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  1. This episode just made me miss Go Bayside! so so so so much
  2. Hey CBB fans! We are working on a CBB calendar and need some funny CBB-ish names for the following months. - April - May - July - Sept - December Hit us with your ideas! And happy almost Auggy-doggy!
  3. Shannon

    HDTGM All-Stars

    I've been re-listening to old episodes lately and starting thinking about all the overlap in the movies the gang has covered. So I compiled a list... 7 Appearances Silvester Stallone - Cobra, Judge Dredd, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, Demolition Man, Over The Top, Rhinestone, Tango and Cash 5 Appearances Nicolas Cage - Season of the Witch, Drive Angry, Trespass, The Wicker Man, Con Air 4 Appearances Danny Trejo - Badass, Anaconda, Reindeer Games, Con Air Arnold Schwarzenegger - Jingle All The Way, Batman & Robin, Junior, Hercules in New York 3 Appearances Jennifer Lopez - Gigli, The Back-Up Plan, Anaconda Al Pacino - 88 Minutes, Gigli, The Devil's Advocate Billy Burke - Drive Angry, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Jackson Rathbone - Avatar: The Last Airbender, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Taylor Lautner - Abduction, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Temuera Morrison - Barb Wire, Speed 2, Green Lantern Leelee Sobieski - 88 Minutes, The Wicker Man, In The Name of the King Sandra Bullock - All About Steve, Speed 2, Demolition Man Jason Statham - Crank 2, In The Name of the King, Fast 6 Ben Affleck - Gigli, Reindeer Games, Daredevil Alan Cumming - Burlesque, Smurfs, Spice World Joe Pantoliano - Pluto Nash, Congo, Daredevil Kelly Preston - Old Dogs, Battlefield Earth, Jack Frost Will Smith - Wild Wild West, After Earth, Winter's Tale John Travolta - Old Dogs, Battlefield Earth, Staying Alive 2 Appearances Rita Wilson - Old Dogs, Jingle All The Way Willem Dafoe - Speed 2, Spiderman 3 Thomas Hayden Church - All About Steve, Spiderman 3 Lindsay Lohan - I Know Who Killed Me, Liz & Dick Charlize Theron - Reindeer Games, Devil's Advocate Dash Mihok - Punisher: War Zone, Trespass Cam Gigandet - Burlesque, Trespass Neil McDonough - I Know Who Killed Me, 88 Minutes Hank Azaria - The Smurfs, Godzilla Bai Ling - Crank 2, Wild Wild West Christa Campbell - Drive Angry, The Wicker Man Ron Perlman - Season of the Witch, In The Name of the King Benjamin Bratt - Catwoman, Demolition Man Rob Schneider - Judge Dredd, Demolition Man Jesse Ventura - Batman & Robin, Demolition Man Jeffery Jones - Devil's Advocate, Howard the Duck Ed Gale - Howard the Duck, Tiptoes Grand L Bush - Demolition Man, Street Fighter Miguel A Nunez Jr - Pluto Nash, Street Fighter Doug Hutchinson - Batman & Robin, Punisher: War Zone Bob Gunton - Demolition Man, Glimmer Man Nikki Cox - Mac & Me, Glimmer Man James Franco - Spiderman 3, The Wicker Man Robin Williams - Old Dogs, Toys Bruce Campbell - Spiderman 3, Congo Tania Saulner - In The Name of the King, Wicker Man Tom Atkins - Drive Angry, Halloween III Jennifer Garner - The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Daredevil Salma Hayek - Wild Wild West, Fair Game Steven Berkhoff - The Tourist, Fair Game Richard E. Grant - Spiceworld, Hudson Hawk Dan Ackroyd - Nothing But Trouble, Crossroads Matthew Broderick - Godzilla, Deck The Halls Fred Armisen - Smurfs, Deck The Halls Nicola Peltz - Avatar: The Last Airbender, Deck The Halls Gillian Vigman - All About Steve, Deck The Halls Jean Claude VanDamme - Street Fighter, Double Team Colin Ferrel - Daredevil, Winter's Tale Bob Hoskins - Super Mario Brothers, Spice World Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Barb Wire, No Holds Barred Richard Edson - Super Mario Bros., Howard The Duck Bruce Willis - Hudson Hawk, Color of Night Hulk Hogan - No Holds Barred, Mr. Nanny Dolly Parton - Joyful Noise, Rhinestone Geri Halliwell - Crank 2, Spiceworld Demi Moore - Nothing But Trouble, LOL Roger Moore - Spice World, A View To A Kill Christopher Walken - Gigli, A View To A Kill Aida Turturro - Crocodile Dundee 3, Junior Danny Devito - Deck The Halls, Junior LL Cool J - Toys, Deep Blue Sea Thomas Jane - LOL, Deep Blue Sea Vanilla Ice - Cool As Ice, TMNT2 Kevin Nash - Punisher: War Zone, TMNT2 Mark Ginther - Con Air, TMNT2 Let me know if you think of any more to add, and I'll update it if any new ones appear. Last Update: 05/05/15
  4. Hey everyone! The Earwolf forums will be getting a facelift on July 4th that may result in the site being unavailable for a few hours. We also may need to make changes once the main update is done that could result in things looking funky for a day or two. But when they are back and running they will be all updated and new users will finally be able to join again! Thanks for your patience and get ready for the Earwolf Forums v2.0!!
  5. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    The person who can probably fix this has been on vacay! But he will be back next week and he will do his best to fix it!
  6. Shannon

