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  1. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Golden Child (1986)

    I love this movie, that said its fucking insane and would be a wonderful episode.
  2. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Double Dragon (1994)

    I had this movie on VHS as a kid and probably saw this movie like 20 times. Mark Dascascos and Robert Patrick both made this movie better and more fun to watch than it had any right being. The scene where Robert Patrick has to pretend he's both Scott wolf and Mark Dascascos is amazing.
  3. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 206.5 - Minisode 206.5

    John Cusack in a period piece like this makes as much sense as it did when a coked out Ray Liotta showed up in In the Name of the King.
  4. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Scout (1994)

    I've seen this movie probably more than a dozen or so times because of its constant rotation on HBO. As a fan of both Albert Brooks and Brendan Fraser, I have to agree this movie really is a odd mix. The first scene with Diane Wiest is super jarring in terms of the tonal shift the movie makes after that point.
  5. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Kiss of Death (1995)

    They have to do a David Caruso movie at some point, if not this than Jade would also be alot of fun. I've recently rewatched most of CSI Miami and it cannot be stated more emphatically how much of a fucking terrible actor he is.
  6. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Broken Arrow (1996)

    Cannot believe this hasnt been posted before. I think its been referenced in at least a dozen other conversations in other movies threads. I think its impossible not to notice that Travolta and Slater have 1000% more sexual chemistry than Slater and Mathis. I really thought the ending of this movie was going to involve Slater talking Travolta down from his plan by telling him how much he's always loved him.
  7. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Basic (2003)

    Yea this movie would be great because theres no way they wouldn't all walk away from a viewing of this movie absolutely furious. Rashomon style storytelling can be very fun when done well. The Halloween episode of It's Always Sunny is a standout for me. This movie however is not effective. It just feels like the movie is actively lying to you throughout, and when the final twist hits they've already gone in so many different directions and it just feels like a giant fuck you to everyone watching.
  8. My biggest takeaway from this movie is how hilariously ineffectual the husband is in this movie. Usually in a movie like this its the husband who would be expected to save his family from the kidnappers. This movie decided to buck that trend and have some random "teenager" save the day. So he basically does less to save his family from the mess he put his family in than his wife, who actively saves her husband and son multiple times. Its even more funny to me because the actor playing the husband routinely plays scumbags in other roles so when he showed up I kept waiting for the twist where he was secretly involved all along.
  9. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Cellular (2004)

    When Statham goes to choke Kim Basinger with the phone cord, it was so jarring. William H. Macy was delightful throughout, he was easily the best part of the movie for me.
  10. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Bird Box (2018)

    I havent seen the entire movie I think I caught the back half at my mom's house on Christmas. So I'll have to watch the entire thing though at some point. I will say I did appreciate the movie a bit more after reading analysis about this movie that posited that the monsters in the movie were supposed to statements on social media/peoples obsession with their smart phones.
  11. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Ed and His Dead Mother (1993)

  12. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    Yea, Batman Begins is without question a better movie than Batman and Robin. But on a rainy day if I were given the choice to watch one or the other i'd more than likely go with Batman and Robin.
  13. Ofcoursemyhorse

    3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995)

    Yea they shot this one back to back with the first movie. So you have to imagine most of the cast and crew were more than likely running on fumes when they filmed this. And insanely enough the second movie in the series was actually the third one filmed. Which as child completely confused the shit out of me. Because when you watch the second movie in the series the only kid who stayed from the original was Colt. Then this movie came out, which not only had all three kids, but Colt looked significantly younger. So if you watch these movies in the order released it gives the distinct impression that Colt is essentially Benjamin Button.
  14. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Bird Box (2018)

    That makes a bit more sense. It also reminds me of the Phone Booth/Liberty Stands Still situation. I do think Krasinski was infinitely more successful in his take on the premise though.
  15. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Bird Box (2018)

    This movie was clearly trying to be A Quiet Place. What it ends up being is a hybrid of that movie and The Happening.