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  1. DanEngler

    West Side Story

    Note: I updated the poll to include the West Side Story vs. Singin' In The Rain rivalry proposed by Amy & Paul.
  2. DanEngler

    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    Same, on all counts. To reiterate what Paul said, if anyone reading this needs someone to talk to (confidentially and for free) call 1-800-273-8255. Their site has resources for Spanish speakers and deaf/hard of hearing people too. And if you're trans and you want to connect with fellow trans people who understand what you're going through, the volunteers at Trans Lifeline are waiting. Call 1-877-565-8860.
  3. DanEngler

    Best of 2018: Listener’s Picks

    And if you (like me) prefer to receive all information in podcast form, 99% Invisible has a good episode about the Green Book from 2016.
  4. DanEngler

    Best Of 2018: Blockbusters

    If anything, Amy needs to be dragged for naming Rian Johnson as one of the most talented directors at taking a stagnant property in a radical new direction. Not because I disagree with her—Brick is one of my all-time favorite movies and I've been a huge fan of Rian's work ever since—but because Amy is a close friend of both Rian and his wife (and past guest) Karina Longworth. This is a horrible conflict of interest and is totally unacceptable in the high-stakes, contractually-binding world of movie podcasts!
  5. DanEngler

    Best Of 2018: Blockbusters

    I don't know if I consider it nitpicking because I agree with Amy & Paul: the majority of Black Panther is electrifying, which is why the final act feels so underwhelming in comparison. In fact, when I revisited what I remembered to be a deeply emotional cliff/sunset/death scene, I realized I was actually thinking about the end of War for The Planet of The Apes. I pray that Black Panther 2 really sticks the landing so counting it among the 100 best films of all time is a no-brainer.
  6. DanEngler

    Best of 2018 Poll Catchup

    After the first 10 episodes of Unspooled, @Cameron H. came up with the brilliant idea to include a weekly poll so we could determine, once and for all, whether each film belongs in the AFI Top 100. While the podcast is focusing on 2018's best films this month, I figure it would be a good time to add polls to the episodes we'd missed and allow everyone to exercise their democratic rights. Vote now! Polls are open until March 1. Citizen Kane Ben Hur The Wizard Of Oz Swing Time The French Connection Titanic 2001: A Space Odyssey Bonnie And Clyde Platoon The General All About Eve Double Indemnity Singin’ In The Rain The Sixth Sense Taxi Driver E.T. The Extra Terrestrial High Noon The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
  7. DanEngler

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

    In the event that there were no Simpsons references this week, The Critic had them covered.
  8. DanEngler


    I'd rank Johnny Guitar (1954) above all of the Westerns we've covered so far, although I'm not sure fans of the genre would even consider it a Western. Yes, it features cowboys and horses and gorgeous vistas and stagecoach robberies and bar room brawls and crooked lawmen and tense showdowns with menacing villains, but the protagonist is played by Joan Crawford and its dialog is as snappy as the best film noir and its theme is a torch song performed by Peggy Lee. All I know is, if Karina Longworth (host of You Must Remember This) and Millie De Chirico (TCM and FilmStruck programmer) and Fresh Air's Terry Gross have all independently recommended a film, it's a guaranteed classic. Here's a trailer that arguably gives away too much of the plot:
  9. The current rotation (and members' past picks) can be found at the top of this thread.
  10. Someone asked Paul on Twitter whether there would be a new minisode this week and he responded "Nope but about 15 min intro with June, Jason and I that might be one of my favorite things we didn this year." So it sounds like a rebroadcast of an old episode with a new intro? (I'd link to his response, but Paul is using some tool that automatically deletes all of his old tweets, and it's already been scrubbed from his account.)
  11. All of the episodes recorded at PeeCast are dropping Friday on Stitcher Premium.
  12. DanEngler

    Mac and Me

    I have some good news for you. Mac and Me was HDTGM's 10th episode. The bad news is that this episode is behind the paywall and available on Stitcher Premium. Use offer code HDTGM for a free one-month trial.
  13. DanEngler

    A Clockwork Orange

    (I also made it so that people can change their votes until the poll closes, because this probably should've been enabled all along.)
  14. DanEngler

    No 2018 Halloween Special?

    On October 26, Scott tweeted: