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  1. I'm finding that one of my favorite things about this show is that it has more re-listen value than practically any other podcast I listen to. I listened to (and enjoyed) this ep twice yesterday, and while I love stuff like CBB and Doug Loves Movies, I rarely feel compelled to sit through any episode a second time. This show is really something special. Keep it up, Besser! The pregnant daughter scene was possibly the best yet.
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    Episode 3 — Sassy Baby

    After only two episodes, improv4humans has shot right to the top tier of my favorite podcasts. Thank you, Matt and friends, for doing this--I can't wait to listen to this new one. I just wanted to say, though, that I'm bummed that they seem to be getting shorter with each episode! I hope this isn't on purpose because I could easily listen to you guys do this for a full hour every week and I suspect other listeners feel the same. Anyway, I'm seriously in love with what you are doing here. It tickles a part of my brain that I feel like hasn't been used since the UCB tv show got canceled. Hope the show keeps going for a long time,