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  1. Quasar Sniffer

    Musical Mondays Week 55 Rockula

    So if Mirror Ralph has any sort of interior life within the mirrors, I guess we can assume that Harry Potter is his favorite book series and Evil Dead II is his favorite movie?
  2. I'll be ready with Rockula whenever. I'll be binging on Prestige Awards Show-type films pretty soon, so I feel like I need something to balance out my viewing to truly appreciate that oeuvre, and what better counter-programming than THIS movie?
  3. Quasar Sniffer

    Theme Month: Jan. 2019 - Westerns

    That is an excellent trio of modern Westerns. Hell or High Water has stayed with me in a really profound way. One of my favorites of the last few years of any genre.
  4. Quasar Sniffer

    In The Heat Of The Night

    I'm pretty anti-list, I guess, as I feel art is so subjective that making a list of 100 best anything is a fool's errand. I'm here because I love great movies A LOT. That being said, I'd much rather THIS movie be on any Great list than Bonnie and Clyde or Easy Rider, two very important "new Hollywood" movies I just don't particularly care for. I mean, I love Army of Darkness, it's one of my favorite movies, but the only way THAT movie gets a mention in this conversation is when Amy threw some shade at it when interviewing Embeth Davidtz on the Schindler's List episode, as if it was some garbage bullshit Davidtz had to do before making a "real" movie. Anyway, greatness is subjective... but Schindler's List is really great by any metric, and so is Davidtz. Anyway, as for the "of its time vs. timeless" argument, I love art that IS of its time. Everything from German "New Objectivity" in the 1920s to Star Trek are examples of art or artistic movements that could have only originated in the very specific time and place they did, and from the artists who created them. Of course, some of that stuff still resonates and comes back in vogue, depending on the current political and social climate or whatever wave of nostalgia is in vogue. And I don't hold anything against timelessness in art either. I think something like Beauty and the Beast is timeless, while In the Heat of the Night is very 1960s, both in the way it depicts race relations and that it's a police procedural that clearly came before the flood of CSI and Law and Order shows, which I think changed the way audiences viewed all police procedurals. It's just kind of assumed now that the public knows about post-mortem examinations and how they work, while that might not have been the case in 1967. So methods of storytelling has changed, society has changed, filmmaking has changed, but we are still profoundly affected by these same issues and are still fascinated by this format of storytelling, so I think it's going to resonate. Art can tell us how far we've come, how far we still have to go, and maybe even how we've regressed. Also, I just really like this movie. And since this IS a Norman Jewison film, I feel it is entirely appropriate to say that Sidney Poitier is Ted Neeley Handsome!* *See the Musical Mondays group in the HDTGM forums for the origin of this reference
  5. Quasar Sniffer


    @sycasey 2.0, can you and I be Rocky Buds plz?
  6. Quasar Sniffer


    See, I fundamentally disagree with that as well. I think having Rocky fight the cancer and then give him a death scene, or even a death scene without fighting the cancer, would do just as much, if not more, to take away from Creed's story than Rocky living. It would have been too much, especially in the eyes of the media, for a story that should be Creed's, not the titular character of six other movies. His presence would have loomed too large if his death scene was there to loom over the rest of the film.
  7. Quasar Sniffer


