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    Episode 222 - Unforgettable

    In a weirder twist, she has basically taken over the Meghan Markle female-lead role on Suits, adding to a the ever growing HDTGM-iverse. Also this is the SECOND time she's done a role like this, and recently as well as she played a very similar character in a movie called Home Sweet Hell and prior to that was doing Zzzquil commercials.
  2. RyanSz

    Episode 222 - Unforgettable

    So did anyone else see this as an allegory to Heigl's career? She started as a child/teen model, an industry with a strong emphasis on looks, and surprisingly earned a reputation as a difficult to work with due to stage parent mom who was also her manager, That reputation carried into her acting career where she did a variety of movies and shows, but nothing huge enough to get her continuous bigger roles. Then she lands Gray's Anatomy and earns heaps of praise and an Emmy, she even admitting during that speech that even her own mom/manager didn't think she was good enough to win. This basically has Hollywood needing to give her those bigger roles as the current "it" actress, akin to her getting an anchor baby to keep her husband in this movie. That eventually sours though as her prior reputation continues to cause her issues, like her various interviews about Knocked Up or how she withdrew her name from Emmy consideration because she didn't like the writing for Gray's Anatomy. Eventually she's leaving the show and doing flop after flop which pushes her outta sight of the casual TV/movie viewer, as her character also feels in this film, in what many saw along with the Emmy pulling out as a career suicide, which she does with literal suicide at the end of this. Or maybe I'm just punchy from getting home after midnight from the Berkeley show, trying to remember my correction and omission for when that episode comes out.
  3. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    Yeah the original is considered the first real slasher, but even then it was more suspenseful as you had no idea who the killer was or why they were doing it, even at the end of the movie. The remake from a decade ago tried to do some backstory but also went the straight up slasher route with it, and while I enjoy it as a guilty please it is by no means a good movie. With it being Blumhouse it looks like they got the rights incredibly cheap and decided to try it again to get at least some profit, but when you look at this trailer it completely gives the viewer no real reason to watch the movie in theaters because it gives away everything from who the bad guys are to what appears to be the final battle. The remake still worked because they put the right circumstances in it where IIRC there was a snowstorm making it difficult for anyone to get in or out, and there weren't many people around due to Christmas break, and the killers were using the phones of their victims so the other girls in the house had a reason to pick up the phone thinking it was another sorority sister or a boyfriend.
  4. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    I'll preface this by saying I love the original Black Christmas and enjoy the first remake as a guilty pleasure, but this one just isn't clicking with me. I don't know if it's because it completely gives away who the bad guys are with it's frat vs. sorority angle, or that it seems to have some supernatural tilt to the whole thing when the prior films had none it's just coming off as a studio buying the rights for a quick buck.
  5. RyanSz

    Ed (1996)

