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  1. Peter Destructo

    Collapse Into Now with Haley Joel Osment

    I just want to say, I love whiskeyclone.net. (U Dissecting Beck On My Tape Deck?)
  2. Peter Destructo

    Accelerate with Dave Holmes

    I have nothing to add except that "I'm Gonna DJ" is the worst song they ever did.
  3. Peter Destructo

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    Katy Julyed (to go with May 19)
  4. Man, I'm dying to know what the theme to "Bro, I'm Uncomf" would be.
  5. Peter Destructo


    I tried resequencing, but mostly just ended up switching sides with "Imitation Of Life" and "She Just Wants To Be", which I consider at least as single-worthy as "I'll Take The Rain". I thought "I've Been High" would be okay on side 2, but then you'd have two songs with the word "high" in the title too close to each other. Maybe these guys really did know what they were doing.
  6. Peter Destructo


    Adore, also underrated, and also borrows Joey Waronker.
  7. Peter Destructo


    Not that anyone asked, but my resequencing: Upside 1. Lotus 2. Daysleeper 3. Hope 4. Suspicion 5. The Apologist 6. At My Most Beautiful Downside 7: Walk Unafraid 8: Sad Professor 9: You're In The Air 10: Why Not Smile* 11: Parakeet 12: Falls To Climb * Either the Oxford version, or the album one without quite so much wash drowning out the cool piano part
  8. Peter Destructo


    Man, I knew this would be an interesting one. Up is one of my favorites, owing largely to when it came out in my life, i.e., early college years. Soooo much deeper and more complex than all the stuff the FRAT BOYS listened to. "You're In The Air" was the soundtrack to the tortured love obsession angst that I still hadn't really experienced but could totally see myself experiencing with the right person. I don't think this album needs the hatchet as much as "Hi-Fi" did, but maybe that's just because I dug the sound so much, it's an album for a long rainy afternoon. But I could still mostly get on board with both of their resequencings. "Suspicion" still belongs on side 1, maybe just further back than track 3, and I'd save "Parakeet" over "Diminished", I love the dreamy imagery of that song.
  9. Peter Destructo

    New Adventures in Hi-Fi

    Kinda surprised that this album is as highly regarded as it is, seeing as how 1) it was a tour document album, with all the looseness and post-grunge bloat that implies, and 2) it was kinda commercial suicide for them. I've never been a fan of Stipe's beat poetry songs (and yes, that includes "Country Feedback"), and this album's got two that they thought would be singles. "Bittersweet Me" absolutely should have been the leadoff single, but "Leave" could have maybe been a single if they'd shortened it considerably and taken at least 40% of the siren guitar out. The concert treatment livens up "So Fast, So Numb" considerably (see the video of that all-request concert from Germany) The discussion on alternate track listings proves to be a fascinating direction. I'd probably keep it mostly as is other than maybe swapping sides for "Bittersweet Me" and "New Test Leper" and taking "Binky" and "Low Desert" out.
  10. Peter Destructo

    New Adventures in Hi-Fi

    What song is Stipe& really introing in the "How Does It Feel" song?
  11. Peter Destructo

    Slowing It Down with David Wain

    Youtube is chock full of vandalized songs like that. Check out pluffnub's YT page, what's even funnier is when he turns the vocals offkey.
  12. Peter Destructo

    Out of Time

    "Album of B-sides", I'd never really thought of it that way, but out really does describe the record pretty well. That being said, Scott really does have a bit too restrictive a definition of what a "song" is. Also, I love "Half A World Away". It goes a long way toward redeeming this album's missteps. And I never did see what the big deal with "Country Feedback" was.
  13. Peter Destructo

    Green with Lance Bangs

    I like "I Remember California". But then, I'm not from there. "Hairshirt", on the other hand, well, I'm not surprised to find it was all ad-libbed. Kinda surprised how quickly Scott jumped off the R.E.M. train, all the way back here at Green. The rest of this podcast is gonna be interesting, particularly once they get to Up and beyond.
  14. Saw them at their height in an arena that is currently a national park? Righteous.
  15. Only saw them once, and it was late, Sasquatch Festival 2008. They played "Harborcoat" then too.