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  1. DanEngler

    Episode 330 - Warlock Tinnitus

    Chartists need to check out today's With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, a bonus episode of Whooch where Lauren plays Howard's twin sister Hannah. It is perfection.
  2. DanEngler

    Musical Mondays-Week 8-Rent

    I was big into Belgians a decade ago but now their banana-y undertones make me gag for some reason. 512 Pecan Porter, on the other hand, has been on my list for a long time and I haven't found a local source (although I admittedly haven't tried very hard.)
  3. DanEngler

    Musical Mondays-Week 8-Rent

    Coming soon to the HDGTM forums: "Tuesday Brewsdays", the secret bottle exchange/beer review group where people violate the off-week rules by discussing on BeerAdvocate. I'm the saison of my group.
  4. In a grievous oversight, Matt failed to include Paul F. Tompkins's Kong: Skull Island theme in this episode.
  5. They represent the Three Buttons: Flash forward, Flash back, and Meanwhile.
  6. Kristen leaves after the interview portion, but the improv is fantastic regardless. Blasooch keeps up her SPONT tradition of saying at least one thing so out of left field that Paul completely loses it.
  7. DanEngler

    Episode 158.5 - Minisode 158.5

    Did…did some—dammit…did someone say…did someone say ca—DAMMIT…did someone say cat GIFs?
  8. I cannot in good conscience strip a username from someone who joined in 2012. Even if they only posted once and haven't been back since. Suggested alternate usernames: CakeBug1 CakeBug2 CakeBug420 Cameron C. tomscakes EllenCB pastry ant photo
  9. Pffft. I'm John Rent, the eponymous former assassin who must come out of retirement after his tenants try to have him killed rather than settle their debts (525,600 minutes worth of back rent.) Now, they're all going to pay.
  10. DanEngler

    Episode 157.5 - Minisode 157.5

    One of my favorite beers in the world (produced at a brewpub near my home) is called "The Big Lebrewski", a Russian Imperial Stout aged in Kahlua-soaked barrels. One year, as a Valentine's Day special, they added a bunch of Junior Mints to a cask. The combination of beer+mint was vile, and that cask sat untouched on the bar for months until they probably dumped it down a storm drain under cover of darkness. Anyway, both Thin Mints and Samoas are great.
  11. DanEngler

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    Yeeeah, I spoiler-tagged your GIF of a dude getting his head blown off because it's graphic and could be disturbing to some. As long as I'm here, Paul recently appeared on a new-ish podcast called Good One (iTunes, RSS), where comedians talk about the creation of a single joke. He covers the history of Human Giant and NTSF:SD:SUV, ranks the Fast & Furious movies, and talks about why live HDTGM shows are the most fun. (Deal with it, live episode haters! ) There are good episodes from Tig Notaro, Kristen Schaal, and Neal Brennan too.
  12. DanEngler

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    — Roy Thomas, creator of Iron Fist.
  13. PAUL: They have assault weapons. TAWNY: Maybe we can dazzle them with a heart-warming school play! PAUL: It's gonna have to be real quick and real dazzling!
  14. DanEngler

    Musical Mondays--Rotation and Sign Up

    Haha, that wasn't my actual suggestion! I was just trying to express my horrible cruelty. Thinking about it now, my fallback GIF might have caused the same confusion.
  15. DanEngler

    Musical Mondays--Rotation and Sign Up

    I don't have time to watch these movies (let alone study 10+ pages of comments in an effort to say something half-intelligent) each week, so you can have what would've been my wonderful/horrible selection…
  16. Looking at the author's page on /Film, he attended the Alamo Drafthouse event in person and managed to stretch de Souza's comments into four(!) separate articles, one of which references Matt and IWTT.
  17. DanEngler

    Episode 157.5 - Minisode 157.5

    Please don't blame Paul for his stance on Dr. Mario. If you listen to his old episode of The Indoor Kids, you'll learn that he suffered from a debilitating childhood disease whose main symptom was always choosing the wrong side during the Console Wars. He can't help being who he is.* * A monster
  18. So good! I'm glad that Shaun Diston—host of one of the all-time greatest WSGLL episodes—made it to SPONTANEANATION. I hope he becomes an Earwolf regular now that he's half-moved to Los Angeles.
  19. DanEngler

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    I don't know if Earwolf has ever been hit by takedowns in the past (I'm not an employee) but my chief concern is that they aren't targeted in the future. Google "[recent movie title] streaming" and look beneath the results where Google includes DMCA complaints. Studios generally send takedown demands with dozens of URLs at a time and, even if they're ridiculously broad requests, lawyers could become involved, etc. I don't have a problem with any of those, just the full movies. Thanks for being cool. I love you nerds.
  20. DanEngler

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    My friends, please don't link to full movies on YouTube. While we all know they're out there, Paul usually makes a point of announcing where movies can be obtained legally on the minisodes, and I don't want Earwolf to have to deal with any DMCA takedown letters from shitty overzealous studios. Thanks!
  21. DanEngler

    Episode 156.5 - Minisode 156.5

    We've been getting hammered by waves of spambots since early this morning and, because each one posts from a number of different IP addresses, the filters can't catch everything. Part of me wants to turn off new user registrations altogether, but there have been a lot of nice new people joining lately, so…
  22. Yes! I kept expecting someone to go with "Stair Witch Project", so that ending was a complete surprise.
  23. DanEngler

    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul, do you listen to all of the episodes before they come out for quality control purposes? If so, do you have any particularly memorable moments that you missed during the record and only discovered upon relistening?