    I am amazed at how I wasn't terrified as a kid seeing this movie if only for the actor playing the chimp and the costume. This movie is straight up nightmare fuel.
  6. Yes original intent was bad films but if it never evolved, which it did very quickly, it would have never opened it up for great discussions like in the Punisher War Zone episode or the episode with Brian Taylor from Crank. If it had been just horrible, soul-crushing films like Ninja Terminator or Last Airbender, they'd have probably stopped years ago.
  7. To be fair that tagline for the forum has been there since the near beginning of the show, before it evolved into discussing "thank god this got made movies" like Face/Off, the Fast and Furious series, and Crank movies. Tex was one of the of the higher ups within the Family and was involved with both the Tate murders as well as the LaBianca murders that took place the next night and has been in prison since 71. Basically up to the twist, the movie was following history in who was going up to the Tate house that night and what they were planning on doing.
  8. I absolutely loved this movie and for me it didn't feel too long as it basically had the same tone and style for the majority of the film, outside of the ending. I'm honestly surprised that he didn't make this his final film since it's such a love letter to Hollywood's Golden Age, and it honestly amazes me at the incredible number of well known actors who were in this movie, many with zero lines, just to be in a QT movie. I was going thru the IMDB cast list for it and was stunned seeing the names mentioned and trying to go back in my head of where I might have seen them in the movie. If Brad Pitt doesn't get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod for this it would be a complete travesty, as it would if the young girl actress who talked to Leo on the Lancer set or Bella the dog as they were complete scene stealers. I will say it was weird watching this movie and its ending and realizing that on numerous occasions I was within arm's reach of Tex Watson because of my job, it was a instant thought that popped into my head as I was driving home that was a weird sense of unease. Though in usual QT fashion, I was laughing at the scene of the Family members fanboying out realizing that they were just yelled at by Leo's character who they watched on TV when they were kids, even though they were still trying to complete their given task.
  9. Since we've opened the door to Walter Hill films, I am suggesting this biopic, which I use loosely, of Wild Bill Hickok starring Jeff Bridges in the title role and features a cast that includes Ellen Barkin, John Hurt, Diane Lane, Bruce Dern, and Keith Carradine. It basically covers the last few years of his life through flashbacks, but those flashbacks basically amount to Wild Bill walking into a bar yelling at someone, and then shooting at least three people. The craziest scene might be where he has a wheelchair duel with a man (Dern) who called him a horse molester. Oh and David Arquette trying to act tough with a straight face and countless flashbacks within flashbacks. This movie is batshit insane
  10. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    Oh yeah there is definitely a market for these films and they know when to put them out for maximum profit. There's a reason that these movies release around Easter, Christmas, or in times of the year when there is a lull for big releases. With It 2 coming out next week there wasn't anything big coming out outside of that Don't Let Go film, so this was a good time to release some generic preach film, and considering that these movies are like horror films in that they are cheap to make, the profit margin can be very high, meaning they get to keep making them.
  11. RyanSz

    Jacob's Ladder (2019)

    I didn't realize it was even close to coming out, thinking it would be an October release. I like that they've tried to update it but by making it a brotherly story rather than a single man's path through the aftermath of war, I'm wondering how many ways they can handle the twist that the viewer wouldn't already see coming.
  12. RyanSz

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    So from Wikipedia, for the release in the UK, posters were put out with the phrase "The Number One Film" but in very tiny print also wrote it was for the IMDB Bottom 100.
  13. RyanSz

    Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

    So going through this movie it clearly pulled a lot of inspiration from other uncharacteristic romcoms like 10 Things I Hate About You/Taming of the Shrew, the stalkerness from There's Something About Mary, and even the song prior to guitar smash is basically a reworded version of Weird Al's "You Don't Love Me Anymore" where a guy is lamenting an ex who basically did everything outside of murder him to let him know that they were through. Also the mom and friend were definitely meant to be intimate with one another, if only going by the actor for Arno being THE Greg Wilson, and yes that is that fucker's actual stage name, because a guy like that would go for a character like this. Also, with the way guys stalk Paris Hilton in this movie, you could literally add a "X months later" followed by her final chase/death scene from House of Wax with one of the guy's names ADR'ed in as if she's hiding form him, and the movie's tone would not change and it would fit perfectly. Lastly I can at least give Cole Slawson some credit for trying in a making up a shitty cover name, unlike Peter Griffin who completely failed when put up to the task.
  14. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    What's always weird about these movies is they either get stars past their prime/heyday or they get actors who look similar enough to current actors to trick people into thinking that's who in the film, like I could have swore from looking at that image on the clip you posted that Issa Rae was in the movie along with a chunky Scott Foley.
  15. Let me say before I start that I absolutely love this movie. It has a great mix of sci-fi, action, and comedy, but I can admit that it is batshit crazy. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect in this movie, Joe Bob Briggs style: 1 Luke Perry cameo 1 multicolored elephant alien as a pet dozens of dead bodies that disappear as if it was a video game 1 blonde penis pompadour 1 platinum blonde Bruce WIllis 2 tit flashes 1 body making machine 1 plastic headed Gary Oldman 1 cockroach bot dozens of dog mercenaries 3 frozen soldiers Tiny Lister as the president 2 shapeshifters i fiery ball of evil 2 sex scenes Let's also not forget that the protagonist and antagonist of the movie, Willis and Oldman, respectively, never actually see each other in the entire movie. And to that matter, they barely know that the other person even exists: Willis only knows of Oldman because he works at his taxi company and Oldman only knows Willis after hearing he won a contest, not that he is the guy who is trying to stop him. I can easily see both Jason and June's heads exploding on this one, especially after how they were during the Spice Girls episode.
  16. Are we really trying to find sense/rationality in a Fast and Furious movie?
  17. RyanSz

