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  1. I didn't realize the Child's Play reboot was out already.
  2. This is the thing I found most puzzling about the movie. She was in a near fatal car crash and did "die" but all hear friends and school staff treat it as if she wasn't in the hospital or wasn't even close to dying but rather "on your mom died." At the same time she died but yet her injuries aren't so severe that she couldn't just jump out of her hospital bed upon realizing the truth.
  3. You're right. I forgot that this was an older movie, I was thinking it was 2017 for some reason. Once again I bow to the powers of the other Cameron.
  4. Cam Bert

    All the President’s Men

    I'm sure public perception would be a little ruff at first, but people would soon get on board.
  5. All right The Secret let's talk math. When Olivia Thirlby is coming on to David Duchovny she states "You've got a 36 year old wife in the perfect body of a 16 year old." Also at one point it is stated that Duchovny and Lili Taylor have been together for 20 years. Well quick math tells us that they got together when Lili Taylor was 16, and that means she had to have given birth to her while she was 20. This seems fine but it gets more odd when you think of the overall picture. Taylor and Duchovny's first date was to see the cure. The movie I don't think is a period piece which means they went to see a Cure concert in 1997 which is well past the prime of The Cure. They could have been fans but this seems more likely if they had grown up in the mid to late 80s than the late 90s. People can have different music tastes sure. Next, think about the fact David Duchovny is an optometrist. It takes roughly eight years to become an optometrist. So say he did this from 18, that means from 18 to 26 he was in school. Their daughter was born at the start this time. Raising a child is not cheap and neither is med school, so where is all the money coming from? This leads me to the more creepier thought. Is Duchovny suppose to be the same age as Lili Taylor? Is he 36 as well? If he's suppose to be just a year or two older, that means he was a high school graduate to a full grown adult taking an under aged high school girl to a Cure concert and making out with her all night. Major creep territory and yet somehow seems to fit the motif of the movie perfectly.
  6. Cam Bert

    All the President’s Men

    They'd be mutts to not take advantage of it.
  7. Cam Bert

    All the President’s Men

    Wait, that's not what happened? Next thing you'll be telling me that Air Bud isn't real and there is something in the rules about a dog playing basketball.
  8. Cam Bert

    All the President’s Men

    I think I tend to have a bit of a negative few of "true" stories because I know how often the truth is stretched thin. Some stories are interesting and important but they lack a typical story structure or easy entry point for the audience. So the writers start to move events around, put people where they weren't or even create false moments. People then watch the movie and take it as the truth. Most people don't become interested and then research, they saw the movie so they know what happened. As a result I think I always view a lot of "true" stories through a lens of healthy disbelief which ultimately sometimes hampers my enjoyment of a film. That said films like this, Zodiac, Dog Day Afternoon, etc. are all films I really love that are based on true events. Overall I would say I prefer fiction.
  9. Cam Bert

    All the President’s Men

    Again this movie says all you need to say and know about the characters it just doesn't "say" it. You get that they are young and hungry reporters. That much is said. What is not said you get from their attire, desks, apartments, mannerisms and actions. Going back to the old film adage of show don't tell, this movie shows us a lot about these characters and paints a very detailed picture of them. Just think about these facts: we know that they are young, Bernstein has long hair, he has a bike wheel at his desk, he has a picture of a cyclist at his desk as well, Woodward is the only one seen driving. Put that all together we get a young guy with liberal leanings, possible early environmentalist, that bikes in the city. Do we need him to tell us these things? Do we need a scene in which he tells why he chooses to bike? No. We have all the information we need to put those bits together ourselves. In the end does knowing more about him or why he chooses to bike enrich the story or tell us more about the Watergate scandal and its investigation? No, so why should we spend time with backstories?
  10. It also works as a 15 minute short
  11. I agree and I will defend the much hated Bradley Cooper voice and say that it was a choice on his part to try to sell their brotherhood. It worked for me.
  12. I'm not sure how the love story would play in so well but this story of could be applied to a political drama very easily I think. Maybe this is a point for the original but it makes more sense in my mind that it is acting and not singing though. I don't know how to properly verbalize it but it seems the acting world is a bit harsher on has beens and washed up stars and does seems more likely that a young star bumps out a new star. The music world is much wider and larger, and people seem to be able to milk careers longer.
  13. Also, if anyone could explain to me the no cowboys reference in the apartment ad I'd be very happy.
  14. I too am not "A Star is Born" person. Not that there is anything wrong with the movie and I realize that this specific version is the original but it is just such a well worn trope of a story for the most part that "small town person wants to make it big" that I just kinda instinctively glaze over a bit. What I did find interesting is that this version the focus is very much on Vicki who makes it big while in the new one it seems more about Maine's struggle and she's kinda along for the ride. Rightfully so because both the focused characters are the more interesting ones. I'm going to be the contrarian and say I thought Bradly Cooper was much better than Gaga in the new one (singing aside because obviously) and yes that's largely in part to him writing himself the more complex character. Again the fact that I said I don't like the typical nobody becomes big type story is probably why I like the newer version more because it is more of a story about this guy's downfall which is a bit more interesting to me. Also new Star is Born I hated the third act, pissing the pants on was not good. Heck, maybe Chappelle on is not all that great. On the flip side I thought the original starts weak and gets better. I think the problem I have with the original is a bit like Taylor Anne that I didn't really feel the connection between the two as much as I did in the new one. They are two different relationships for sure, but I felt like more chemistry was had between Gaga and Cooper. Though for me one of the things I had a big problem in both films is the down turn for Maine were kinda sudden in both. The original handled it a bit better for me. Norman Maine seemed to be on the down turn for awhile, and the people were basically over him. Therefore his career finally washing up makes sense but is still a bit sudden. The new one it never really seems his career washed up or was faded. He got bumped for a newer artist at an awards show but that was about it. He was still selling out shows. So while him being jealous of Ally's rise does seem a bit odd but compound that with his hearing loss and that it kinda makes sense. Kinda.