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  1. RyanSz

    Death Race 2000 (1975)

    If anything, this shouldn't be covered as it was a satire for the times and worked well in that regard, what should be covered are either the first remake with Statham or the most recent sequel done by Corman, which is truly awful. The latter is interesting as it loses complete sight of the original's meaning or humor, and replaced nearly all of the practical effects with horrible CGI.
  2. RyanSz

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    It is also interesting in that there seems to be ZERO breeze when they are on the helipad, which is at or near the top of the skyscraper. At that height they should almost need to be harnessed to the sides so as to not be blown off the side of the building. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is again the perfect example as there are real stakes as you see Tom Cruise is being blown against the side of that building while he's trying to hold onto the side of the building with the spy gloves he has, and that building is half the size of this one. Then you add in the turbine which apparently makes a crapload of noise, so I have no idea how much soundproofing the rich guy would need to put into his penthouse to mute that out, because from my experience of having a hotel a mile a way from an airport, the room still shakes quite a bit from passing planes, so his room must feel like a giant earthquake the entire day.
  3. RyanSz

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    I was surprised hearing the opinions of this, which I felt is pretty ho hum, and Rampage, which I enjoyed for being pretty off the wall for a video game adaptation, in comparison to San Andreas which i though was only good for some batshit scenes and the CGI. The one thing that was missed by the hosts in regards to the overall plan, was that the people Botha worked for were basically coolio with the building owner having the reverse blackmail on them as they had already gotten paid and the building was done. They were upset at Botha for allowing their information to be taken in the first place as he was supposed to be handling that situation, so for the building owner to get one over on him reflected poorly upon Botha, which would mean that the guys he worked for were going to have him killed for his failure. So Botha was trying to get the blackmail material not so much for his bosses, but rather to show he still has value to their criminal organization and that he can clean up his mess. Also I think this movie has topped the remake of 3:10 to Yuma in the unbelievable one legged acting, as after about 15 minutes, The Rock was moving with zero appearance of missing a leg, as at least Christian Bale was limping a bit with his missing leg in 3:10.
  4. RyanSz

    The Bachelor (1999)

    I remember my mom loving this movie when it came out, and did think it was a nice twist on the deadline marriage trope by having all of the addendums to the will to make sure it wasn't a one night Vegas marriage to get 100 million, albeit those added stipulations were kind of ridiculous in how to track and who would call bullshit on O'Donnell if he didn't keep up with them, the grandfather's lawyer or his business competitors who were looking to buy the business? Then you think of the logistics of one stipulation being that the couple can't be apart for more than one day per month? Who the fuck would think that's a healthy relationship in that by that thinking you could never work for a company that requires you to travel for business, go on a trip with your solo group of friends away from the spouse, or any number of reasons you might need or want to be a way from your spouse for more than a day, I honestly think the grandfather was trying to kill his grandson with that kind of stipulation, along with the one about having a child within the first five years of the ten year minimum marriage, because what if one spouse is sterile, does that automatically void their chance at fulfilling the will and they get nothing?
  5. Thankskilling is on Prime I think, the perfect Thanksgiving movie that will segue out of Halloween.
  6. Having just seen Skyscraper, it wasn't that bad if not a watered down Die Hard/Olympus Has Fallen ripoff.
  7. RyanSz

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    The movie was aptly named Frankenpenis. John also did a cameo on WWF Monday Night Raw helping Val Venis, a wrestler who had a porn star character, to the ring after an angry husband of one of the women Val slept with had tried to castrate him with a katana.
  8. RyanSz

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    Speaking of creepy dummies, I remember as a kid going past a house that had big front windows that went from floor to ceiling and the owner, whom I assume had bought these things from the Chuck E. Cheese that closed down, had the entire animatronic band positioned facing out towards the street. While they were creepy to see in the daytime, they were fucking terrifying at night because he didn't have blinds on the windows and the light was always off in that room so they were standing in darkness, with really only their faces visible to people passing by. I can only the terror a person would feel the first time they walk into the room and seeing the backs of these things not realizing they were robots from a pizza place.
  9. RyanSz

    In Dreams (1999)

    True and there were points where I would be screaming at her to shut up about apples or red hair or whatever else she ranted about, but he was a dick even before the kid got taken, like literally ready to throw down with her as soon as he came into the house the first time for seemingly no reason. Also I would love the show to take 30-45 minutes discussing the outdoor play that seemed to have no connection to a school or anything and those fucking pixie girls that were just screaming in Benning's face for zero reason. I also wonder if they were trying to go for a Silence of the Lambs feel by having the antagonist only on screen for as little as possible, as RDJ is only in the movie for the last 20 minutes even though he's the impetus for everything Benning does, hell the actor who played the younger version of his character was on screen more than him.
  10. RyanSz

    In Dreams (1999)

    Just started watching this and am wondering if Benning was on Nic Cage level of cocaine for this role, Also her husband is just a gigantic asshole to her for what seems like no reason.
  11. Well of course he wants dongs to be shown more on screen, I mean have you seen that dude's hog? In other dong related news, did you guys hear that people online freaked out about a new issue of Batman where you could see the shadowed outline of his nude dong tip? It wasn't even really a closeup and it was in a shadow, but for some reason people were unprepared for Batdong.
  12. Assume that they looked like this.
  13. So apparently the theme of a more "anything goes" policy at male strip clubs is prevalent enough that there are a few adult sites using it as a theme, some even actual Magic Mike-esque companies that film their work at private bachelorette parties. Now while the phrase "reality porn" sort of died about a decade ago when film technology got better and the companies started to admit using actual adult film actresses, this genre seems to be the one that people still question if it isn't just real and not actually scripted, simply because it's such a thing at the actual clubs. The biggest of these type of sites, Dancing Bear, did finally get revealed to be staged as some of the extras in one scene admitted that they were paid 50-100 bucks to sit around, drink, and watch the scene being filmed, but it took years for even that to come out to the point that there were some articles online trying to research the reality of the scenes and still not coming up with anything concrete.
  14. Since we're close to the Halloween episode I'd thought I recommend the batshit insane horror film Jack Frost. This only real reason this got a push in video stores was because Shannon Elizabeth had her breakout role in American Pie, even though she's only in this film for about 10 minutes, though the bulk of that is in probably it's most notable scene which is the snowman sexual assault. Then there's things like anti-freeze oatmeal, more icepuns than in Batman & Robin, and the fact that it came out around the same time as the Michael Keaton Jack Frost movie so no whenever one is shown on TV, cable companies almost always get the descriptions switched. I did have a coworker actually have this happen as they were hoping to watch the Keaton one with their child, only to realize it was the wrong one after the first kill scene.
  15. I'm sure there is something on archive.org or JSTOR, but I don't want to consider the search phrasing I'd have to put together to find what might have been talked about in the show.