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    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    How about a take on Family Feud, where you ask June questions ahead of time and people call in to guess how she answered? If the listeners (as a group) can't name all of her top answers, June wins the week. For example, you'd ask "What are the scariest movie monsters?" and she would answer "Robots of any kind", "very small men", etc. You could frontload as many questions as June is willing to tolerate in one sitting and then roll them out one-per-minisode. Listeners probably wouldn't be able to guess every answer, but the actual joy is hearing June's mind work.
  2. DanEngler

    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    Don't thank me, thank Earwolf producer Dana. She has to wade through the Explanation Hope Line every week and, if the best calls she's found have included jerk-off stories, imagine the nightmare fodder that doesn't make the cut. This is why Paul needs you nerds to call in. That dead air isn't going to fill itself!
  3. DanEngler

    Episode 493 - King Garbage Dick

    That's the lineup from today's episode of Improv4Humans.
  4. DanEngler

    Silk (1986)

    To avoid causing headaches for anyone at Earwolf, please don't link to streaming movies from questionably legal sources. Thank you!
  5. DanEngler

    The 6th Day (2000)

    No apology necessary! The forum search is terrible and ignores three-letter words, even after we've configured it not to.
  6. DanEngler

    The 6th Day (2000)

    This movie is the example I used for finding impossible-to-search-for threads in the instructions pinned at the top of the Bad Movie Recommendations forum. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Aw, thanks! My thinking was that Paul & co. might jump at the chance to do silly accents, but the fact that so many of them also had a background in musical comedy was just plain luck. Even without my meddling, every second of this episode was a true delight!
  8. DanEngler

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    Worse than that, it's the number of cars/motorcycles/wheelchairs/dogs he's destroyed with his car, a reference to the markings on fighter planes:
  9. DanEngler

    Episode 340 - Emotional Dance Conference

    They played it at the end of last week's episode.
  10. DanEngler

    Episode 163.5 - Minisode 163.5

    I took care of it.
  11. This is not only one of the best episodes of SPONT, but perhaps one of the best episodes of any podcast.
  12. DanEngler

    Episode 104 - Female Trouble (w/ Jake Fogelnest)

    As a Fogelnest File-natic, it's great to hear Jake on both The Canon and WTF today!* * And Fire Talk With Me, which I'm listening to as I watch the original Twin Peaks for the first time
  13. I did a classic PFT "Whaaaaat?" when Jean Villepique's name appeared in the opening credits for this week's Better Call Saul. ("Expenses") She had a lengthy scene at the end of the episode with Bob Odenkirk and it was great!
  14. DanEngler

    Ravenous (1999)

    This isn't a bad movie, per se — I actually think it's fantastic — but it's astonishing how few people have even heard of a Donner Party-inspired period horror film starring that guy from Memento, that guy from Trainspotting, that guy from Minority Report, that guy from LOST, the principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and David Fucking Arquette. It's on Amazon Instant Streaming (for $2.99) and appears to be available on Netflix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO98NMMgp0Y
  15. My sole contribution to the Bad Movie Recommendations forum:
  16. With 3,000+ recommendations in this forum, it can be difficult to find conversations with your fellow movie lovers/haters. Before you post, here are some guidelines to make it easier for everyone. Search for existing threads before starting a new one. Search for the longest word in the movie title. Common terms and words shorter than 4 letters are ignored by the search engine, so pick the longest/most unique word from the movie's title. Try searching via Google. For movies with multiple short words in the title, it's faster to use Google to search the forums. To find the movie The 6th Day, for example, try a custom Google query like: site:forum.earwolf.com "The 6th Day" If you're starting a new thread, make its title the movie name and release year only. Including extra words in the title will produce more unrelated search results, making it harder for others to find threads in the future. Keep it simple and use the format: Space Jam (1996) One movie per thread. The gang only reviews one movie per episode, so limit recommendations to one movie per thread. Feel free to create multiple threads! Don't link to unauthorized streaming copies of the movie. Paul usually points out where you can watch the next movie when it's announced on the minisode. Embedding trailers, clips, or film critique is acceptable (and encouraged!) but don't link to full movies.
  17. DanEngler

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    On a show like Hollywood Handbook that is totally rando, no topic is off-topic! P.S. I enabled support for emoji. But only one emoji, and it's
  18. DanEngler

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    Are you threatening other members? That's a violation of the Earwolf forum rules and grounds for banning, my dude. What do you say, greggy?
  19. DanEngler

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    Thank you, greggy. To honor your unwavering loyalty, I have promoted you to a higher rank than the rest of these peons.
  20. DanEngler

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    JEFFREYPARTIES hasn't been banned. The only reason he is unable to log in is because he's forgotten how. It's very sad. Nevertheless, he contacted me via Twitter and we'll hopefully have him back with his caregivers soon. P.S. Fatty2Dicks isn't JEFFREYPARTIES. Fatty2Dicks is Kevin O'Brien. And both of them can kick rocks.
  21. DanEngler

    Ask Paul!

    Do you have questions for Paul Scheer about HDTGM, movie-related matters, or the gang's other projects? Ask them in this thread and Paul will answer them as his schedule and/or interest permits. Ground Rules No "When are you covering [MOVIE] on the show?" questions. Voice your support for a movie in the Bad Movie Recommendations forum instead. No "When are you inviting [GUEST] on the show?" questions. No "When are you coming to [CITY NEAR ME]?" questions. Follow @HDTGM on Twitter for live show announcements. No random silly questions like the ones Paul answers during HDTGM minisodes. There are dedicated threads for Qs and As on the HDGTM Facebook page. Don't be a jerk.
  22. The same question was posted to the Earwolf subreddit, and their best guess was one of the iron-on shirts from bando.com.
  23. DanEngler


    If you want to submit a Plugs theme, start a new thread rather than posting it here. Just make sure the file is downloadable!