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  1. First I'll start off with the praise. Much like mentioned I enjoyed the colourblind casting of this movie and how much of a non-issue it was. In addition the cast are incredible singers and I liked the songs. My major complaint was I wasn't really feeling the step sisters so much. I get that they are suppose to be the comedic relief but the bouncing between non-comedic bullying of Cinderella and then comedic buffoonery just give me a nose bleed. This leads me to my larger thing I realized. I hate to say this but... I don't think I like the Cinderella story that much. Again like grudlian pointed out this story has a weird issue with the prince being face blind and in this movie with him meeting her before the ball and then not recognizing her is even more confusing. I guess it just kinda falls into the trope of the nerdy girl taking off her glasses and now she's beautiful. It's also close to the Clark Kent/Superman problem. I'm not a fan of it. It is also a story of little to no consequence for the "evil" characters. The step sisters and mom are cruel to Cinderella and their punishment is not marrying the prince they had no chance with to begin with. I think I heard in the original they chop off their toes to fit into the slipper or something.
  2. A very happy birthday to Gigi! And a belated happy birthday to Taylor Anne!
  3. I was just uploading an oddly similar picture just now from watching the last 30 minutes.
  4. Cam Bert


    That's what I thought too. Like I thought him and Rocky were suppose to be from the same neighbourhood or grew up together. Wouldn't that mean Rocky would have known Adrienne from back then? Has been crushing on her that long or is he now seeing her through a new more experienced around 30 light?
  5. Cam Bert


    Another small detail which I find very interesting. Given the fact that Paulie and Adrienne share a home makes me ask why that is. Did their parents pass and she was forced to move in with him or he inherited the house? Why would she be with him and not their parents otherwise? Or was Paulie married and Adrienne moved in to help him as he turned towards alcoholism after losing his wife to death or divorce. There is also a picture of him in a military (I want to say navy) uniform in their living room. There are little bits like this that paint a more complex picture to who Paulie is. Did something happen to force him out of the military and that's why he turned to drinking? Given the timing of this movie most likely he was in Vietnam and that changed him and that's why he became the guy he is. I've not seen Rocky II or V so not sure if this is covered in the later films.
  6. Cam Bert


    What about The Monkees? Are you just on their social media team?
  7. Cam Bert


    The fact that it is the second most popular Christmas song in Japan drives me a little more insane each year.
  8. Cam Bert


    I think it's a combination of luck and talent. Lack of budget or problematic conditions often leads to people being forced to be creative with what they have and what they can do. However just being forced to adapt and change doesn't make something great. It's talent people seeing things or thinking things through that lead to this improvements. I think that's why sometimes smaller independent film makers suffer once they get a big budget. Once they can do whatever and doing have to worry about it or think about it as much.
  9. Cam Bert


    I was trying to figure a way to say this in my letterboxd review but I couldn't think of a pithier way of saying it. I think it is funny that this movie is considered a sports movie or a boxing movie when it is more of a character study. One can relate the message to being about sports and boxing, but this is a story about this man. About getting to know him and where he's from and what he's about and seeing him struggle and grow. The boxing is just a device to allow and show that happen. If this was a movie truly about boxing we'd see more scenes of him learning or honing his technique and more boxing scenes. You definitely would not have that first hour if it was just about the sport. That's why the end of the movie isn't about whether he won or lost but rather that he did it and proved it to himself. Much like why Last Christmas by Wham! is not a Christmas song, you could easily replace the boxing with some other competitive sport like many other films went on to do and the story doesn't change.I think just calling it a boxing movie or a sports film you are missing what makes this movie great. That's also to me a shame that the rest of the films until Balboa basically put the boxing first and all the great character stuff second.
  10. Cam Bert