    The Banana Splits (2019)

    I saw the trailer a week or so before Comic Con where they were doing a panel for it and I thought it looked interesting albeit a clear grab at mixing a nostalgia show with Five Nights at Freddy's which still has a very strong pop culture following.
  18. No he said undercompensating in the way to act as the reversal of how cars are seen as overcompensation, meaning he was saying he doesn't need to compensate as he's carrying a Chev Chelios sized horse cock. It's not written in the best way but that was what he was trying to convey I feel.
  19. So what I saw about Snowflake was that it was a codeable/modifiable virus that had been developed for the cult under the doctor's belief that it was actually going to be a cure-all for various illnesses, but instead was made into an uber bioweapon. The ticking clock with it being in Kirby's arm is twofold in that not only would it kill her, but it's in its base form meaning that it's transmittable and deadly to everybody rather than whoever was selected by Eteon. This is a topic that was actually discussed in great detail in the amazing comic series Think Tank by Matt Hawkins, which based it off actual real world research by brain trusts and government contracts from around the world about being able to launch a suppressant/contaminant in a mass populated area and have it only affect people with certain genetic markers. It's pretty scary stuff considering it's an actual possibility of a weapon like this being made. This is what I loved so much about the original Kick-Ass movie in how it had the characters show both putting on the eye-black for their masks or if they removed the masks that same makeup would be smeared all to hell because of them sweating from fighting and running around. I love how she's throwing herself into this role, which is basically her character from RED if she was just a complete criminal instead of an assassin. I did look at my phone during the start of the credits though, so did they show who the family looked at when they asked someone "how long they've been working at the prison" like Mirren had an inside man? Right now that makes equal sense with it being Hobb's father, who if it is that, I can't imagine who they would cast to be the Rock's dad unless they are finally able to get Denzel Washington like they've been trying or a random one like Morgan Freeman. I've also read theories that it could be Kurt Russell's character playing both sides or Han who has been working in the shadows since the landing strip in FF6. Here are my thoughts on the episode now from my scribbled notes while listening at work. So what I could see in regards to how soldiers got their upgrades was based on I presume their rank, with Elba being the clear General with all of the upgrades that he's had and mentioning to his direct squad having some boosts as well. Han is a cold blooded murderer even before FF as he helped some friends murder a classmate in Better Luck Tomorrow, which Justin Lin confirmed the character is the same in both films, so he's not a completely innocent victim of Shaw's revenge. I was amazed at the number of dick kicks/punches in this film and how hard they were sold, though I imagine getting kicked in the dick by the Rock's tree trunk of a leg would just lead to instant murder. I also loved that the film answered my biggest question from the trailer in that why didn't Elba's men just mow down the Samoans who only had clubs and spears, instead deciding to fist fight them. By having their guns recognition chips get hacked it worked so well because it was plausible and grounded, while if this had been a FF movie it would have been Vin Diesel just calling the bad guys pussies and that caused them to drop their weapons and put up their dukes. Lastly, I think having seen this entire series so far, I can honestly say the trajectories that these characters follow means that this whole series is a Jacob's Ladder Scenario, started when Dom crashes his dad's car into a truck at the end of FF1. He imagines the undercover cop who ruins his hijacking operation letting him escape, reuniting with his crew to pull off a giant job in Brazil turning them all into multimillionaires, again being let go by the cop chasing after them, to eventually becoming the leader of the go-to special ops team that is sent to battle terrorists of all kinds and traveling the world and getting garages filled with amazing cars, not to mention his now apparent superhuman abilities that each of them all contain. If the tenth movie ends with him driving off in the sunset with Letty and his kid, only for it to cut back to is flipped over car in 2001 with his sister crying with Brian as the jaws of life are being used to pry open the car to remove his corpse, I will lose my mind in the theater.
