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  1. Kickpuncher

    just wanted to say how much I love this show

    Chevin (Chef Kevin)
  2. Kickpuncher

    Episode 65 - Brian Huskey - Spotlight On: Seth Wompler Again

    "Lennon recorded five podcasts this week and has completely lost her mind" is the best possible backdrop for an episode.
  3. Kickpuncher

    Episode 567 - Midnight Junket

    Great ep! Can't wait for Big Mouth!
  4. Kickpuncher

    Episode 407 - Chart Timer

    The timer seemed like a terrible idea, but it worked really well. I think you have to have the right guests for it to work, and Zach & Jess are perfect at making it fun.
  5. Phenomenal episode. The Bay insight alone is worth the listen, and that story from The Office is great too. That second commercial is crazy. Half-way through, I was like "Oh, I get it, it seems like it's menacing her, but it's just going to find the good copy paper and be happy." And then it slaps her with the paper.
  6. Gimme that pill. I want that pill.
  7. This was a very good episode!
  8. Listler dropped a pretty major spoiler for Sharp Objects, but I can't really blame her because it was too perfect to not make.
  9. Kickpuncher

    Episode 565 - C’mon Bake Bake

    Phenomenal episode. Now listen, I had a long car drive today, and couldn't have been happier to see this line-up this morning.
  10. Having seen every episode of "Don't Trust the B...", including the unaired episodes on Netflix, I enjoyed this a lot! Side note, this never occurred to me before, but I've been watching Disenchantment, and I realized that Jess sounds remarkably similar to Abbi Jacobson.
  11. If I ever have a dog, I'm naming it Jimbo Baggins.
  12. Kickpuncher

    Episode 564 - Svelte Scale

  13. Kickpuncher

    Taxi Driver

    I'm impressed that only three of the callers (that they played, anyway) used the popular 2013 joke format of saying that something smells like [actual thing that smells] and [negative concept].