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  1. OMG guys..... Totally off topic but I'm in Toronto and only a 5 min walk from the main location of Little Italy!!!! Actual set location mock-up... Naturally I had to do this:
  2. I was so surprised that Bill, the boyfriend who lit Mary Lou on fire, was not Vicki’s father. It was a natural assumption, because right after the backstory of the fire, the first adult male we see is Vicki’s dad. Also this would have been a more interesting story if Mary Lou is getting revenge on Bill through his daughter. And finally, what kind a sociopath is Bill in that he works as a principal of the school where he murdered a former girlfriend?!
  3. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    I hear ya and not trying to be competitive... but marijuana wasn't legalize in Ontario till Oct 2018, before this film was in production. And as far as assuming the old ladies where already there because of the delivery men... well the screen shot shows a lot of other demographics:
  4. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    But the real question is... did your cousin marry their 2nd Step Cousin?
  5. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    I’m surprised this didn’t come up on the podcast, but I was blown away by how many times the cast said “Little Italy.” Although 23 times may not sound like a lot, it’s word combination that definitely stands out... especially when it’s delivered in a stereotypical Italian accent. Attached is a quick compilation of a few of them: Little Italy Little Italy Little Italy.mp3
  6. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Regarding the Marijuana prank, I'd like to understand what the rival shop owner did to get so many customers to show up? Up until that point, both shops were struggling for business and it's not like the owner promoted the prank... "Hey go to this resturant for there's free pot in the pizza." Some people could argue that a few people showed up and the rest was word of mouth. My counter to that, is that everyone in the restaurant reacts at the same time to the results of the pot. So that means everyone essentially showed up like a flash mob. So again, if one owner is able to get so many patrons to show up for this prank... why isn't he doing that same leg work for his own business and sell legit pizza?
  7. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    I too thought that was insane. Honestly at the very beginning of the film I thought they were cousins. At least they aren't blood related, however the family tree will surely be wonky after both marriages.
  8. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    I was surprised that the story didn't kick off with Emma returning home and still feeling hurt by Hayden's initial lack of interest. To Paul's point, this is possibly why she left for London in the first place. With this storyline, Emma would be aligned with her family and try to help make a more refined pizza, which in turn would bring more business. By introducing Emma's culinary expertise, Hayden must now take over his family's place and create a stellar pizza too. Then you have two businesses that have upped their pizza game all leading to the final showdown. Of course during this time of back and forth pranks, we can see their love blossom and cause conflict due to their initial familia allegiance.
  9. pscudese

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Let alone it's a direct rip off of this famous clip of Ramsay!
  10. pscudese

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    BTW.... What major paper has a hacker on staff? In this setting, a news organization, hacking is illegal and any information obtained that lead to a story is subject to lawsuit! And as far as Harrison Hill being so recognizable as ad exec, I'd equate him to Donny Deutsch in our world.
  11. pscudese

    Episode 203 - Perfect Stranger: LIVE!

    Hey Paul. I have a really serious question.. Why does Halle want to solve this murder and draw more attention to it by writing a huge exposé? As the murderer, wouldn’t she want it to just slip through the cracks??? Sure you could assume she wants to pin it on Harrison Hill to really protect herself, but for all we know, the ONLY piece of evidence that eventually links her to the murder is that she previously visited the wife’s photography site. No cop is ever considering her and Halle was even told by Grace that she and her ex were recently doing “more fighting then fucking.” So Halle should just give that nugget to the cops and be on her way. Case closed. PS: Besides Bruce and Halle previously being in other HDTGM films, so to was the Rebook account. That was also the big get for the ad agency in “On the Line.” (The lance bass film... ha.)
  12. As Paul mentioned, the ad on the taxi cab is for Señor Pizza... which is a callback to a previous Kristie Alley film. What film you might ask? How about the one where Patrick Dempsey is a pizza delivering gigolo! Yup... We're talking about 1989's Loverboy! Oh and the tag line in the trailer is, "His customers always come first." Suuuupppper appropriate easter egg for this kid's film. Or maybe the gang is right and this really isn't a kid's film after all! Trailer:
  13. pscudese

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    Also are we really to expect this building is just allowing any kind of visitor to come up to the pearl? Outside of a few floors towards the very bottom of the building, this is a residential tower. What kind of apartment complex come up to visit this attraction?
  14. pscudese

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    When the secondary team breaks into the offsite security office, I got really pissed off on how they executed everyone. As you can see in the provided image, the 4 shooters were just aiming aimlessly at all the technicians below with no regards to hitting any of the high tech equipment. This would be fine if not for the next scene, the hacker needed to tap into those same computers to overtake The Pearl. Also I don't see this movie as just a shitty Die Hard... because it's more of a shitty combination of Die Hard and Die Hard 4. In fact this particular scene happened exactly in Die Hard 4... when Timothy Olyphant's sexy asian girlfriend (Maggie Q) attacking an offsite security office. Again image provided. From Skyscraper From Die Hard 4: