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  1. https://soundcloud.com/ashinyobject/dont-waste-this-plug-time-short-version This is a shorter version of a previous submission. Hopefully, this will be used. I've had at least one of my plug themes used every year since 2011. May the streak continue into 2019!
  2. ashinyobject

    Don't Waste This Plug Time

    Maybe I should just repost this with the short version
  3. ashinyobject

    Don't Waste This Plug Time

    Bump me, baby
  4. ashinyobject

    Don't Waste This Plug Time

    Here's a shorter version. I cut the 1st "verse". I actually like it better this way. https://soundcloud.com/ashinyobject/dont-waste-this-plug-time-short-version
  5. ashinyobject

    Don't Waste This Plug Time

    I'll try
  6. https://soundcloud.com/ashinyobject/dont-waste-this-plug-time This is the first theme I've submitted in almost a year. I hope 1 person enjoys it. Every now and then there comes a time for you to say All of the important stuff on Comedy Bang! Bang! You could use this time to educate and pave the way But if you need to plug some stuff I guess it'll be okay
  7. Out of sight, out of mind, like the bird in my behind.
  8. ashinyobject

    Another Plug Song

  9. If it's make or break, how do you break if you didn't first make?
  10. ashinyobject

    Another Plug Song

    https://soundcloud.com/ashinyobject/another-plug-song Trying to get a plug song on the pod for the 8th year in a row and 10th overall! Help me keep my streak!