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  1. RyanSz

    The Spirit (2008)

    It's weird that they cast Macht in this as he really hadn't done anything prior that would warrant a big superhero film, years before Marvel would start casting actors with little name recognition/star power to lead roles like Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, or Tom Holland. The only other thing I remember seeing him in prior to this was as Owen Wilson's co-pilot in Behind Enemy Lines. He's basically the 2000s version of Ron Livingston.
  2. RyanSz

    3000 Miles to Graceland (2001)

    Also, to further help promote this film it was being filmed around the time that David Arquette won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which meant there were a few interviews and promo packages from the set of this film where Arquette was pumping up the fact he would be defending the title at an upcoming PPV and would walk around the set talking to Cox or Russell while carrying the belt. Shockingly their acting was better in these terrible promos was better than this film. I will say that while nearly everything about this movie is terrible, Costner and Russell are legitimately trying to make this work, and are actually kinda fun to watch, which lends credence to the fact that they wanted different routes for the movie as they are complete polar opposites with how they approach what's happening in the film.
  3. RyanSz

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    Finally the movie teased all the way back in episode 2, even more insane that Cage might not even be the craziest thing about this movie.
  4. RyanSz

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    There was a book years ago call The Day of the Dolphin which later became a movie starring George C. Scott that was influenced by the fact that military superpowers were using dolphins for mine detection and other military acts, but in this film the dolphins are trained to pull off assassinations by placing mines/bombs on political leaders' boats. This is also reference a little in the fantastic comic series Animosity where after all animals on Earth gain the ability to speak understandably to humans, some who had been used for military purposes create their own army to fight for equal rights and footing with humans.
  5. RyanSz

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    Yeah the parks tend to frown on that kind of behavior, as Peter Griffin can attest to.
  6. RyanSz

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    I think the dolphins are just saying that it's okay that their dongs are out when they swim with people because they're cute and we'll accept it, but when I try to do the same when I swim with them then they get all weird. Total double standard.
  7. RyanSz

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    I was gonna mention F13 3 as watching it now it is very clear what areas were going to show off the 3d as the actors made very direct, purposeful movements towards the camera to do something benign like hand a wallet over or juggle, but it was clear they were trying to have fun with it, although the wallet scene apparently took a few dozen attempts to get it right for the camera. Considering the discussion of Avatar, I like many apparently, never understood the appeal of that movie, especially now after it has aged so horribly, but I remember everyone when it came out talking up the 3D of it and to see it in Imax, so for Christmas Day, my family decided to see that three hour piece of regurgitated shit in Imax, in 3D, and it was one of the most underwhelming experiences of my life, and by far the worst part of that day, even more so then my parents trying to set me up with a crazy coworker of theirs during the movie. Now if you ever want good to great 3D, it needs to be either an animated film as it's just accentuating the animation rather than adding depth after the fact to a traditional film, or a horror movie because they know what you're coming to see in flying gore and violence, to where I will say that the 3D in Final Destination 4 and Piranha 3D was vastly superior to Avatar. Regarding the training the SeaWorld attendants were taking with how they did their greetings and dressed, Disney has been revealed to be way more like this in how their park workers act around guests, as a way to "maintain the magic" of the park. If you were in a costume, you'd have to be able to do the autograph with both hands in case you were holding a kid, and the autograph has to look as close as you can make it from the autograph from a few decades ago so that the parents can recognize it as the autograph that they got as kids. There is also the rule of never acknowledging that there is more than one person dressed as the same character in the park at one time, and that staff have communal longjohns to wear under the costume because it doesn't ride up and show through the costume.
  8. Yeah there was some legitimate work in this movie to make the video game connections, but it's just fucking stupid to see in real life. It works in a game because you are suspending a bit of disbelief but investing yourself into your character and anything the NPCs are doing is just frosting on the cake if it's done well or a Youtube video if it's glitchy and done poorly.
  9. RyanSz

    Godsend (2004)

