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  1. JLivermore

    Flula & Boom Time (591)

    After the previous appearance I thought this was a character and a straight up "does not actually exist" podcast. Turns out it does! Which is amazing. Plus now I get years to go back and listen to years of the show!
  2. JLivermore

    Episode 579 - 2018 Holiday Spectacular

    Great ep. Wiger's appearance in particular made my year feel complete.
  3. JLivermore

    25 - Chronic Town

    This is beyond excellent. It has been a shit ass week and seeing this start to download was a very pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed the stories of growing up and how you heard things at the time - 10 in 1980 and getting FM, amazing. I was 4 in 1979 and can remember "My Sharona" on AM radio -- mom leaving the blue 76 station wagon in the driveway the extra minutes to hear the whole song. Adam pronouncing "Pass the Dutchie" as "doochie" was also amazing.
  4. Hard schooled on 90 Day Fiance. Great show(s)!
  5. JLivermore

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

    Love the show. Nearing #1 and still an hour left? “Yes!” Possible changes?! Inappropriate amount of fear in my heart. My sincerest thanks for all the hard work that goes into this podcast that brings me very sincere joy on a consistent basis.
  6. JLivermore

    Best of 2017 Pt. 2

    Just started and gotta say making fun of other smart quasi-educational podcasts was already top notch. Especially going back to ask more questions.
  7. JLivermore

    24 - Songs of Experience

    I'd listen to an REM podcast but I'd listen to pretty much any Scott and Scott podcast. I feel like the question was "REM: yes or no" and not a call for brainstorming but as someone who doesn't care about REM something a little wider like early shows / concerts you went to, how you got into certain bands, stuff you liked a long time ago and whether or not it holds up now, or just a general music podcast that offers an opportunity to occasionally talk about weirder or more obscure stuff would be sweet for me personally, which is the podcast I would like hear - one that is made for me personally. Thank you!
  8. JLivermore

    Episode 515 - Return to Suicide House Part 666

    I was delighted by this and was very glad Leo Carpazzi wrote an entirely NEW song for this year. Also super funny how Mr. Auckerman is up for as many plays of "Hollywood Facts" as possible, but "Monster Fuck" once a year is entirely too much.
  9. JLivermore

    Episode 501 - Manchester Orchestra's Kith and Kin

    I'm concerned Scott doesn't know what "ska" is. I watched four (4) Naked Postmen clips on youtube and there was 0% ska. No horns, nothing was being picked up, not an offbeat in sight. Let's circle back, study up on The Braces, Maroon Town, and the Busters. Thanks!
  10. JLivermore

    Episode 497 - Wait Awhile

    Good Lord, "Chick Peas" to the tune of "check please" as a means of ordering chana masala.... is impeccable.
  11. JLivermore

    Dream Guests

    I feel like there was a thread like this that I can no longer find. I'm old and slow and only recently started watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The whole show is great but Danny DeVito straight kills it. Has been in legendary comedy content for 5 decades and is still edgy and awesome. I would so like to see him as a guest on CBB that I've gone so far as to create a thread about it. Join me in support or post your own dream guests. Or link me to a more appropriate location to share my opinions. Thanks!
  12. Scott & Scott U2-related sighting on this week's episode of WTF (814). A good sign for UTU2TM I hope...
  13. 2 that come to mind are "What's your fuck style" and Cake Boss repeating his name. Also Scott adopting hard alt-right slogans. I have personally had the joy of deadpanning "Trump That Bitch" into conversation. I work under two people named "Adam and Steve" and have to remind myself it for sure isn't a good idea to bring that particular CBB reference into the workplace.
  14. JLivermore

    The Forum Forum

    total bummer dude. Cake Boss takes me back to when I first heard CBB. And was so enamored with the character I tried to sit through multiple episodes of the TLC programme. (Did Not Make It.)
  15. Good! I could use a refresher on exactly who is in the band, and what their roles are.