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  1. NameThatPunky

    Episode 589 - Werewolfwithal

    My brain still can't remember which name came first. It's already accepted Walton Dilcox as reality.
  2. NameThatPunky

    Episode 429 - Remembering Brody Stevens

    This was great and comforting to hear. Thank you Howard for doing this.
  3. NameThatPunky

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    Boy, now this was a journey.
  4. NameThatPunky

    Episode 587 - No Relation

    Hugo getting lots of talk in this ep.
  5. NameThatPunky

    Episode 586 - Butt First

    Man I've missed Gaul. Always brings the bonkers.
  6. NameThatPunky

    Episode 585 - Lemons Is The New Black

    "Polanski has one point" is a sentence I never thought I'd hear.
  7. Incredible! I've heard Sean and DLM a bunch and knew he'd be perfect for this.
  8. Mark was great! I also learned so much about Portugal.
  9. NameThatPunky

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    I want that 'dar
  10. NameThatPunky

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    yo where that 'dar
  11. NameThatPunky

    Episode 580 - Legend of Mr. Met

    I didn't think the baseball player character was going anywhere until oh boy did it go somewhere. Great stuff. Also wonderful how immediately uncomfortable Mr S and Mr A got at the next guest. Just some great bonkers stuff to start the year. Scott's gonna be done with that song by February.
  12. NameThatPunky

    Episode 580 - Legend of Mr. Met

    I don't understand how you've ever enjoyed this podcast.
  13. NameThatPunky

    Episode 41. Girl Talk (w/ Wild Horses)

    The slow realization of that script slayed me.
  14. NameThatPunky

    Episode 40 - One Foot On A Banana Peel (w/ Billy West)

    Wow what a delightful episode. Billy is one of my faves.
  15. NameThatPunky

    Best of 2018 Pt. 2

    The Soup Nazi, he'd be there.
  16. NameThatPunky

    Best of 2018 Pt. 1

    Same, amazing that it was one of the first eligible too. Great stuff as always from the 2 hostbois.
  17. God damn it Nicole Parker is great. And PFT could be the only person that can pull off a top hat in these modern times.
  18. NameThatPunky

    Episode 579 - 2018 Holiday Spectacular

    Shaun Diston's dedication to canon is the bee's knees.
  19. NameThatPunky

    Episode 577 - Miss-pered

    Flula is so fun.
  20. NameThatPunky

    Shaun Diston MVP 2018

    We DON'T have time to get into that.
  21. NameThatPunky

    Shaun Diston MVP 2018

    Completely agree. There's many who take the wackyness too far to where it's not really funny just to say outrageous things, but Shaun always hits that sweet spot. He gets Scott frustrated in the best ways and has unexpected answers to almost everything.
  22. NameThatPunky

    Episode 574 - That Dazzles Me Already

    No surprise this took a dive once Paul came on.
  23. Boo to behind the glass pictures. I love the action shots on this pod.
  24. NameThatPunky

    Episode 570 - The Dirty 27

  25. NameThatPunky

    Episode 568 - Literal Web

    22 minutes in and Ike is killing it. Tour de force straight guest performance.