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    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    PFT and Kremer have the perfect Goofus and Galant rapport
  2. It's interesting how smug and oppressive Briant Gumbel is in that first clip. He's sitting there on the couch with his feet up on the table. He makes a mean-spirited joke about one of his correspondents. He's demanding that someone explain the internet to him when there is clearly no one in the studio with enough expertise on the subject to talk about it on air, for christ's sake. The women he's sitting between just look sullen and afraid. Everyone is uncomfortable, except for Briant Gumbel. With the big glasses and the hundred and ten dollar tie from the mid-nineties, he looks like he could be cast in In the Company of Men.
  3. Hey Besser. I'm a Wisconsin alum and let me tell ya, the hogs bought weak sauce when they picked up Brett Bielema. Ol mush brains is a mediocre recruiter and a sub-average play caller. I can say he develops young players pretty well, but what good is that in the SEC where everyone's already star-caliber their freshman year? Hope Arkansas doesn't spend too much time trying to get that mule to pull, cause it'll happen. Sorry for the next 5 years bro
  4. Did they edit what harris said about Amazon? What did he say?
  5. Ok, John Kuhn is white. The chant is directed at him, not at any of the other players (admittedly racist if it is). But the word that's used is his name, Kuhn. Not "coon." I don't see how the kuhn chant, when applied correctly, could be called racist.
  6. That's funny. Green River and Rock Springs are neighboring towns. You were basically talking about the same place.
  7. erbeck

    Episode 78 — Recovery

    I don't know why you guys want to shame us for having a reasoned debate on the forum. That's kind of why it's here. And Steve Yates didn't seem to mind. He provided several vigorous rebuttals. Two things… First, your point about how people need refrain from getting snippy over something they didn't pay for: The problem with that is that it gives license to people who do pay to have a say in what your creation ought to be. If you want to treat your work like merchandise I guess that's fine, but I doubt you do because that's hacky. I'm a digital collections librarian and all of the work I do is given to the public for free. Now, that certainly doesn't make me exempt from having to listen to what the public has to say about it. Just the opposite actually: since we can't gauge our success with sales, we collect a lot of public feedback to figure our whether or not we're getting things right. Also, I think you might be seeing things incorreclty; that episode generated 40 comments worth of discussion, on just the Earwolf forum. That's good, right? The other thing: I find your observation about the audience eavesdropping on your conversation really fascinating and I think it says a lot about what the podcast does for listeners. I listen to NPR stories and public lectures on youtube to get informed about the world. I listen to stuff like Improv4Humans and Comedy Bang Bang! to observe really well-trained performers apply their art. Podcasts like Professor Blastoff are sort of this different genre where you hear friends getting together and being amusing with each other and sharing human warmth. I always feel kind of creepy listening to that sort of thing as a third party. It's like I listen to it to simulate human contact for myself while I'm at work and don't get to have it at that moment. So I feel ashamed about eavesdropping. I'm sorry. I'll stop doing it.
  8. erbeck

    Episode 101 — Crazzle Dazzles

    The baron title is lower nobility--feudal rank
  9. erbeck

    Episode 17 — Good Afternoont

    The problem with the term oriental is that it is defining peoples and place by its relationship to the west. Why oriental? Because it's to the east of Europe. By using it you're unconsciously asserting your western world view. Also, they did change the words to Old Kentucky Home for the Derby and took the darky part out. Now Swanee River on the other hand, that's a clear call.
  10. Um, I'd like to know who was talking about pant.
  11. erbeck

    Episode 75 — Global Warming

    Steven Yates's point about how one's position on global warming can be influenced by his or her vested interest as opposed to scientific fact is certainly valid. That he would then cite disdain for large automobiles and "these big corporations" as examples of bias is a little mystifying. There is nearly universal consensus within the scientific community that global warming is being caused by increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. The rapid proliferation of atmospheric carbon dioxide directly correlates, year by year, with the growth of human industry since the start of the 19th century. I defy you to find me a paper that was not funded by an oil company, GOP think tank, or some other "vested interest" that proves otherwise. To throw in misleading facts like the proportion of CO2 to other every other molecules in the atmosphere only muddies the water. David's counterpoint was well fought but a little over matched. I suggest you find an atmospheric scientist and bring her on the show to set the record straight.
  12. Hey, Cedar Grove. That was a Dutch accent that Dave Theune was using.
  13. erbeck

    Episode 90 — Doom-Wop

    Awesome throughout. Great episode.
  14. "I had sugar cereal this morning"
  15. I can't believe you cut all this follow-up with Eric the Paid Intern out of the regular episodes. The improv was fine--inside out dinosaur pussy was golden in fact--but listening to the eric's frightened nonsense was priceless.
  16. erbeck

    Episode 25 — Museum of Death

    Penatrating analysis, Sad Billionaire. I found this a fascinating episode as well.
  17. She's sad because she hasn't gotten to go on a zebra safari: min 29 = http://lavenderhour.com/2011/02/23/zebra-safari/
  18. erbeck

    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    The raw dogging part is hysterical.