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  1. Kickpuncher

    Episode 602 - Four...Dollars Hundred

    Yes! That's definitely what I was thinking of, thanks.
  2. Kickpuncher

    Episode 602 - Four...Dollars Hundred

    While I was listening to this, I kept thinking that Will had also played a basketball coach in another recent episode, but I can't find it. I checked his last ~2 years of appearances, and the only one that doesn't list his character in the description is the 2018 Holiday Spectacular. Since these are usually all recurring characters, I assume he was playing Morpheus, but then it also feels like a perfectly Will Hines thing to not do that. Does anyone know who he was playing in that episode, or remember another coach character?
  3. Kickpuncher

    Episode 601 - 20th Anniversary Special

    To use an Aussie phrase I recently learned on Conan Without Borders...Fuck me dead, Becky is a great character.
  4. Kickpuncher

    Episode 598 - Secret Shopping with Motley Crue

    So yeah, Tim's show is fucking great.
  5. Kickpuncher

    Episode 22 - Patton Oswalt

    Patton was on Conan (the TV show) last week, and I think they recorded this before that, so they would have had a limited window.
  6. Kickpuncher

    Episode 434 - Welcome to Barnsdall

    I know it's dumb to complain about podcast content, but I'm really not happy about the gradual transformation of my (former) favorite pop culture podcast into "Talking Dead" for a live comedy show which is attended by a few dozen people. Seventeen uninterrupted minutes at the top of this episode.
  7. Kickpuncher

    Episode 596 - Mr. Met and the Legitimate Witch

    I couldn't believe that Scott wasn't familiar with the term "spon-con", but then I realized that he probably just calls it "sored-tent".
  8. Kickpuncher

    Episode 595 - Mother's Olive Oil

    Great ep! Playing some of Demi's songs gave it a real old school CDR feel. Did anyone else think it was funny that Mother sounded a lot like Lois Griffin just one week after Peter Griffin was on the show?
  9. Kickpuncher

    Episode 594 - Now It's Time For A Breakdown

    Will Hines is so good that he manages to do the heavy lifting for other characters' bits. He's an improv force multiplier.
  10. Kickpuncher

    Episode 19 - Ray Romano

    Here's a fun coincidence - As discussed on the pod, they just released a bunch of remote segments from Late Night and Conan. I only watched one of these on Monday (Andy at Woodstock '94), and the clip included brief in-studio bookends. In the one after it, Conan teased their next guest...Ray Romano!
  11. Kickpuncher

    Episode 593 - Get In The Way Gremlin

    "According to my lower back tattoo" might be the greatest opening line since "I'm pregnant!" PYOW PYOW!
  12. Kickpuncher

    Episode 592 - The PeeE Neurs

    Damn, this was so good. I fucking lost it when Scott said "So you're not eSTRANGEd? And you don't like it?", and Carl was like "I don't know what you're talking about."
  13. Kickpuncher

    Episode 590 - Bread Mop

    Great ep. For anyone who hasn't checked out I'm Sorry, it's quite possibly the funniest show on television.
  14. "Now the beep is getting emotional!" The joy that Jason and Lennon get from occasionally ganging up to shut down some of Jessica's weaker improvs is fucking hilarious.
  15. Kickpuncher

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    He also talks about him a lot on Twitter.