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  1. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Trailer Talk

  2. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Trailer Talk

    this looks ridiculous ... i can't wait!!!
  3. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 205.5 - Minisode 205.5

    thanks but it's not on my prime video. no shock there really. prime video in ireland sucks!!!
  4. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 205.5 - Minisode 205.5

    Little Italy got a very limited release. I can't find it anywhere. Looks like it was only released in 10 countries? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6957966/releaseinfo?ref_=tt_dt_dt
  5. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 204 - Holiday in Handcuffs (w/ Jessica St. Clair)

    serious question ... did you know paul played the kid from the santa clause ... true story see .....
  6. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    you wait 3 years for a christmas episode and ye pick a movie that's impossible to find over here ... i mean cmon ... Santa With Muscles is on youtube!!! good one paul ... you ruined chritmas!!!! btw ... do not search for this on ebay if you're at work ... there's some NSFW stuff comes up ... people seem to get very kinky around the holidays ... and sure why not ..it's christmas!!!!!! have a good one everybody!!!! ... except whoever picked this movie ... you should be made listen to the star wars holiday special full blast on headphones for the whole of the 25th anyone have a link to it somewhere? Edit .. I'm able to play it for free on freeform using a VPN .. Christmas is saved!!! So I'm guessing you guys in the states will have no issue with it .. saves paying a tenner to apple
  7. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Duck Soup

  8. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 199.5 - Minisode 199.5

    I haven't listened to an episode in exactly 1 year but seeing as it's going to be episode 200 and Halloween I thought what better time to jump back in but I was expecting something a little more seasonal than Action Jackson ... and it's a pain in the arse to find over here... so maybe I'll come back for the Christmas ep ... if there is one this year .. in saying that I have been keeping the spreadsheet going so if anyone is interested, here's an update... if this episode is longer than 80 minutes then the total runtime of the minis + the movies + the episodes = 28 days. that's a nice round number ... 4 weeks exactly ... I've hoped the 28-day mark would be hit on episode 200 for ages now ... see kids, dreams do come true ... you just gotta believe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fNUxhVbJf9FOIHnE1yorJj383JS51T0cjF6XsaE8tA4/edit?usp=sharing p.s. get well soon paul
  9. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    the room is now officially free on youtube ... thanks tommy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-htzzL-JOUg no idea why the video isn't displayed ... gotta say ... not loving this new forum
  10. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    I wonder if anyone made Amy the E.T.
  11. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    jason would make a weird mix tape
  12. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Trailer Talk

  13. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Trailer Talk

    what's this nonsense???
  14. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 183.5 - Minisode 183.5

    saw his show last night ... it was amazing. well worth seeing live
  15. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Chicago shows speculation

    they gave a shout out on a twitter a while back to see if someone would set up a vimeo link for a hard to find movie so i'm guessing it was rad they were talking about. i think pete scuduki? ... scudusy? .... scuduko? is doing it for us again. ... thanks pete!