    What was great about that movie was that JCVD couldn't pronounce replicant to save his life so every time it came out as replicunt, plus that wig was amazing.
  10. They mention in the episode how Jumanji 2 did this better with how Rhys Darby acted as the main characters' guide, with his lines repeating every minute or so. I'd have loved to see this kind of thing in this film where he sees a scene repeat itself in front of him or a character starts repeating a conversation he just had with them, but alas he was a stupidhead.
  11. I was 13 going onto 14 as a freshman basically because of when my birthday falls in the year and the pretty rigid rules for my school district of when you can start elementary school, so I wasn't so surprised about his age. Also the fact that he's a prodigy can further alienate a kid in a shitty situation, further pushing him into the world he was changing to get closer to his dead dad.
  12. It mentioned he was in middle school, so it could be inferred that he was 11 or 12.
  13. You're correct, but after that it's standard NPC talk. It's another clue to the video game-ness of the movie in how sandbox games like GTA or Red Dead Redemption you can get a mission from an NPC, but once you come back to them after that initial moment, they only talk to you in a generic manner. The first time mentioning the maid would have been included by the son's coding, but after that the seeds had been planted and at this point the game was trying to right the path being taken. The son has to keep upping the ante as the game is doing just as much in the opposite to keep Dill as a fisherman, so it makes sense in that he keeps climbing and raising the stakes as the game is trying to give Dill what is essentially his endgame in catching Justice. In a large game like the various sandboxes, they give you the ability to fight the big boss early in some instances, but it's near impossible to do so, like in the recent zombie game Days Gone where you can take on the biggest zombie horde at any time, but you will die quickly 9 out of 10 times because your equipment isn't high quality and you haven't really leveled up, but you play a bit longer and eventually when you take that same group on, your odds are flipped and the chance of beating them is greatly increased. So by doing these various things not only is Dill finding more reason to go through with the murder, but the son is as well as it was stated by Jason Clarke that the kid was looking for ways to kill him.
  14. The only ones really talking about what a shit Jason Clarke was were the mom, Diane Lane, and first mate, who are secondary characters within the story while the actual NPCs were focused on Justice and Dill continuing to fish. And while Rules may be agreeing to help Dill get rid of the stepdad, the game itself is still combating with the modding being done by the son, so Rules is definitely conflicted about what he's doing and in conflict with the master coding in general, hence the game trying to find a workaround by having others try to entice Dill with Justice since Rules is no longer doing it, as evident by how he's not shown anymore after he agrees to help Dill.
  15. Correction: The kid did not make the game, but was modding it by adding in characters that represented his dad, mom and stepdad. That's explained when nerdlinger gets to Dill and tells him about the game being basically a bunch of minigames set within this island world, with fishing being one of the more popular ones and the favorite of the son. But with the son modifying the game so that he could play out this fantasy, the game was trying to combat that kind of intrusion by doing things like having the nerdlinger give Dill a uber-fish finder, the son of the store owner coming back to town because he was "lucky," and even Djimon's character paying some locals to beat the stepdad up so he didn't come to the boat. With modding, it can be done so much that the game becomes unplayable because it get's bogged down with extra data and items that it didn't forsee being a part of its coding, and what this kid was doing was basically loading a code from Grand Theft Auto complete with murderous spouses, escorts, drunken tourists, and the ability to kill, into a game of Club Penguin, and the code of the original game was trying to level itself out as to not become unplayable, before whatever gobbledeegook about the kid being god was said to nerdlinger and he decided to help out Dill. As for the various M. Night clues there were quite a bit of them, and they were pretty easy to see knowing the twist beforehand. Things like the opening scene being an aerial run over the ocean up to Dill's boat was a bad opening cutscene, the camera pans were laggy changes in camera angle due to the modifications to the game, the side mission of finding Diane Lane's missing cat, the offering of better bait or equipment were microtransactions, and how all of the townspeople are NPCs in that they just talk solely in mission prep dialogue to the fact that there are only really maybe 10 people on the island and never more than 4 on screen at once. Even scenes where Dill isn't present like the ones with the mom and stepdad in the hotel are pulled from expansive sandbox games like GTA and Assassin's Creed where expository scenes are shown to the player outside of their character to give them a bit more backstory before moving forward in the game. What I found funny was that this movie is basically a film version of a second opinion that was read during the Jack Frost episode where the writer wrote that they put a snowman together in the hopes their dead dad comes back like the dad in that film. It's like Stephen Knight heard that and thought, "I can make that movie but I'll update it with video games."