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  1. I think that's just normal behavior in Norway.
  2. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    I'm very interested in seeing where this goes as the trailer seems like a real misdirect in how the film will actually play out, plus with the cast as loaded as it is, this should be an peculiar watch, especially with it being a summer release rather than the usual award season time that Tarantino films have been put out in.
  3. Yeah I kept confusing every time JK was said for Rowling.
  4. I'm stunned that hole is Nesbo's choice for the pronunciation for the name, which just means he's fucking with everyone who reads the books. As for him being cut from the movie and not having much control, that's not surprising as it's about 50/50 if the author cameo stays in , unless they are a known author, even Greg Sestero was cut out of The Disaster Artist. As for creative control, that's more based on the negotiating power the author has or asserts, the film based on the book Thousand Pieces of Gold was an utter mess as the author Ruthanne McCunn basically sold it quick to get the film made, this then was used as an example of what not to do by Amy Tan who fought for being able to write the script with creative control for the film of The Joy Luck Club. Lastly, the director was dead set on Norway simply because the studio was pushing it for the tax incentives. I wonder if since it was an American release they changed the cover to feature a three part snowman while other countries the cover was two. Reading this though made me wonder about a recent, famous snowman, Olaf from Frozen and how he was portrayed outside of America. So when I just typed in "Olaf Japan" in the old Googles I first came up with stories about the voice actor for the Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts 3 being arrested on drug charges, but then this was shown as a Japanese import on Amazon. So the body is now basically one piece whereas the versions of the dolls in America are a more pronounce three piece body.
  5. Red herring, plain and simple. In the book I know that Rebeca Ferguson's character is also seen as a suspect at one point because of how shifty she's acting with her then-unknown vendetta against Simmons' character, to the point where she's arrested and put in a psychiatric observation to see if she is a psychopath. To be fair, I think Fassbender is on a similar trajectory as Gerard Butler in that he chooses movies he think will be a big boom to his career but falter, only in Fassbender's case they shit the bed. I mean would anyone here turn down the chance to play one of the main antagonists in an Alien prequel directed by Ridley Scott Or a crime drama directed by Scott and written by Cormac McCarthy that also starred Bradd Pitt, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz? Hell even Assassin's Creed was a decent choice before it was made as the series is still very well regarded and if done well would have led to a bigger franchise.
  6. They mentioned the throat cancer in the episode when they were talking about the ADR.
  7. After some research about the limb removal weapon, which I first thought was an updated version of a bonesaw for preparing limb transfers from brain dead person to viable hosts, what I found was that the most likely option was it's a tool used in modifying cable railings in cases when a human hand or simple tool wouldn't have the required strength/torque to do so. So when used properly it wouldn't slice through the materials of cables, but human flesh wouldn't stand a chance.
  8. RyanSz