    I know I'm late to the party on this one, but I just wanted to add in my two cents concerning this film and the franchise. My love for Rocky as a character and in the films themselves is nearly boundless, warts and all. There are flaws in all the entries in the series but I am able to enjoy them all to differing degrees (V being the big exception), and they all have my whole heart. That's part of why I waited so long to post here, as I did not want to be too vociferous in my response. I could go on, so I will focus specifically on something Amy said about Creed that I profoundly disagree with. When Rocky gets cancer in that film, I believe it would have been the weaker choice, for both the film and the character, if he would have forgone treatment, if he had given up, and died. It might have provided some narrative symmetry with Mickey dying, but Rocky giving up is anathema to the spirit of the character and the themes in this film and the original. Sure, Rocky almost always needs help to stay the course, but he always comes through in the end. It is the same with Adonis. They both need each other to make the more difficult, the stronger choice. They have to find the strength to not only fight for each other, but to discover (or rediscover) the self-worth to be able to fight for themselves. Rocky needed to learn how to value himself again, that his life mattered (so he could train Adonis, sure, but also so he can live). Just because he's no longer the titular character doesn't mean his story is now worthless. Adonis loves him, and sacrificing himself because his own fight would be a distraction would be a betrayal of that love, not supportive of it.
  8. Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that, Cameron. Feel free to pop in and our of the forums if you need some dose of musical talk and dumb .gifs for some laughs. Or, you know, if we can do anything else. You have my deepest condolences.
  9. Quasar Sniffer

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    I was fortunate enough to see CHUCK in theaters! And yes, I agree, it was a great biopic and Liev Schreiber was absolutely perfect as Wepner. These ROCKY movies: I love them!
  10. Quasar Sniffer

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    My thoughts on his victory is that age caught up with Creed, which is why his fight with Drago was so ill-advised in IV (he was so passed his prime at that point, he was bound to get hurt against a killing machine like Drago). Part of why I love the mythology about the two Rocky/Creed matches is that the two never fought each other at their prime; with Rocky reaching his zenith in his fight with Creed in II just as Creed was losing a step or two. By IV, Rocky has become Captain America or something, so logic no longer factors into his ability to match fists with other boxers. That's part of the fun of it, but it's never going to be as emotionally engaging.
  11. Quasar Sniffer

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    I love everything about this post, and I love every Rocky and Creed movie except, you guessed it, Rocky V. That movie, I think, is unnecessarily lambasted, but it's still the weakest of the series by far. I actually have mixed feelings about Rocky II because I kind of feel like they go too far into making Rocky the butt of jokes, like the film turns him into someone who is clinically mentally disabled, who can't fend for himself. Recently, however, I've been re-evaluating a lot of movies that I have not seen in quite some time (LOTR and Susperia being prominent examples), and since it's been probably a decade since I've seen Rocky II, I think it is time for a re-watch. I will hold off on actually ranking them until that happens.
  12. Quasar Sniffer

    Episode 202.5 - Minisode 202.5

    Although Paul has some... interesting opinions about the Rocky films (the first one being boring?!?!? After all the HDTGM snoozers we've slogged through, to call ROCKY boring....) the most egregious is saying that Stallone never got in shape as Rocky. PURE MADNESS
  13. Quasar Sniffer

    Trailer Talk

    My dream is to have Zouks co-star with Butler in either a GEOSTOOOOOORRRRRM or Den of Thieves sequel. So for that, EVERYBODY on this board has gotta see Long Dumb Road. Let's make it a hit, people!
  14. Quasar Sniffer

    Musical Mondays Week 51 The Rose

    This is in response to what @ol' eddy wrecksand @gigitastic were saying about the possibility of no one attending Rose's funeral, a la Gatsby. I think this film could have definitely ended on a more realistic note if they showed her funeral, being celebrated and lauded by her fans. Although this movie clearly takes place in a world much closer to 1979 than 1969 (despite the art on the tour plane), people STILL adore the dead rock stars from the late 1960s. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, hell, even drunk poet shithead Jim Morrison has people still leaving flowers on his grave. I think it would have been bittersweet to see Rose die FEELING alone and unloved, but with her music reaching so many people, enriching their lives, and continuing to do so long after her death. Hell, this town would probably build a museum or a tourist attractoion dedicated to her home and where she died within a year. Sure, it would be a cash grab (with the manager selling her likeness rights maybe?), but it would bring people who love her together. Play this at Rose's funeral?
  15. Quasar Sniffer

    200th Mini Retrospective Clip Show Spectacular!

    How about a 1980s-set coming of age film called 'Yamakama, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon'?