    I agree with this. They work for each other and I think Rocky's intentions are good. Just look at everything leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. He is constantly checking with Paulie that everything is all right and that Adrienne is aware he's coming and all that. He cares about her and realizes that she's shy and doesn't want to push it. We see him practicing the joke he wants to tell her because he wants to impress her. There so many little things like that that point to, while on paper a big strong guy like him shouldn't have problems with women he is looking for that missing piece. When he meets Adrienne he sees a woman who is the bits he's lacking. He's a rambler, she's quiet and listens. He acts, she thinks. This ultimately leads to the apartment scene. While him holding the door shut did make me a little side eye it, I firmly believe that if she turned away from the kiss he would have stopped. He's never that aggressive with her prior or in the rest of movie and they do seem to really love each other. So while in the moment it seems a little strong when looked at he whole I feel okay with it. Also, not sure if it was intended or not but I like the fact that he shows her his turtles. She quickly acknowledges that she knows because she's the one that sold them to him. However, I read this more as hi saying to her "Look around, am the kind of guy that keeps turtles?" where he is showing her that basically he got the turtles as a way of getting to know her and talk to her.
  11. What struck as a bit odd about the ending is that a few scenes earlier Florence gives this speech to Cosme about when she first started seeing St Clair and she hid bad reviews from him. Yet when he does it for her, and let's face it all the signs were there that's what he was doing, she goes and does it anyway. Dramatic licensing I'm sure, but having her talk about it the day before it happens just seemed like an odd choice to me.
  12. In a weird way this movie remind me of song poems. It's kind of the reverse of the movie actually. Basically a company would advertise they are looking for poems to make into songs, and people could write whatever they wanted and submit it with a fee and in return they would receive a record of their poem/song being sung and set to music. This leads to some bizarre songs that people write, but there are collectors that enjoy them in the same way people enjoyed Florence Foster Jenkins. If anybody is curious there is a documentary about them called Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story that PBS did years ago.
  13. I agree with what has been said about just not caring that much. I think what it came to is I just found so much of the performances to be so hammy. Like the caricature of a hot young New Yorker second wife and almost everything Big Bang Theory was doing had me questioning things. I don't know how much of that is him or the director though. Like he decided to play him very, sorry if this is offensive, fey. I don't know Cosme's sexual orientation but the movie seems to imply and they way he decided to play him just read as a little questionable to me. The main thing it has nothing to do with the story but the performance so broad you can't help but focus on a non-issue. Again he's portraying a real person and maybe that's how he really was but at times I just felt like it was a little too much or a little too broad. I think in the end just the overall broadness of some of the performances prevented me from getting emotionally invested.
  14. Cam Bert

    A Clockwork Orange

    I took a film class in university in which the professor loved Kubrik. Like to him Kubrik wasn't a filmmaker but rather the second coming. As a result I think we covered all his films from 2001 to Eyes Wide Shut in class. Naturally we covered A Clockwork Orange and he went into a whole lecture about it and what it means and everything like it. He was also in the dark comedy camp as well. I remember him talking a bit how the message of the film is so obscure that people miss it and it is embraced for the wrong reason, kinda like Taxi Driver or Fight Club. There is a certain type of male that embraces these characters as examples of cool or what they should be while missing the point of the film. Needless to say I liked the movie. After university I watched several Kubrik films several teams again. 2001 and Dr. Strangelove I both really love and watched regularly. I was also one of those people that defends the second half of Full Metal Jacket. However Clockwork Orange never really got a rewatch. I would just regurgitate what my professor told me to people. Then for Unspooled I went back and watched the movie again, and for me it didn't hold up. This whole movie to me came down to a feeling of wanting to have its cake and eat it too. We are going extreme to prove a message or a point so why not push it as far as we can. It is also the like Amy was saying the hold of Alex up on a pedestal. I found him unlikable, as we are suppose to, but I just found him uninteresting as well. There is no real depth to his character. "He's a thug but he loves art and classic music." Great, that's not depth. And again how the whole thing goes out of its way to dehumanize the women they attack and have the victims "ask for it" yet when Alex as the victim is sympathetic. I get that this can be due to the unreliable narrator aspect of it. We just have to accept that this is all his twisty version of events start to finish, but since I don't care about Alex why do I care to hear his fantasy. I kinda want the shoe to drop if that was the case, but that's just me personally. I also don't know if it is also a lot of the ideas I've now seen done in other films that I enjoy more. While not the exact same I think American Psycho is a better example of a dark comedy with an unreliable narrator from an ultraviolent book.