Yeah, Kramer I see where you're going now and thanks for taking us, you effing genius." Not so much because I like Michael Richards or am a racist do I ponder so, but because I honestly want to know what that segue would look like. I mean an actual segue that could have put him back on course and yeah to some extent what follows it too, sure sure. But with all of the infinite combinations of words that exist, though unlikely it seems, there has to be a segue that could do it.