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  1. pscudese

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    BTW.... What major paper has a hacker on staff? In this setting, a news organization, hacking is illegal and any information obtained that lead to a story is subject to lawsuit! And as far as Harrison Hill being so recognizable as ad exec, I'd equate him to Donny Deutsch in our world.
  2. pscudese

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    Hey Paul. I have a really serious question.. Why does Halle want to solve this murder and draw more attention to it by writing a huge exposé? As the murderer, wouldn’t she want it to just slip through the cracks??? Sure you could assume she wants to pin it on Harrison Hill to really protect herself, but for all we know, the ONLY piece of evidence that eventually links her to the murder is that she previously visited the wife’s photography site. No cop is ever considering her and Halle was even told by Grace that she and her ex were recently doing “more fighting then fucking.” So Halle should just give that nugget to the cops and be on her way. Case closed. PS: Besides Bruce and Halle previously being in other HDTGM films, so to was the Rebook account. That was also the big get for the ad agency in “On the Line.” (The lance bass film... ha.)
  3. As Paul mentioned, the ad on the taxi cab is for Señor Pizza... which is a callback to a previous Kristie Alley film. What film you might ask? How about the one where Patrick Dempsey is a pizza delivering gigolo! Yup... We're talking about 1989's Loverboy! Oh and the tag line in the trailer is, "His customers always come first." Suuuupppper appropriate easter egg for this kid's film. Or maybe the gang is right and this really isn't a kid's film after all! Trailer:
  4. pscudese

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    Also are we really to expect this building is just allowing any kind of visitor to come up to the pearl? Outside of a few floors towards the very bottom of the building, this is a residential tower. What kind of apartment complex come up to visit this attraction?
  5. pscudese

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    When the secondary team breaks into the offsite security office, I got really pissed off on how they executed everyone. As you can see in the provided image, the 4 shooters were just aiming aimlessly at all the technicians below with no regards to hitting any of the high tech equipment. This would be fine if not for the next scene, the hacker needed to tap into those same computers to overtake The Pearl. Also I don't see this movie as just a shitty Die Hard... because it's more of a shitty combination of Die Hard and Die Hard 4. In fact this particular scene happened exactly in Die Hard 4... when Timothy Olyphant's sexy asian girlfriend (Maggie Q) attacking an offsite security office. Again image provided. From Skyscraper From Die Hard 4:
  6. pscudese

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    After The Rock's daughter is kidnapped, the squad tells The Rock to get the USB drive or she'll die. Pretty simple troupe, but there are two things that infuriated me: The Entire Villainous Team Leave The Rock ALONE!!! Why?! Why would they not leave one person to watch over The Rock and ensure he does as he's told?! What if right after everyone leaves, the billionaire sees that The Rock is alone and decides to open the doors? Then he and The Rock can team up and come up with a plan to rescue the daughter and escape. The bad guys tell The Rock to get the USB drive. The Rock has no clue what that drive looks like, therefore the billionaire could easily give him some other random instrument that also looks like a high-tech vibrator. This movie is soooo sloppy even for a popcorn film staring The Rock.
  7. pscudese

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    I agree, but let me go one step further... The whole concept of The Rock's character in this film is LITERALLY POINTLESS. The Rock is only brought in because his former partner needs to get the tablet from the billionaire to the bad guys. There is nothing The Rock specifically has to do in order for the bad guys to succeed. It's not like The Rock is the original engineer or security expert that created all the saftey measures of The Pearl. If that was the case, than that is why The Rock would have the tablet and be so instrumental to the storyline. But how the movie is constructed, all the elite villains had to do is create a shell company similar to The Rock's (maybe using Squarespace.com ; offer code "bonkers"), and just have a bad guy portray this expert to sign off on the building. He would have then gotten the job and just walked out the door with the tablet. Bingo Bango.
  8. pscudese

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    From Action Jackson IMDB page... "Carl Weathers later called the film: A creation that came about when I was doing Predator and talking to Joel Silver, who loved blaxploitation movies. Joel said, "Well, you know, why don't you put something together?" So during that time of shooting down in Puerto Vallarta, I created this story and came up with this guy — or at least this title —Action Jackson. And Joel found a writer [who] wrote the screenplay, and that was it. We got it made.[1]"
  9. pscudese

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    From Action Jackson IMDB page... "Carl Weathers later called the film: A creation that came about when I was doing Predator and talking to Joel Silver, who loved blaxploitation movies. Joel said, "Well, you know, why don't you put something together?" So during that time of shooting down in Puerto Vallarta, I created this story and came up with this guy — or at least this title —Action Jackson. And Joel found a writer [who] wrote the screenplay, and that was it. We got it made.[1]"
  10. pscudese

    Celebrate #HDTGM200 !!!

