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  1. Tomorrow only knows. Yesterday only feels. Today only gets in my way!
  2. Forward, me lads! Let us ride into the dawn with these gerbils firmly up our behinds!
  3. I have seen a beautiful future, where all humankind live in harmony and love. But you couldn't find a Snickers bar anywhere, so screw that.
  4. Sometimes I think everyone is out to get me, but its really just Jason Voorhees.
  5. Tweet the tweet, I pray thee, trippingly with the thumbs.
  6. Two times two equals equals that little flag shaped number. 'Merica education is number straight line!
  7. I've seen things you'd never believe! Though you have lived your whole life in an underground cave, sooooo......
  8. There is a time and a place for every anus joke.
  9. There was no love lost between them, thanks in no small part to their biologically engineered, eagle-like, super eyes.
  10. We will not be defeated! Knock any of us down, and we will rise back up! Except for Tim, he's got this inner-ear thing...
  11. He who smelt it then poured it into a mold and made the most beautiful gold bauble!
  12. All's war at fairs with Mike Love
  13. I'm sitting in a pizza place in Vermont that is playing a Florida soft rock radio station and I can't think of a catchphrase. Send help.
  14. I DM'd the PM in the a.m. A DMing the PM in the a.m. guy I am!
  15. Use a comb if you wanna take her home, tweezers if you want to please hers.