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  1. jimkiler

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    if you have not watched this movie yet, Vudu has it for a 99 cent rental in HD, https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/Striptease/9238, better late than never.
  2. jimkiler

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    BMX racing was too big so the winner would not be affordable to the guy and his henchmen. They did mention Coke as a sponsor so this guy did not want to get gouged from the hell track winner.
  3. jimkiler

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    In the beginning of this movie the boys are going on the paper route. Besides the issue of 1. the main character lands on a station wagon and the mom cannot tell the difference between obnoxious kids and a bike crashing on her hood (which would leave a dent!) 2. the fact that you can have a paper delivery sent to my boat. But to me the most disturbing thing is 3. the firefighters are getting a paper while on a call. If I lived in that town i would move ASAP. I can imagine the firefighters on scene of a house fire but not doing anything until they read the paper. Where are their priorities that a paper has to be obtained before going to a fire? Do they have to stop and get coffee on the way to the fire as well?
  4. https://slickdeals.n...0#post113326919 crazy they are selling the HDTGM reviewed series for so cheap! Maybe this podcast should do the other 6 movies in the series with this deal going on!
  5. jimkiler

    Episode 179 - Second Sight: LIVE!

    I just want to point out this is another movie i remember seeing as a child, not only seeing but when i saw the trailer thinking it looked good and could not wait to see it. Once again Jason and Paul point out how bad my taste in movies was as a kid. Other movies i liked as a kid they have destroyed include: Sleepaway Camp The Running Man Mac and Me (although this one i saw in school) Superman 3 & 4 Batman & Robin Nothing But Trouble Halloween III and Mortal Kombat. Please do not ever have an episode for the original Terminator! PS this is my favorite podcast!
  6. jimkiler

    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    I thought about this and i did not catch the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil reference. I was too busy trying to see bullet holes that were not there, confusing is an understatement. This movie is rated R and has almost no blood, very odd.
  7. Was the actor playing Valerian trying to impersonate Keanu Reeves? I thought of that every time he talked.
  8. jimkiler

    Episode 49 — Cobra: LIVE!

    I read that the song "The Touch" that was made popular by Transformers: the animated movie was originally written for this movie, Cobra. That song would not work as well in Cobra as it does in Transformers, crazy! https://geektyrant.com/news/2010/9/8/interview-stan-bush-singersongwriter-of-the-touch-from-trans.html
  9. jimkiler

    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    You forgot that if she can pass through all those tests and then get the package, what were the vampire/hemo-whatever's doing all his time. They already possessed the capabilities to destroy the ministry and all inside. This movie is really V just toying with the ministry and Daxis. Either in the episode or corrections and omissions someone said that the director alluded to Six possibly being form another dimension or future and could be UltraVoilet. I finally watched this movie tonight, free on MS Store!, and i see one hint at that. the kid is called Six and Ultra Voilet is called V by the Six. V is roman numeral 5, so is she also a clone of Daxis?
  10. this is the sequel to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and i believe it is still played every year. I have no idea why they play it, it is very bad. It is considered a TV movie so no arguing it is a show. A year after delivering Christmas presents, Santa Claus receives a letter from his friend Father Time asking for help to find Happy the Baby New Year before midnight on New Year's Eve, or else it will be December 31 forever. Santa sends Rudolph out to find him. An evil vulture called Eon the Terrible is supposed to live for exactly one Eon after which he will turn into ice and snow and disintegrate. As his particular Eon will end January 1 of the New Year, he plans to kidnap Happy to keep the year from ending and stop time, thus preventing his predestined death even though i suffered through a lot of bad shows with my kids this is one of the worst. I know it will not make the 2017 christmas season but hopefully by 2018 we can suffer through this piss poor performance perpetuated by capital greed.
  11. jimkiler

    Skyline 2: Beyond Skyline (2017)

    i hope the guy from 24 season 1 and the other guy from Dexter reprise their roles even if they died in the first since i cannot remember.
  12. jimkiler

    Santa with Muscles (1996)

    i am cringing just by reading that plot synopsis...
  13. jimkiler

    HDTGM Bingo

    If Paul did hear you and replied that would be one point but in your scenario i would give you 2 points.
  14. jimkiler

    The Snowman (2017)

    I want to read the spoiler ending but wikipedia does not have it yet, sad face.
  15. This is a bad movie but yet if it is on TV i want to watch it, why?