    What was your first episode of HDTGM? The movie that could have lead the team to re-think if this process was worth it... The Last Airbender. Luckily for us they persevered. Favorite catchphrase? Nothing will ever beat "What's its Mission." A clip or moment that you'll always remember? This is selfish choice, but I was lucky enough to be noticed by Paul for my Betty White Holding an Urn tee shirt. I even got to ask a great question during Superman IV episode (ep 178; 1:19:37) But one that is more general... I still love the team trying to break down the cold open of Sleepaway Camp (ep 48; 9:17) The episode you revisit the most It was Devil's Advocate till I lost it. Please re-release that one!!!! "My acting secret is that I have downs" The movie that you loved or hated watching Loved watching "No Holds Barred" and hated watching "Gooby" How HDTGM fits into your weekly routine Any kind of commuting I do (I live in NYC; so a lot of public transportation) I will listen to HDTGM. It's just the perfect way to pass the time. What the show has meant to you after all these years or any other sappy stuff This show has given me so much joy in my life. The amount of bullshit that we are dealing with in this climate is unfathomable, but Paul, June and Jason help me and others forget all about that for a few hours. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this is a free podcast where the hosts must dedicate an extreme amount of time out of their work and personal life... just to make us idiots laugh. I guess this is why I have always tried to weigh-in on the message boards, worked on the Howdies, or assist when a movie can't be found (Rad, Freejack, cutting down Yes, Giorgio.) I will always try to do anything to help alleviate stress and make the podcast better for the team and fans. I know it doesn't go unnoticed by Paul, June and Jason. In fact, I was very blessed to have met Jason at a bar once and told him how much the podcast meant to me. He couldn't have been more kind and sincere with his thanks. The trio understand that they have a strong support system in their fans and never phone it in. Thank you Paul, June and Jason. Please know that your efforts in suffering through some really horrible films, does not go unnoticed.
  11. pscudese

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    I love these two hidden gems... 1. During one of the man / woman scenes on the street, you can see posters for Predator along the wall: 2) After being pick-pocketed, we see Action Jackson's wallet stating he was born in 1938. Wow! The filmakers made a conscious effort to say Jericho is 50 yo? Where was the "I'm getting too old for this shit" comment? 3) On a side note, here is a handy chart to show all the crossover actors who appeared in this movie, but also Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Commando and Predator. As I call this film... It's the Kevin Bacon of 80s Action Films.
  12. pscudese

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    How is it that Vanessa Hudgens doesn't pick up that her captor sounds exactly like Kyle?! She heard him give a lengthy and memorable speech... she's had 1-on-1 conversations with him before... and she has a crush on him! His voice was never altered when he changed to the beast and others knew it was him by the sound of his voice. Case in point, at the Halloween party, Kyle catches his girlfriend and best friend hooking up. Over loud music and some distance, he calls out her name. Both of them hear something, stop making out and immediately say, "That sounded like Kyle." So how does Hudgens not pick up that the Beast clearly sounds like Kyle... again... a man she has the hots for!
  13. pscudese

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    Two random thoughts: 1. I loved how The Meg not only knew he was being tracked, but that he should hide under a whale in case bombs fall from the sky. That is the only explanation to the misdirect. 2. When Ruby Rose and the doctor are in the water, we get SHARK VISION! Also you see The Meg has Ruby in his sight, but at the last minute the Doc sacrifices himself by splashing around. Really?! Just some splashing around can change who the shark is going to eat? And why not just get both of them?!
  14. pscudese

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    Hey Paul, Was I the only one who thought Staham was going to drive his ship directly into The Meg’s mouth at the end of the film?? Right before Staham charges the shark, he does a callback to the exchange he had with the scientist. It was this quote... “It’s not about the people you lose, it’s about the people you save.” I thought the plan was to drive the ship into The Meg's mouth and it would chomp down on the missile, thus causing it to explode. In the end, charging the shark and veering to the right wasn't as intense or satisfying as when Staham free dived into the water to tag the shark.
  15. pscudese

    Episode 196 - The Meg: LIVE!

    I was so angry to see Rainn Wilson, as a somewhat wise billionaire, being in the boat at night vs. the helicopter when they were trying to kill The Meg. He’s already seen what this monstrosity can do, so why is he not choosing the vehicle that’s furthest away from the beast? Hell, he could have been the one dropping the charges on the supposed Meg, when all of a sudden the actual Meg launches itself up and hits the helicopter... thus knocking out Rainn. Then the scene plays out where The Meg bites the whale and then comes back for a second chomp.