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  1. FrancisRizzo3

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Listening to the episode again after watching the film, and when they mention the idea of strip clubs in malls they make some jokes, but on Bellmore on Long Island, there's a strip club in a strip mall (too on the nose?) that hosts nights like Heaven (or at least they once did, as there are articles online about it.)
  2. FrancisRizzo3

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Did you catch that in the airport, when Patsy returns to talk to LAW, she circles around behind her and ends up on her right? Who does that when having a conversation? My guess is that the actress considers that her best side, and she cheated to that side of there frame on purpose. The camera movement to get them in frame is hardly smooth. That whole conversation is insane, how she goes from sad to happy to a sudden “Bye!” And the line "I wait for him to tell me what to do, and if I don't he cuts me off, sometimes for months"? Wait for him to tell her to do what? And he cuts her off from what? Sex?
  3. FrancisRizzo3

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I'd like to know how Slick got her name. That's not a name that usually gets attached to a girl. Hell, I want to know more about Slick in general. The victim of a movie with way too much going on and zero focus. Let's break down what we know of Slick: She's Tony's best friend's girlfriend She does commercials for a car dealer She has enough money to buy a decent car She's friendly with Rick's mom She has a sexy shower with Rick She frequents Heaven And I think that's it. What a waste. Instead, maybe Slick is the person who runs Heaven, and she's cultivating a stable of young studs, and is frustrated that Rick is losing his focus on dancing, which is affecting her cash flow. So she sets up the shower to get LAW out of the picture, and get Rick back on track, but her plan gets short-circuited by NASA Bike? But what would be nice to know is what happens to Rick, THE GUY WHO IS ON THE POSTER? He's left naked in a boat, with no resolution to his plotline.
  4. FrancisRizzo3

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    I believe it's a case of punctuation. When you're lyin' here in my arms, I'm findin' it hard to believe. We're in heaven.
  5. FrancisRizzo3

    Episode 199 - A Night In Heaven: LIVE!

    Watching this crazy movie, it's actually shot pretty well, but the editing is terrible, and the writing doesn't help either. I have to imagine the reason it's not available anywhere is the cost of licensing the music. In the first 30 minutes there are at least four major music cues. And I think there's a Letterman clip in there too.
  6. Just watched this movie, and holy cow. What was obviously intended as an attempt to make Dave Sheridan into a new Jim Carrey, this movie is rarely funny, but is rather insane, and has a cast of celebrity cameos bigger than a season of The Love Boat (from Scott Baio to Kevin Pollack to Emmanuel Lewis), along with the lead in an extended blackface scene and a remarkable amount of gay jokes. It is pretty stunning to watch. Plus it has Dolly Parton and Randy Quaid (in what looks to be the start of his insanity stretch. (I did a search but didn't find anything for this. I was rather surprised
  7. It would have made sense to give Cliff a Revenge of the Nerds-like plot to peep on a sorority house. Cliff was planning for a war we didn't know would be fought.
  8. Thus Lance saying "name" is what tipped off Ragnar that he was there under false pretenses, leading to the bug sweep. Never underestimate the mental acuity of Velvet von Ragnar.
  9. I get that, but that was three years earlier. That's a long time for something like that to gestate. If they were all jumping on a bandwagon, it took a long time. Maybe the zeitgeist worked differently back then.
  10. I completely expected him to say "Have mercy" at that point, and we find out that when Lance Stargrove gave up the spy business, he moved to San Francisco, changed his name and started a band.
  11. Yeah, I knew he was a bad guy from the way the camera lingered, but I didn't realize it was Ragnar until he said he's close. Then it was obvious. Similarly, I had no idea that Ragnar was Simmons until I saw the tongue and looked up the cast,
  12. Watching this film, it struck me that If John Stamos at some point doesn't play Zac Efron's dad (if he hasn't already) it will be a true shame.
  13. A minor point, but the script Jason reads from says "god joy" but the subtitles on the film says "gut joy", which i think was a term Kerouac coined. Doesn't change much.
  14. Watching Ragnar's crazy crew of punks (especially Pyramid), I couldn't help but think of Bobcat Goldthwaite's gang of similar psychopaths in Police Academy 2, which came out the year before. One would think perhaps it was the influence of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but that came out the same year as Police Academy 2. Weird Science (also 1985 like Police Academy 2 and Beyond Thunderdome) also featured insane marauders. So, what the heck was happening in the mid-'80s that gangs of post-apocalyptic mutants were a big element in all these films?
  15. This is a legitimately fun movie to watch, and the episode is a great listen. So what happened to Riley (played by "Nightmare on Elm Street";s Robert Englund (who even got a special credit)? After yelling "Good boy, Ripley", Ragnar leaves him behind, and the two punks protecting Riley get gunned down by Danja, but Riley is just left sitting there. Danja and Grady go running off to the chopper (after the hilarious image of Grady running one direction and then course correcting to follow Danja) and Lance jumps on the motorcycle. You'd think the guy who built the valve system might be useful in shutting the whole thing down.