  20. I had once looked up the various Rotten Tomatoe scores for the movies done by the show and realized that the show has really spread itself across the spectrum of movies and their critical reviews. So I have updated the initial list up to the current listed upcoming episodes and I gotta say some of these scores were surprising, for both high and low scores. It's also good to see such a great spread of movies in comparison to other podcasts that seem to just choose low hanging fruit or current dreck. Burlesque - 36% Season of the Witch - 10% Old Dogs - 5% Last Airbeder - 6% Drive Angry - 46% Battlefield Earth - 2% All About Steve - 6% Sucker Punch - 23% Fast Five - 78% Mac and Me - 0% Tied for Lowest The Tourist - 20% The Love Guru - 14% Crank 2: High Voltage - 64% Green Lantern - 26% The Back-Up Plan - 19% Skyline - 15% Gigli - 7% The Wicker Man - 15% Punisher: War Zone - 27% I Know Who Killed Me - 9% Leprechaun in the Hood - 33% The Room - 35% Superman III - 24% Catwoman - 9% Jingle All the Way - 17% Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - 24% Crank - 61% Trespass - 10% Cool As Ice - 8% Birdemic - 20% 88 Minutes - 5% Abduction - 4% The Adventures of Pluto Nash - 6% Tiptoes - 29% On the Line - 19% Speed 2: Cruise Control - 2% Bad Ass - No Score Godzilla - 26% Judge Dredd - 18% Spiderman 3 - 63% (actually shocked by this one) Batman & Robin - 12% Wild Wild West - 21% Jaws 4: The Revenge - 0% Tied for Lowest Road House - 43% Barb Wire - 29% Super Mario Bros. - 13% Sleepaway Camp - 70% (shocked by this as well) Cobra - 13% Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - 48% Liz and Dick - 40% Reindeer Games - 25% Anaconda - 38% The Odd Life of Timothy Green - 38% The Devil's Advocate - 66% Nothing But Trouble - 9% From Justin to Kelly - 10% In the Name of the King - 4% Spice World - 29% Street Fighter - 12% Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - 4% Joyful Noise - 33% Fast & Furious 6 - 69% After Earth - 11% Howard the Duck - 14% Demolition Man - 64% Sharknado - 82% (wow, really?) Over the Top - 36% Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles - 11% Gymkata - 18% The Glimmer Man - 13% Toys - 26% Congo - 22% Halloween III: Season of the Witch - 33% Daredevil - 44% Fair Game - 13% Hudson Hawk - 24% Crossroads - 14% Deck the Halls - 6% Jack Frost - 20% Mortal Kombat - 33% Double Team - 11% Winter's Tale - 13% No Holds Barred - 11% Color of Night - 22% Ernest Goes to Jail - 13% Easy Rider: the Ride Back - no critic reviews, 29% audience score Mr. Nanny - 7% Gooby - 20% Sharknado 2 - 59% Staying Alive - 0% (surprised this had such a low score) Glitter - 7% Temptation - 15% Monkey Shines - 52% Rhinestone - 15% LOL - 17% A View to A Kill -34% Junior - 32% Xanadu - 39% Tango and Cash - 34% Zardoz - 44% Safe Haven - 12% Deep Blue Sea - 56% Lake Placid - 39% Con Air - 55% Face/Off - 92% Highest The Island of Dr. Moreau - 23% Hercules in New York - 17% Jupiter Ascending - 25% TMNT 2 - 33% Runaway - 44% Sharknado 3 - 34% Top Dog - 0% Lowest Theodore Rex - no critic score, 21% audience score Furious 7 - 81% Maximum Overdrive - 17%
  21. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    It was a limited series of about 5-6 issues, and does A LOT better of showing their rise than the movie, which shows their setbacks like getting guns pulled on them by store owners or other gangsters, as much as their successes a bit more clearly. Gleeson's character is also introduced a lot better and his relationship with Moss develops more fluidly, and the relationship that Haddish's character has in the comic is actually with the second-in-command mobster from Brooklyn, which allows for them to get legitimacy in the underworld as he shows them the ropes of sorts and helps them build some bridges within that world. I did like McCarthy's dad as the voice of reason/angel on her shoulder, but his sudden turn at the end when he was all for her new business venture was so out of left field I was thinking he forgot who is character was. As for the ending in the comic
  22. RyanSz

