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  1. Great ep! Scott's Lake Havasu story was incredible. They must have been doing something wrong with that boat, right?
  2. This was great. Kyle has gotten infinitely better at improv since the PB days, when he seemed to be physically incapable of not dictating every detail of any scenario they would play out.
  3. Great stuff. For anyone who hasn't seen Detroiters, please fix that immediately. It's phenomenal.
  4. Kickpuncher

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    July - Dads & Grads GTFO
  5. Kickpuncher

    Episode 557 - Word Down

    Lead singer of the iconic band Cameo, Larry Blackmon joins Scott for a one on one chat on a very special episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll get into the origin of Cameo’s smash hit “Word Up,” how Larry got involved with the band, and what Larry keeps in his safe. As Larry and Scott continue their conversation, an Edible Arrangements delivery person by the name of Nance drops by with a gift for Scott. But is there more to Nance? Tune in to find out! This episode is brought to you by Squarespace (www.squarespace.com/BANGBANG). *** I had to start a thread because this was one of my favorite episodes of the year. How is every character that Carl creates so perfect? The opening segment of Scott asking him questions that forced him to contort to various semi-musical answers was such a classic old-school CDR/CBB bit.
  6. Kickpuncher

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    For July: Technicality No Down June Over
  7. Kickpuncher

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    Comedy posting school taught by Howard Kremer?
  8. Kickpuncher

    March 2017 episodes

    Not right now, I'm sittin' on a thistle.
  9. Kickpuncher

    IMPORTANT: Forum to be updated 7/4/2018

    I'm sure Scott approves of our profiles now calling post count "Content Count". Keep slingin' that 'tent, everyone.
  10. The sports rap segment at the end was amazing.
  11. Kickpuncher

    Episode 556 - Tips 'n' Tricks

    "This wasn't an Ego's one-woman show situation." "Tiny mayors" is a weirdly specific niche that CBB has established.
  12. Scott's "great scoop" line made me laugh WAY too much.
  13. Kickpuncher

    Episode 555 - What A Wonderful WaterWorld

    Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember an MCU-style post-episode scene that seemed to be teasing that a group was being formed which included the Timekeeper, at least. Anyway, this episode was a lot of fun!
  14. Amazing! I know it's a lot of work to put together, but this makes me wish every show would do a big CBB-style anniversary ep every year. Also, good lottery numbers, Dana.
  15. Kickpuncher

    Episode 396 - Is He Fa-Teigen?

    Great ep!
  16. This was really great. Erin is the perfect level of weird to excel as a Spontonean; she'd make a great addition to the regular rotation.
  17. Kickpuncher

    Episode 554 - Educainment Squad

    I'm glad I already watched GLOW, because Scott dropped a pretty major spoiler here. Anyway, great ep!
  18. Kickpuncher

    Episode 394 - On A Shuckers Schedule

    They should save some time by just playing the same movie chart segment every week and editing in a few comments from the guest.
  19. Kickpuncher

    Staind Glass 2 with Todd Glass

    Fucking incredible.
  20. Kickpuncher

    Episode 080: Austin Powers with Brian Aubert

    It was kind of funny/sad when they were talking about songs and Matt said "we" had Butch Vig on, and I thought "Butch Vig was on James Bonding? What's he talking about? ... Oh, right."
  21. Oh What's This, U Talkin' Oasis 2 Me?
  22. Alternate title - "Zach Has Never Heard of Flannery O'Connor".
  23. Kickpuncher

    Episode 48 - Brian Gallivan - Spotlight On: Billy Reck

    I really got a kick out of "Billy" refer to what was cheesing him as "My Cheesing".
  24. Kickpuncher

    Episode 549 - Prom Womptacular

    I don't know why it caught me by surprise, but the appearance of Dabney Coleperson made me way more excited than it should have.