    The Forum Forum

    Welcome to the forum for discussing the Earwolf Forums! This is the go-to place for help with problems or questions about the forum! Is your picture posting really tiny or not showing up at all? Need to delete a post? Can't find a certain topic? Wondering where to post about something? Here's the place to ask! I'll be checking this thread as often as possible and I'll keep it pinned to the top of the page for easy access. Just let me know what the problem or question is, and if needed please link the thread or post in question to make sure things are addressed asap. SPAM: Please flag spam messages using the "Flag as Spammer" button that appears when hovering over a username, OR click "Report" located at the bottom of the post. I will receive the notification and get that mess outta here as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: If you are having any problems with another user or notice certain people being a*holes do not post about it here. Send me a private message and we can deal with it from there mmmk? But that's totally not going to happen because everyone here is awesome right? RIGHT?! Happy posting my babies! I love you all
  7. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Those have always existed, but they were previously only visible to moderators. You can get warning points by breaking rules like harassing other posters, attacking hosts or guests, or just generally being an asshole. If you get a warning, you'll be notified and we can always take off points later for good behavior. I guess if you fill up your warning points you would probably get banned. But thankfully in the last almost 7 years of doing this, I have only banned like 5 people ever for continued bad behavior. There is also functionality in this new system to add negative reputation points to posts, like to downvote them in a sense? But I didn't think I should turn it on? I'd prefer everyone only shower each other with praise. But I dunno, if that's something y'all really wanted I could turn on the "dislike" function.
  8. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Okay I think it's done now. (this is what happens when you break down and ask for help from a more tech-y person) If anyone notices anything weird, any text you still can't see or anything like that let us know. But this looks more comfortable right?
  9. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Just letting y'all know, I am still pulling out my hair trying to figure out these effing color problems. If I adjust one thing to make it visible in one place, it becomes unreadable in another. I'm going bananas but I WILL NOT GIVE UP. Just thought you all deserved an update
  10. Sleepy Babies!!! OFF BOOK IS GOING ON TOUR!! TICKET LINKS Montreal Detroit Portland Seattle Los Angeles Houston Brooklyn Washington D.C. - FREE SHOW! Just show up by 5 and get in line San Fransisco Chicago - Link coming soon!
  11. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Yes please use this thread if you have any questions or gripes or requests about the new stuff! I'm still trying to figure out everything that is new and can't promise we have control over ever bit of it but i'll do my best to make it nice and easy for y'all! Good reminder for everyone to go check out your Profile in the top right corner and check your notification settings and such as there are a lot of new features!!
  12. Guys I'm trying SO HARD to get the grey background back and nothing I do is working and it's making me feel crazy. I'm really sorry if I've upset y'all. I just really wanted new people to be able to use the forums again and so this is what had to be done Please be patient with me...
  13. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Step 1 is complete!! The Earwolf colors will be back before the week is over. HOOOORAAAY NEW WORKING FORUMS!!!
  14. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    UPDATE: We're trying this thing again tomorrow!!! So the forums may be down all day. cross your fingers for us
  15. Had a nice laugh at the "How do you spell Busan" but because some maps and books do spell it Pusan!! Probably unintentional, but extra funny
  16. Shannon

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Update: Initial attempt to update was unsuccessful. We will try again. Sorry for the outage and that there will be another one. I will try to update y'all here if we have a date for attempt #2
  17. STITCHER PREMIUM Theatrical director Don DiMello is trying his hand at political podcasting with a show devoted exclusively to “the pee tape”. Don’s pal and keeper of The Rockette farm, Falcon, is back once again to teach everyone about the dark web. Plus, theatre critic Mal Bachman is back, of course! Then, Bob Fredericks, property owner and expert of “surveillance” joins to teach the gang about how to hide cameras and how to make perfectly edited blackmail. Finally, Irina Gotsikova explains the business and art of a custom pee tape. Everyone on this podcast pilot is a terrible person and they should all feel terrible. Special guests: Jason Mantzoukas, Eddie Pepitone, and Mary Birdsong
  18. STITCHER PREMIUM CAST Andy Daly as Joe Bongo Betsy Sodaro as Margot Chunk Lennon Parham as Ms Listler Jessica St.Clair as Marisa Wompler Matt Gourley as Ezra Palmer
  19. STITCHER PREMIUM CAST Sean Conroy as Bartleby Mckay Matt Gourley as Mutt Taylor Jeremy Carter as Shunt McGuppin Mark McConville as Cubby Lauderbourne James Bladon as Jimmy Blades Daniel Michicoff as Tits Hanrahan Tony Thaxton as Thumper Collins Paul F. Tompkins as Russel Shine
  20. Just wanna confirm that the show ending is not a bit We will miss Mark & Pete very much but hope to work with Mike & Paul again in the future
  21. I'M SO HAPPY THIS IS BAAAAACK!!!!!!! This episode was everything I've needed these last 4 years
  22. Shannon

    Missing/lost episodes?

    UPDATE -- These eps are back! Thank you for your patience and for pointing it out to us in the first place!
  23. So I have a podcast finally. It has 3 episodes now so I feel like I have to do that thing where I actually tell people on the internet who are not related to me to listen to it... If you have any interest at all in Kpop, or you are just a person who enjoys learning about subcultures I think this is a pod for you. Thanks in advance for possibly listening or for even clicking on this thread in the first place. ASK ME ABOUT KPOP Available on Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play or wherever you listen!
  24. Here's the playlist as promised... hope you watch at least a few videos and enjoy. Thanks for listening!
  25. The immensely talented & hilarious John Hodgman stops by the studio for the first time EVER on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Scott asks John all the hard-hitting questions and finds out everything you need to know, like where he isn’t from, and John talks about his new Netflix special RAGNAROK which is currently available for streaming. John shares stories from his college years at Yale before accidentally summoning friend of the show Ice-T to the studio. Ice reveals his controversial opinion on the Hobbit films before Scott makes a phone call and gets another favorite guest involved in the conversation.