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Scientology strikes again!
  9. Okay so I have a few possible explanations for some things addressed in the episode, mainly about the serial killer. About the man the killer's mom is sleeping with in the beginning being called "Uncle Jonas," since he's the actual father of the boy, but the boy didn't know I'm assuming it's the trope in movies/TV where the cheating parent calls the lover "uncle" or "aunt" so as to not clue the kids into what's actually going on, though in this case it's so as to not let the son in on the fact Jonas is his dad, also make a vague connection to Harry being Oleg's father, but Oleg not knowing. As for the killer going after single moms rather than absent fathers, that's a common trigger for serial killers as either mommy issues or inadequacy, self-perceived or real, with women, are a big jumping off point for a good number who have taken that road. So while Mathias' should rightfully be mad at Jonas for abandoning his mom and him, what he focuses on is the fact that her mom completely loses it and then kills herself while also trying to kill him at the same time, leading to his anger towards single moms. This was also more fleshed out in the books as the killer was targeting married moms who had illegitimate children. The only reason I think a snowman head was put on Kilmer's body was that the killer figured that the body would have been discovered sooner, but more likely it was just shitty filmmaking. In concern to the book series, from what I've heard from people that have read them, the books are actually pretty solid mystery/thrillers, but to choose book seven of an eleven book series is nuts, the only reason I think it was chosen was that this was the book in where Harry first deals with a serial killer on Norwegian soil, while prior books ranged from stopping assassination attempts, bank robberies, or murders/serial killings in other countries. At least when the James Patterson Alex Cross series started to get adapted, they went with the second book in the series, Kiss the Girls, which was actually a better book than Along Came a Spider, which was adapted later. Hell even the Tyler Perry Alex Cross film had the decency to be based off the book that was basically a prequel for the whole series rather than one of the other 25 books in the series for no real reason I was also wondering if the 15-20% that wasn't filmed was due to it involving a bit more of Val Kilmer's character and he just wasn't able to do it since he was still recuperating from his medical ordeal. Yet when reading further this film seemed to be done in order to fully take advantage of Norwegian tax incentives to film there, leading to a rushed production. What I read also said that great care was taken to REMOVE any trace of Norwegian accent's/writing, I'm assuming because of the rushjob to finish this movie and the actors having no real time to prepare accents. Finally after hearing that Jennifer Lawrence was the original choice for the female lead, the death scene makes sense as when I watched this a few months back, it was really vague as to if she was dead or just dazed from what just happened to her, which depending on how this did at the box office could have left an option for her to return in the sequel.
  10. RyanSz

    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    Finally they are covering the utter crapshow of The Snowman and Harry Hole.
  11. I was coming here to say the same thing once I checked to see that that horror show of a film was indeed made by Lifetime. Also, they are already working on a sequel to this film which will cover the first year of the couple's marriage, basically as it's happening, with a completely new cast. I have a feeling Lifetime contacted the Royal family asking if they could create a reality show based on the couple and got shot down, so they just said "fuck it, we'll just make educated guess movies about them every year until they say yes." Also with how shoddy this movie is with facts, I would have loved when the Queen was showing the portrait of the ancestor who showed the family was biracial as well, and this was the portrait:
  12. RyanSz

    Spawn (1997)

    Looking back on it there is really only one thing that didn't sit well with me then and still doesn't now is the fact that Martin Sheen's character has open heart surgery WIDE AWAY WITH NO ANESTHESIA, and when they attach the dead man switch to bombs set all over the world, he just slightly grimaces.
  13. RyanSz

    Wish Upon (2017)

    I remember seeing this on Prime and felt it was very mediocre. It had some interesting death scenes but even in the end it was ho-hum through and through.
  14. Jones isn't even the craziest offender.
  15. Case in point: What was interesting about Great Wall is that Damon and his partners in that movie really are playing second fiddle to the Chinese actors and what they are trying to do, but to get a wide release for a monster movie set in Ancient China with a 99% cast along with a 150 million dollar budget, the director went with a huge name action star to play the English foil to his female lead who was also amazing for the role given to her, in an overly ludicrous film to begin with. As someone who studied linguistics and language for my degree I think the hard thing when it comes to doing Roman characters is that there really isn't a "Roman accent" that people can point at and go "oh yeah that's it." I mean when you say things like British, Italian, Spanish, we all have a strong idea of what that sounds like, but not for Roman for the reasons you stated. Fuck for all we know, Cusack was nailing a Roman accent. They did the same thing in the opening scene of Troy where the kings agreed to send their "champions" forward to battle one another in order to save themselves the bloodshed, time, and loss of resources. At a glance it makes sense for back then as nations would at times be left in unsecured states when large swaths of their armies were off at war, so a king would want to end the conflict as quickly as possible to get back to keeping what was his his. Now with how advanced militaries have become, it's no longer a viable option a nation really doesn't ever become fully unsecured and transportation is so much more advanced that large numbers of troops can be moved quickly in a shorter amount of time. There was a good TV movie in the 70s starring Darren McGavin called The Challenge that had a premise of America and China agreeing to a "surrogate war" with their two best soldiers in order to lay claim to a fallen orbital platform. Yet even in that both sides cheat and send other soldiers after they think their guy can't win.