    Trailer Talk

    Well I can say that I am officially bummed with how The Kitchen turned out. I thought Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss gave incredibly performances, but Tiffany Haddish was pretty miscast, then you had great character actors in Common and Esteemed Character Actress Margo Martindale who are basically reduced to worthless blips in the movie. Yet the worst part of the movie was its ending as it doesn't follow the big rule of crime films in that . I really did want to enjoy the movie overall but it was so choppy and rushed at times that it just fell incredibly flat.
  23. RyanSz

    Midsommar (2019)

    I actually liked this a bit more than Hereditary, as it was a bit clearer in what was going on, although some of the character choices made after the midway point are very tropeish for horror movies. I will say I was amazed that there was no argument/fistfight between the female lead or her boyfriend and the friend who was working on his thesis who clearly knew what the cliff lunch was all about, but didn't inform her even knowing what she was recently dealing with in regards to what happened to her family. It might possibly be one of the biggest dick moves in all of movie history.
  24. During the discussion of Virtuosity it was brought up that both the main stars of the film were A-list Oscar winners and the question was brought up if this film had the most Oscar recipients. So I decided to start compiling a list of nominees and winners in HDTGM films. Names that I looked at were the actors, director, producers, and writers, but those names may not have won in those categories i.e. Justin Timberlake being nominated for Best Song but he acted in The Love Guru. If a person has both won an Oscar but has been nominated other times, I am only listing the win. I'm about 1/6th the way through the episode list, but will be continually working on it. Burlesque Nominated –Stanley Tucci for Lovely Bones Winner – Cher for Moonstruck Season of the Witch Winner – Nicolas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas Old Dogs Nominated – John Travolta for Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction Matt Dillon for Crash Winner – Robin Williams for Good Will Hunting Last Airbender Nominated – M. Night Shaymalan for The Sixth Sense Dev Patel for Lion Frank Marshall for Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Color Purple, The Sixth Sense, Seabiscuit, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Sam Mercer for The Sixth Sense Drive Angry Nominated –Michael De Luca for The Social Network, Moneyball, and Captain Phillips Winner – Nicolas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas Battlefield Earth Nominated – John Travolta for Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction Winner – Roger Christian for Star Wars: A New Hope Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland All About Steve Nominated –Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper, American Hustle Thomas Haden Church for Sideways Winner – Sandra Bullock – The Blindside Sucker Punch – None Fast Five – None Mac and Me – None The Tourist Nominated – Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl Graham King for Hugo and The Aviator Won – Angelina Jolie for Girl, Interrupted Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck for The Lives of Others Graham King for The Departed Christopher McQuarrie for The Usual Suspects Julian Fellows for Gosford Park The Love Guru Nominated – Michael De Luca for The Social Network, Moneyball, and Captain Phillips Justin Timberlake for Trolls Winner – Ben Kingsley for Ghandi Crank High Voltage Won – Tom Rosenberg for Million Dollar Baby Green Lantern Nominated – Angela Bassett for What’s Love Got to Do With It Michael Clarke Duncan for The Green Mile Taika Waititi for Two Cars, One Night Winner – Tim Robbins for Mystic River, Geoffrey Rush for Shine The Back-Up Plan Nominated – Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids Won – Steve Tisch for Forrest Gump Skyline None Gigli Won – Ben Affleck for Good Will Hunting and Argo Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman Christopher Walken for The Deer Hunter The Wicker Man Nominated – James Franco for 127 Hours Winner – Nicolas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas Ellen Burstyn for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Punisher: War Zone Nominated – Lexi Alexander for Johnny Flynton I Know Who Killed Me None Leprechaun in the Hood None The Room None Superman 3 Nominated – David Newman for Bonnie and Clyde Jackie Cooper for Skippy Annette O’Toole for A Mighty Wind Robert Vaughn for The Young Philadelphians Catwoman Nominated – Sharon Stone for Casino Winner – Halle Berry for Monster’s Ball Jingle All the Way Nominated – Chris Columbus for The Help Michael Barnathan for The Help Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 Nominated – Anna Kendrick for Up In the Air Won – Bill Condon for Gods and Monsters Crank Won – Tom Rosenberg for Million Dollar Baby Trespass Win – Irwin Winkler for Rocky Nicolas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas Nicole Kidman for The Hours Cool as Ice None
  25. RyanSz

    Episode 219.5

    Even that wasn't enough to prepare me for that movie.