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  1. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    jason would make a weird mix tape
  2. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Trailer Talk

  3. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Trailer Talk

    what's this nonsense???
  4. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 183.5 - Minisode 183.5

    saw his show last night ... it was amazing. well worth seeing live
  5. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Chicago shows speculation

    they gave a shout out on a twitter a while back to see if someone would set up a vimeo link for a hard to find movie so i'm guessing it was rad they were talking about. i think pete scuduki? ... scudusy? .... scuduko? is doing it for us again. ... thanks pete!
  6. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 188.5 - Minisode 188.5

    or ... Hey, man. I have some questions about the logic of "THE LAKE HOUSE?" BAM! ok .... sorry for asking ....oh hi halle ... can i ask you about that basketball scene in catwoman? SMACK! ouch, sorry for asking ... oh look, there's mark dacascos ... mark! can i ask you about that trial scene in the island of dr mor. ... Wallop!!! it could be a fun day at the office for jason.... the cast looks crazy good though. can't wait
  7. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 188.5 - Minisode 188.5

    i just hope we get to see jason get his ass kicked by keanu
  8. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 188.5 - Minisode 188.5

    holy shit tick tock man!!!!!!!!!!!! https://news.avclub.com/jason-mantzoukas-and-halle-berry-join-john-wick-chapte-1826207016
  9. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    update ... total runtime now over the 26 day mark!!!
  10. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 187.5 - Minisode 187.5

    first(ish) episode of unspooled is up ... http://www.earwolf.com/show/unspooled/ it sounds good. i hope i can keep up. paul was saying there are a few episodes already recorded but there will be a forum so hopefully there will be some listener feedback involved.
  11. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 187.5 - Minisode 187.5

    finally saw The Villainess ... I loved it. I couldn't follow half of it and some of it was so-so but when it was good it was really good. the action/cinematography/choreography would make Neveldine & Taylor jealous. it's a bit overlong but well worth a watch. the lead, Kim Ok-bin, kicks ass ... I'm exhausted
  12. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 187.5 - Minisode 187.5

    dave sanders must be kicking himself
  13. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Body Rock (1984)

    you're up slidepocket!!
  14. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 187 - Beautiful Creatures

    next weeks largo shows ...
  15. firsttimecallerlongtimelistenr

    Episode 186.5 - Minisode 186.5

    I'm looking forward to this. any idea if it's a premium show? hope it's not. I do have a few questions though: is it going to be 100 episodes or will there be a few movies covered per episode? is it going to be weekly/fortnightly/monthly? will there be guests? how often do they update the top 100 list? I just looked at it there and the most recent movie is from 2001. there's been no worthy movie in the last 17 years? it says it's the 2007 list ... it hasn't been updated in 11 years? also, who are the AFI? any idea of the demographics of its members? and what criteria do they use when voting? any way ... looking at the list I've only seen a disappointing 52 out of the 100. there's a few I think I saw when I was young or a few i think i've seen so many clips from that i can't say for sure if i've seen it ... but I didn't want to click on it unless I could 100% say I saw it. there's a few on there i am shocked i still haven't seen. I've got a lot of viewing to do ... good times