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    Uh's and Um's

    I love Nerd Poker and I listen to it every week. I think everyone involved in it is immensely talented. I think Blaine Capatch is one of the funniest humans in the world. I do think that the podcast has changed into something else after Sark left and that the D&D aspect of the show is now more of a backdrop. I feel the show may be better served by a hardcore D&D rules nerd to DM with an iron fist, even if he/she is technically not a "friend" of Brian.
  2. gravybill

    What guest do you want to see?

    Where has Mr. Show Alumn John Ennis been?
  3. gravybill

    Episode 113 — Skanking Hayride

    The results are in: Booby is groovy! Scoot is toop!