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  1. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Addicted To Love (1997)

    Rom-com with a really creepy premise. Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan team up to do terrible things to a generally very likable Tcheky Karyo.
  2. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Wolf (1994)

    They fucking have to do this movie. The werewolf fight scene between Jack Nicholson and James Spader is pretty goddamn spectacular.
  3. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The River Wild (1994)

    Watched this movie again last night and its just so fucking dumb. Kevin Bacon is like the weirdest fucking villain imaginable in this. It's also unfortunately from a time where no one in Hollywood knew how much of a national treasure John C. Reilly is and cast him in throwaway roles like the one he plays in this.
  4. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Shrunken Heads (1994)

    Its definitely one of the more fun Full Moon entertainment movies. I've tried going back and watching some of the Puppetmaster movies because i'd always loved the designs of the puppets when I was younger. But they really dont stand up well to the test of time.
  5. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Dead Man on Campus (1998)

    Bump for this, hard to say who I feel worse for Mark Paul Gosslear because he's so much better in this movie than it deserves. Or Lochlyn Munro, who clearly thought that this was going to be the role that skyrocketed him to fame.
  6. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The People Under the Stairs (1991)

    I love this movie both because of and in spite of its glaring flaws. Its such a weird and creepy movie, this one definitely spooked me as a kid when I first watched it. The actors playing the brother/sister are both fucking amazing. I also remember loving the set design of the house, it almost became its own character in terms of how much of an impact it leaves on the viewer. I think this would make for an amazing Halloween episode, I really hope they decide to watch this movie at some point.
  7. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Babes in Toyland (1986)

    I can see that being 2 hours of Michael Keaton chainsmoking and rambling like a lunatic. Or a film version of Charlie trying to describe Pepe Silvia in Its Always Sunny.
  8. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    I think the French 2014 version also suffers from having Beast Cassell looking a bit better than actual Cassell.
  9. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Babes in Toyland (1986)

    I can't even imagine the logistics of having to stock a Mcdonalds with VHS tapes but that really was a great idea.
  10. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Babes in Toyland (1986)

    Yea that was a fucking awesome promotion. I can't remember the details, but thats how we got all three Indiana Jones movies on VHS.
  11. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 197 - Beastly: LIVE!

    Oh god this fucking movie, for some reason I thought they'd already released this episode. The concept of a dad telling some random dude that he can have his daughter to repay a debt has not aged particularly well. That said, my favorite part of some of reviews of this movie are from the reviewer saying how much more attractive they find the main character after he goes through his transformation. At that point they're saying alot more about themselves than they are about the movie.
  12. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Score (2001)

    Have to bump this, theres not a chance in hell that this movie would have been as positively received if it was released today. The notion of a heist movie that has one of the main characters using intellectual disabilities as a ruse just seems wildly inappropriate. Also I just rewatched the trailer I posted at the top of the thread and realized how full of shit it was. Angela Bassett is in the movie for all of five minutes of combined screentime. She in no way participates in the heist and or has any involvement to the story other than she's Deniro's girlfriend. So to watch them cut that trailer into a way that makes her one of the team is so fucking crazy.
  13. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Die Another Day (2002)

    Pierce Brosnan's run as 007 just bums me out. I think he's one of the better actors to play Bond. But his movies were all terribly made aside from GoldenEye.
  14. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Mummy Returns (2001)

    While watching Van Helsing for the upcoming episode, its hard not to wonder what went wrong with both it and this sequel to The Mummy. And I think it has to do with the fact that the first Mummy movie made an obscene amount of money for its time. I'm sure in the first Mummy movie had significant studio presence over his shoulder while directing one of Universal's classic movie monsters. But after the insane amount of money that they made i'm sure he was given significantly more leeway in both this and Van Helsing. And I know that it sounds odd to say that a lack of studio notes or intervention led to a worse movie because its typically portrayed as the other way around. But after watching him in interviews and listening to the commentaries for the Mummy movies and Van Helsing it's pretty easy to see that Sommers is basically a ten year old in an adults body. He was basically given free rein to go forward with every batshit crazy idea he could come up with.
  15. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Rollerball (2002)

    I was thinking about this movie the other day and I really hope they get around to talking about this at some point because its fucking crazy. Both the movie itself and the strange story of John Mctiernan. It's insane to think that the director of classics like Predator, Die Hard, Hunt for Red October etc. Also directed a movie that he thought would be aided with the addition of night vision cameras for an what amounts to like 10% of the movies runtime. Theres also the fact that people went to prison over concern about where the direction of this movie was heading. The thought of him sitting in a jail cell and explaining to his cell mate that the reason he's there is because he really wanted to go a different way with Rollerball, is pretty goddamn magical.