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    29 Lifes Rich Pageant

    TRUE STORY: I'm from Cuyahoga county, where Cleveland and the Cuyahoga river are! When I first got this album (on a dub tape with no song titles)... I had no idea that Michael was singing "Cuyahoga!" because he pronounces it like this Coi-ya-hoaga. It didn't sound like the name of the county/river I knew so well. I thought we was saying "Pull Your Hoods Up" like some weird metaphorical way of saying "Open Your Eyes." Wasn't it fun really digging into the old albums and meeting Stipe halfway when trying to figure out the lyrics?
  2. Tweetin' ain't cheatin'
  3. He shoots.... He bores!
  4. #humblebrag I saw them on the Green tour in '89 maybe at the Richfield Coliseum in Ohio.
  5. I'm livin', forgivin' the Devil his due, what'd he ever do to me?
  6. I work hard and I play soft
  7. I wear my sunglasses in bed
  8. There's some mention of a TEST episode for Affirmation Nation on the Earwolf homepage right now! Is AN coming back? Please be true!!!!
  9. Melts in your mouth, not in your south
  10. Hobo Grammar

    24 - Songs of Experience

    Yes an REM podcast!!! Don't Go Back to Scottville Radio Free Earwolf No Country for REM
  11. No Glove No Love, so Shove my Turtledove, ya doink
  12. Hobo Grammar

    The future is shemale

    The future is shemale
  13. Hobo Grammar

    Episode 422 - The WoodyVerse

    More Woody-Star Wars mash-ups: Hannah and Her Sith Lords Crimes & Midichlorians Mighty Akbar-dite
  14. Hobo Grammar

    Episode 44 - Broadway Danny Rose

    Great guest and film!
  15. Hobo Grammar

    Episode 398 - Prayer Orgy

    What a great interview! "This is the craziest story anyone's ever told on this show." That's awesome! Sincere interviews can be great. Hope CBB does more straight-up interviews like this!
  16. Hobo Grammar

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR Riff Raff on WTF!!! He would fuck up Maron's Standard operating procedure so much. Mar-dawg wouldn;t know what to do with him!
  17. Hobo Grammar

    U2 trivia challenge!

    Question #1: What is the reason for the wars we wage? If you answer this, post another question.
  18. Hobo Grammar

    U2 trivia challenge!

    AXCKToonG BaE-Bee Question #15: In the UTU2TM? interview, what did Thedge say was forbidden to do with his guitar in the early days of the band?
  19. Boys in leather kiss girls in pearls
  20. Hobo Grammar

    Lists involving the band U2

    Top U2 album covers: 1) War 2) Unforgettable Fire 3) the rest all suck
  21. Hobo Grammar

    U2 trivia challenge!

    A doy. 1986 Question #6 How long has it been?
  22. Hobo Grammar

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    Found some great intel on 7 ELEVEN corporate strategy... (The secret to their success is you)
  23. U2 did some busking in the Times Square subway station for a bit that will be on the Jimmy Fallon Show. They went totally acoustic with LMJ even playing plastic bucket drums! Is this their 1st live appearance since Bono got injured? Hopefully, this will inspire a new ep! http://gothamist.com/2015/05/05/subway_bloody_subway.php
  24. Hobo Grammar

    EPISODE 212 — Deny Indulge

    Meatza Pizza! I'd like to hear more Melvin Zander. When Bob started talking like baby, that was some next level Ducca...